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Dezhen Chen

Tongji University (CN)



2013 - present

Tongji University (CN)

Director of Thermal & Environmental Engineering Institute

2005 - present

Tongji University (CN)


She has been implementing research and education in the area of waste to energy. For more than ten years she has been teaching the course of Waste to Energy to graduate students, and she published a textbook of “Waste to Energy” in 2020. (in Chinese). Her researches are focused on waste to energy.

1997 - 2005

Tongji University (CN)

Lecturer after the completion of her PhD in Jun. 1997 at Tongji University Associate Professor since Jul.2005.

She has been doing research on the emissions’ control from MSW incineration, supported by Chinese National Science foundation of China, companies, etc.
During 2001.10-2002.10 and 2006, she worked in DTU, joined Thomas H. Christensen’s team and did the researches on fly ash stabilization.
She also worked as guest scientist in Helmut-Schmidt Universitat (Hamburg) in 2004.
She has been teaching the courses of flue gas emissions control principle and devices for 15 years.

Main research interest

High quality energy products from wastes with special attention paid to pyrolysis technology and the pyrolysis product upgrading.

Most relevant projects

• Development and demonstration of key technologies for value-added energy and materials recovery from forest waste, Shanghai Municipal Science & Technology Commission for carbon neutral.
• MSW pyro-gasification for highly efficient power generation. International cooperation project supported by Shanghai Municipal Science & Technology Commission.
• MSW char as catalyst to reform pyrolysis volatiles to produce valve-added products: mechanism and adjustment. NSFC project.
• Pyrolysis of bio-wastes for bio-char production and its application to soil improvement. Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University.
• Sewage sludge pyrolysis disposal & energy utilization: technology & equipment development and demonstration, National High Technology Research and Development Key Program (863 Program) of China.


>100 scientific papers and book chapters

Awards / Other

• First Invention Prize for the sewage sludge recycle technology issued by China Invention Association (2020, joint award)
• World top 2% scientists list in year of 2023
• New Century Talents Program from Ministry of Education of China in 2010


e-mail: chendezhen@tongji.edu.cn
phone: +86 21 69589750