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Sadhan Kumar Ghosh

International Society of Waste Management, Air and Water (IN)


1988 - 2022

Dept of Mechanical Engineering, Jadavpur University (IN)


He has been managing the course of Manufacturing Technology, Waste Management & Technology, Circular Economy. He has been implementing research and education in the area of manufacturing technology, supply chain sustainability in SMEs, Waste Management, Coprocessing, ISO standards, Circular Economy, environmental sustainability since the completion of his PhD in 2001 at JU. He was the Dean, Faculty of Engineering *& Technology & Head, Mechanical Engg. at JU.

2009 - 2010

Government of India

Director of the Central Board of Worker Education, Ministry of Labour & Employment

1984 - 1988

Jadavpur University (IN)

Lecturer for 6 years and Reader for 8 years

1980 - 1982

Larsen & Toubro Ltd., and The Gramophone Co of India Ltd.

Graduate Engineer trainee

Main research interest

Waste Management & supply chain sustainability, Energy Recovery from waste, coprocessing, Circular Economy, CE adoption in Industries.

Most relevant projects

Received Patent on “eco-friendly plastics recycling machine and the process there of” [Patent no.202532 dated 02/03/2007] and “Automatic High Speed Jute Ribboning Machine” [Patent no. 1005146 dated 17/02/2014] in India and Bangladesh.
Project Leader in more than 22 international and 20 national research projects. “Catch Them Young Project” in schools & colleges to involve 1,00,000 students by Dec. 2025 in India.


>260 scientific papers and book chapters
Authored 10 books.

Awards / Other

Distinguished Visiting Fellowship 2012 by the Royal Academy of Engineering, UK and The Boston Pledge & NABC 2006 Award for ‘The most eco-friendly innovation” for conversion of plastics & Jute wastes to Wealth conferred by the North American Bengali Conference 2006, Houston, Texas in the ESP/50K Business Plan Competition.


e-mail: sadhankghosh9@gmail.com
phone: +91 9830044464