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Third appointment of 2024 with Food for brain Lecture: ACCESS IS OPEN to anyone interested!

Prof. Evan Diamadopoulos from the Technical University of Crete (Greece), will make an interesting focus on the combination of biochar and carbon nanomaterials aiming to develop high capacity adsorbents which will be applied for endocrine disrupting removal.

Biochar is the carbonaceous solid product derived from biomass pyrolysis. While multiple uses of this sustainable product have been researched for agronomic application as soil amendment, its environmental uses are growing in the past few years. Production of biochar nanocomposites is a new trend aiming at synthesizing new, effective, and application-targeted adsorbents capable of competing with Activated Carbon (AC). Download full presentation.

Do not miss the 3rd “Food for Brain” lecture for 2024 on Wednesday 27th March at 13:00 CET
Access is available to anyone interested through this ZOOM link
Spread the news and join us now! 

Prof. E. Gidarakos 
Technical University of Crete (GR)