IWWG - International Waste Working Group is a non-profit association that aims to provide a forum to encourage economic and ecological waste management world-wide and to promote scientific advancement in the field

Pierre Hennebert

Consultant (FR)

Managing Board
Co-chair IWWG Task Groups

Why I joined IWWG

This scientific company was a pioneer in the 1980s and 1990s in landfill management, and has gradually and positively shifted towards waste as a resource and towards the circular economy. The academic sector is the most present. The practical issues of characterization, classification and waste management are nevertheless of the utmost importance to the industry and I have tried to highlight them. I also created a working group on manufactured nanoparticles in waste and waste management.


2023 - present



Studies on the management of hazardous waste by risk, on the end-of-waste status at the exit of EU-certified recycling facilities.
Training on waste hazard classification.
Expertise and technical assistance for the transformation of large bauxite residue deposits into soil.
Scientific advocacy for practical waste management issues.

2009 - 2023

French National Institute for Industrial Environment and Risk (FR)

Research engineer

Technical assistance on hazardous waste for French Ministry of Environment

1996 - 2023

Service Laboratories and Veolia (FR)

Head of laboratories

Main research interest

Waste sampling and characterisation, risk assessment of waste as a resource, mitigation or deletion of hazardous properties

Most relevant projects

• Waste characterisation (convenor of 2 Working Groups of CEN, the European Standardisation Committee, Leaching and Sampling)
• Waste hazard classification (by chemical composition and by ecotoxicological tests)
• Hazardous waste management: brominated flame retardants and antimony in plastics, additives that make plastic hazardous, deletion of hazardous properties
• Representative sampling of waste
• Classification of hazardous waste
• End-of-waste status
• Management of hazardous waste by risk


50+ scientific papers and 75 communications

Awards / Other

• Nominated Expert to the Consultative Committee on the status of waste/the end of waste, Ministry of the Environment, France
• EU nominated expert to the “Minamata Convention on Mercury” and delegate to COP4


e-mail: pierre.hennebert@gmail.com
phone: +33 6 11 12 13 52