IWWG - International Waste Working Group is a non-profit association that aims to provide a forum to encourage economic and ecological waste management world-wide and to promote scientific advancement in the field

Task Group Leaders:
Ivan Carabante, Sweden
Jurate Kumpiene, Sweden

Ivan Carabante
Luleå University of Technology Research Group of Waste Science and Technology
97187 Luleå -Sweden
email: ivan.carabante@ltu.se
Phone: +46 (0)920492103

Background & Scope

The Task Group aims at bringing together knowledge of various experts working with PFAS contaminated materials to address the global issue of PFAS spreading in the environment. The group bring together international perspectives and expertise in the field to better define the PFAS problematic from a waste management perspective and to disseminate it to the public.

Aims & Objectives

  • Exchange of information between group members
  • Preparation of join publications and join workshops.
  • Assessment and exploration of new research areas that would benefit the waste treatment of PFAS containing materials
  • Join research activities.


  • Increasing understanding about PFAS presence and fate in MSW landfills and their leachates.
  • Accumulation and transformation of PFAS in industrial and wastewater treatment sludges.
  • Treatment technologies for waste and leachates based on separation and degradation of PFAS.

Members and Membership

The Task Group comprises members from Europe, Asia and North America, representing an international forum of researchers and partitioners. To become a member please contact the Task Group Leaders.
The group is led by Ivan Carabante from the Luleå University of Technology in Sweden together with Jurate Kumpiene from the Luleå University of Technology.

Current members:

Jean Noel Uwayezu, Luleå University of Technology (SE)
Morton Barlaz, North Carolina State university (US)
Johnsie Lang, Arcadis (US)
Leo Yeung, Örebro University (SE)
Nobuyoshi Yamashita, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology – AIST (JP)
Stephanie C. Bolyard, Noth Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (US)
Igor Travar, Ragn-Sells (SE)
Tarek Rashwan, The Open University (UK)

Structure and operation mode

The Task Group operates in close contact with other IWWG Task Groups. Meetings are held at least once a year during the Sardinia Symposium and the International Landfill Research Symposium (ICLRS) as well as virtual online meetings. Additional meetings are conducted in the short term if required, at times involving only several of the TG members.


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