IWWG - International Waste Working Group is a non-profit association that aims to provide a forum to encourage economic and ecological waste management world-wide and to promote scientific advancement in the field

Jae Young Kim

Seoul National University (KR)

Managing Board
Coordinator ARB

Why I joined IWWG

I was not aware of IWWG clearly. As I attend in the IWWG events more and more, I fully satisfied with the contents of IWWG events and meetings with people. Finally, in 2004 I applied for IWWG membership and I became the 1st member in the Korean Peninsula. IWWG not only helps me academically, but I am also able to share experience of people and practices in countries. Furthermore, I got warm friends over the world.


1996 - present

Seoul National University

Senior Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Professor

After obtaining Ph.D degree from University of Wisconsin-Madison and working in the institute as an Research Associate, he has joined in the his alma mater, Seoul National University as a tenure-track faculty. Since 1996, he has worked at the institute so far.

2022 - 2023

Korea Society of Waste Management


He is managing the Korea Society of Waste Management which is the representative waste management experts organization in Korea and has more than 5,000 members.

Main research interest

Anaerobic digestion, greenhouse gas monitoring, landfills

Most relevant projects

• Monitoring and characterization of greenhouse gas emission from resource circulation facilities using unmanned aerial vehicles.
• Improvement of energy recovery using anaerobic co-digestion and development of unified operation and management technology.


> 130 scientific papers and 5 book chapters

Awards / Other

• Best Researcher Award by Korea Society of Waste Management in 2015.
• Commendation by Korea Minister of Environment in 2007.


e-mail: jaeykim@snu.ac.kr
phone: +82 2 8808364