IWWG - International Waste Working Group is a non-profit association that aims to provide a forum to encourage economic and ecological waste management world-wide and to promote scientific advancement in the field

Task Group Leaders:
Raffaello Cossu, Italy
Margherita Ferrante, Italy marfer@unict.it

Raffaello Cossu,
DICEA, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering,
Lungargine Rovetta, Padova, Italy
email: raffaello.cossu@gmail.com

Background & Scope

Create a link among different disciplines related to health & waste and share knowledge and experience in the field.

Activities & Outputs

It is proposed that this task group will meet at least once per year at any IWWG conference. It is expected that the task group will participate in the following activities:

  • Sharing info on national activities on Health & Waste
  • Compiling a Position Publication and provide both politicians and the public opinion with correct information

    We propose to produce the following outputs:
  • papers
  • position paper
  • website

Members and Membership

Task group members have to be (or will have to become) IWWG members. The following is a preliminary list of potential TG members:.

Giuseppe Mancini, University of Catania (IT)
Alberto Pivato, University of Padova (IT)
Maria Cristina Lavagnolo, University of Padova (IT)
Paul Elliott, Imperial College London (UK)
Lorenzo Giusti, UWE Bristol (UK)
Martine Vrijheid, Instituto de Salud Global Barcelona (ES)
Federico Viganò, Politecnico di Milano (IT)
Eleonora Perotto, Politecnico di Milano (IT)
Valentina Grossule, University of Padova (IT)

Future activities

The next meeting is planned to take place in 2024.