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Andreas Bartl

TU Wien (AT)



2014 - present

TU Wien (AT)

Senior Scientist

In the footsteps of the circular economy, the recycling of fibers has currently moved into the focus of waste management and Andreas is involved in several projects that aim to realize fiber-to-fiber recycling.

2002 - 2014

TU Wien (AT)

University Assistant

Andreas started to dive into the field of fiber technology. Later, the focus shifted to the recycling of fibers from end-of-life tires.

1998 - 2002

Hirtenberger AG

Head of R&D pyrotechnics, Head of primer plant

He was mainly responsible for the development of primers for small ammunition and automotive applications (e.g. airbags, safety belt tensioner) and production thereof.

Main research interest

Textile recycling, biochemical treatment of textile waste, circular economy, fiber characterization

Most relevant projects

• TEX2MAT: 2017-2019: recycling of PET from PET/cotton textiles funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency
• SCIRT: H2020 project (https://scirt.eu); System Circularity and Innovative Recycling of Textiles


>40 scientific papers and book chapters

Awards / Other

• Energy Globe Award 2021
• Clusterland Award 2019
• Luigi Menda Award at Sardinia 2013


e-mail: Andreas-bartl@tuwien.ac.at
phone: +43 1 58801 166102