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Jianguo Liu

Tsinghua University (CN)



2013 - present

School of Environment, Tsinghua University (CN)


He taught Advanced Solid Waste Management and other relevant courses for graduate and undergraduate students. He was appointed as the director of the Division of Solid Waste Management after his term as the vice dean of the School in 2016. He has been the leading scientist of several national key R&D projects for Municipal Solid Waste management in China.

2005 - 2013

School of Environment, Tsinghua University (CN)

Associate Professor

He taught the course of Solid Waste Control Engineering for graduate students. He was appointed as the assistant dean (2006-2010) and then vice dean (2010-2016) of the School. He involved in several national key R&D projects for hazardous waste and contaminated site remediation.

2004 - 2005

INSA de Lyon (FR)

Postdoctoral researcher

He worked in INSA de Lyon as a postdoctoral researcher in the topic of geochemical modelling of contaminant transport in clay lining materials.

2001 - 2004

Department of Environmental Science and Engineering

PhD Student

Main research interest

Integrated management of municipal solid waste, detoxification of hazardous waste, environmental assessment of beneficial reutilization of solid waste

Most relevant projects

• R&D and comprehensive demonstration of whole chain technology for MSWM in Shenzhen based on source separation;
• Dry-wet Separation of MSW through High-Pressure Extruding and Methane Recovery through Dry Anaerobic Digestion;
• Co-benefit Analysis of Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction and Pollution Control in MSWM Sector
• Long-term Environmental Evaluation of Sewage Sludge Compost Land Application
• Simultaneous detoxification of heavy metals and PCDD/Fs in MSWI fly-ash


>160 scientific papers and book chapters

Awards / Other

• 1 national award for educational achievement
• 6 awards for science and technological advancement by the Ministries and Provinces in China


e-mail: jgliu@tsinghua.edu.cn
phone: +86 10 62782029