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Maria Cristina Lavagnolo

University of Padova (IT)



2018 - present

University of Padova (IT)

Associated Professor

Managing the courses of Circular and Sustainable Waste Management and of Environmental Sanitary Engineering. Implementing research and education in the area of environmental engineering since the completion of the PhD in 1997.
Director of the CEWMS- study center on Circular Economy of Waste, Materials and Sustainability.
Coordinator of the National phD course in Scientific Technological and Social Methods Enabling Circular Economy.

2002 - 2018

University of Padova (IT)

Assistant Professor

Managing the courses of Environmental Sanitary Engineering and Wastewater treament

1999 - 2002

CISA, Environmental Engineering Center, IT

Environmental consultant

1999 - 2002

University of Padova (IT)

Postdoctoral fellowship

Main research interest

Circular economy of waste and materials; Waste management in developing countries; Waste and wastewater integrated management

Most relevant projects

2023-2026, NBFC_National Biodiversity Center (Next Generation EU funds)
– Waste and Health
– Ecosystem valorisation of circular economy business
2023-2026, MICS-Mady in Italy Circular & Sustainable (Next Generation EU funds)
– Waste End, closing the loop of circulae new materials
2023-2026, Treatment & Recovery of ASR, funded by MASE – Italian Minister of the Environment and Energy Security
2023-2026, TEAPOTS (agriculTurE wAste PyrOlysis and Thermocomposting for renewable energy in Sustainable agri-food sector) -Horizon Europe, Project 101118296


>80 scientific papers and book chapters

Awards / Other

Best paper award – Developing Countries section, Sardinia Symposium 2017
Circular Economy award, UNISMART- UNIPD


e-mail: mariacristina.lavagnolo@unipd.it
phone: +39 393 9837005