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Alexandre Cabral

Université de Sherbrooke (CA)



1994 - present

Université de Sherbrooke (CA)


He has concentrated his recent research effort into two areas: design of methane oxidation biosystems and compaction control. He also acts as consultant to engineering firms, municipalities, industries and government agencies.

1992 - 1994

Private engineering firms (CA)

Project designer

My projects dealt mainly with landfill design


Saint-Lawrence Centre – Env. (CA)


1988 - 1992

McGill University (CA)

PhD student

Main research interest

Design, construction and monitoring of methane oxidation biosystems

Most relevant projects

• Continuous monitoring of a surface emissions from a biofilter.
• Development of design methodology for biofilters and biowindows.


>70 scientific papers
Recent, in repository


e-mail: alexandre.cabral@usherbrooke.ca
phone: +1 819 349-7906