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Conference: Venice 2014

A1 - ORGANIC WASTE COLLECTION AND VALORISATIONEnergy and environmental management protocols of an agrocombined system for biogas production from biomass waste: the experience of the project Italy-Tunisia VEDe.RF. Ardente, M. Cellura, F. Di Blasi, M. Fontana, M. Mistrettabiogas from biomass waste, energy and environmental management systems
A1 - ORGANIC WASTE COLLECTION AND VALORISATIONOptimal planning of wet waste collection: the case of Genova municipalityF. Laureri, R. Minciardi, M. Robba, A. Ruoccorecycling, waste management, optimization
A1 - ORGANIC WASTE COLLECTION AND VALORISATIONA proposed framework of food waste collection and recycling for renewable biogas fuel production in Hong KongI.M.C. Lo, K.S. Woonbiogas fuel, food waste, separation and collection, waste valorization
A1 - ORGANIC WASTE COLLECTION AND VALORISATIONFirst and second generation valorisation of wastes and residues occurring in the food supply chainS. Kusch, C.C. Udenigwe, M. Gottardo, F. Micolucci, C. Cavinatofood waste valorisation, food supply chain by-products, cascaded approaches, fractionation, biohythane, functional food
A2 - PRETREATMENT FOR AD OPTIMIZATION IEffect of microwave pretreatment on methane potential of lignocellulosic materialsF.-M. Pellera, E. Gidarakosmicrowave, pretreatment, lignocellulosic, methane, anaerobic digestion
A2 - PRETREATMENT FOR AD OPTIMIZATION IBiochemical Methane Potential tests of different autoclaved and microwaved lignocellulosic organic fraction of municipal solid wasteI. Pecorini, E.A. Carnevale, A. Cortibiochemical methane potential, microwave autoclave pre-treatments, organic fractions of municipal solid waste, anaerobic digestion
A2 - PRETREATMENT FOR AD OPTIMIZATION IEffect of ultrasonic pre-treatment with tube-reactors on the biogas yieldJ. Bandelin, K. Kochbiogas technology, ultrasonic pre-treatment, methane yield, disintegration
A2 - PRETREATMENT FOR AD OPTIMIZATION IEffect of ultrasonic treatment on anaerobic digestion of organic solid wasteM.R. Boni, E. D’Amato, A. Polettini, R. Pomi, A. Rossi, L. Tuccinardianaerobic digestion, methane, pre-treatment, lignocellulosic residues
A3 - PRETREATMENT FOR AD OPTIMIZATION IIEnhancing first-stage hydrolysis in anaerobic digesters through an electric pre-digestion process: manure sludge feasibility testJ. Roussel, N. Bartlett, C. Carliell-Marquetpre-digestion treatment, electric field cell, organic, methane production enhancement
A3 - PRETREATMENT FOR AD OPTIMIZATION IIAnaerobic digestion of submerged macrophytes: biomethane potential, pre-treatment and the drawbackM. Koyama, S. Yamamoto, K. Ishikawa, S. Ban, T. Todaanaerobic digestion, lignocellulose, submerged macrophytes, pre-treatment, inhibition
A3 - PRETREATMENT FOR AD OPTIMIZATION IIAnaerobic digestion of lignocellulosic biomass pretreated with Ceriporiopsis SubvermisporaX. Liu, R. Bayard, R. Gourdonanaerobic digestion, enzymatic hydrolysis, lignocellulosic biomass, fungal pretreatment
A4 - AD OF DIFFERENT SUBSTRATES IMoroccan digester heated by a photovoltaic system for energy recovery from poultry wasteE. Ouahid, M.E. Afilaldigester, photovoltaic system, energy recovery, poultry waste
A4 - AD OF DIFFERENT SUBSTRATES IPalm oil waste as a source of green energyH. Hashim, W.S. Ho, J.S. Lim, C.T. Lee, M.F. Mohamad Shukery, S. Ashina, S. Diego, C.S. Horenewable energy, palm oil, sustainability
A4 - AD OF DIFFERENT SUBSTRATES IThe anaerobic co-digestion of sheep bedding and >=50% cattle manure increases biogas production and improves biofertilizer qualityT. Cestonaro, M. Sarolli Silva de Mendonça Costa, L.A. de Mendonça Costa, M.A. Teofilo Rozatti, D. Ceri Pereira, H. Eisten Francisconi Lorin, L. José Carneirorice husk, lignocellulosic residue, organic matter, multivariate analysis, batch system
A4 - AD OF DIFFERENT SUBSTRATES IPreliminary work on optimisation of a pilot-scale anaerobic digester for the treatment of leachateY. Arij, S. Fatihah, A.R. Rakmi, Y. Sarifahanaerobic digester, leachate treatment, optimisation, pilot-scale digester
A5 - AD OF DIFFERENT SUBSTRATES IIValorization of waste from a vegetable processing plant by anaerobic digestion: scale effectB. Ruffino, S. Fiore, C. Roati, G. Campo, M.C. Zanettianaerobic digestion, food processing waste, fed-batch tests, semi-continuous tests, scale effect
A5 - AD OF DIFFERENT SUBSTRATES IIStudy of the biodegradability of the light fraction from an hydropulper pretreatment of municipal solid waste containing compostable plastic materialI. Pecorini, D. Bacchi, A. Corti, E.A. Carnevalebiodegradability, anaerobic digestion, composting, bmp, OFMSW
A5 - AD OF DIFFERENT SUBSTRATES IIEffect of glass additive in alkaline granules in anaerobic treatment of wheyK. Rugele, G. Bumanis, D. Bajare, L. Mezule, P. Pitkalkaline materials, biogas, anaerobic digestion, pH control
A5 - AD OF DIFFERENT SUBSTRATES IIEnhancement of anaerobic degradability of wastewater sludge by pre-extraction of biodieselO.K. Choi, K.H. Lee, D.K. Cha, D.W. Kang, J.W. Leeanaerobic digestion, wastewater, sludge, transesterification, solubilization
A5 - AD OF DIFFERENT SUBSTRATES IIThe start-up and operation of an upflow anaerobic sludge blanket (UASB) reactor treating unamended slaughterhouse effluent using onsite inoculumT. Emms, B. Dearmananaerobic sludge blanket reactor, UASB, start-up, inoculum
A6 - ANAEROBIC PROCESS OPTIMIZATION IEffects of trace element addition on process stability during anaerobic co-digestion of OFMSW and slaughterhouse wasteJ. Moestedt, E. Nordell, S. Shakeri Yekta, J. Lundgren, M. Genero Marti, C. Sundberg, J. Ejlertsson, B.H. Svensson, A. Björntrace elements, co-digestion, nickel, cobalt, process performance
A6 - ANAEROBIC PROCESS OPTIMIZATION IInteraction of different feedstocks for biogas plants: superposition effects on biogas yield and kinetics of biogas formationN. Engler, K. Loewe, K. Elberg, M. Nellesanaerobic digestion, biowaste
A6 - ANAEROBIC PROCESS OPTIMIZATION IDigestion of grass silage in a semi-continuously fed reactor at increasing loading rates – Process stability and kinetics evaluationP.C. Benito, M. Greger, M. Schlienzmono-digestion, grass silage, one-stage, organic loading rate, methane yield
A6 - ANAEROBIC PROCESS OPTIMIZATION IEvaluation of the effect of mixing ratio on methane generation during the anaerobic co-digestion of cow manure and hordeum vulgareÇ. Akyol, E.G. Ozbayram, O. Ince, S. Kleinsteuber, Z. Cetecioglu, D. Kaya, V. Coban, B. Incebiogas, co-digestion, cow manure, Hordeum vulgare, pyrosequencing
A7 - ANAEROBIC PROCESS OPTIMIZATION IIStartup of thermophilic anaerobic digestion systems with high solids food waste influentD. Al-Sanioura, S. Ghanimeh, P. Saikaly, M. El-Fadelanaerobic digestion, food waste, one stage, two stage, start up
A7 - ANAEROBIC PROCESS OPTIMIZATION IISteady methanization with high efficiency at pH low to 5.5F. Lü, Y.H. Liu, L.M. Shao, P.J. Heanaerobic digestion, methanogenesis, acid, acclimation
A7 - ANAEROBIC PROCESS OPTIMIZATION IIAn investigation into the potential for improving anaerobic digestion process using solar thermal enhancementO.F. Eze, R. Blanchard, A.D. Wheatleysolar energy, anaerobic digester design, mathematical modelling, biowaste treatment, biogas
A7 - ANAEROBIC PROCESS OPTIMIZATION IIInhibitory effect of high NH4+-N concentration on anaerobic biotreatment of fresh leachate from MSW incineration plantsZ. Liu, Y. Dang, C. Li, D. Sunhigh NH4+-N concentration, inhibition, EGSB, microbial community
A8 - ANAEROBIC/AEROBIC TREATMENTHydrogen sulfide removal from biogas by autotrophic denitrificationA. Bayrakdar, E. Tilahun, B. Callibiogas treatment, sulfide oxidation, autotrophic denitrification,
A8 - ANAEROBIC/AEROBIC TREATMENTEnvironmental and economical sustainability of OFMSW treatment systems: anaerobic digestion for the production of biomethane versus compostingA. Borellosustainability, energy, OFMSW, anaerobic digestion, electricity, biomethane, economic environmental analysis, CO2, LCA, valorization, advantages
A8 - ANAEROBIC/AEROBIC TREATMENTEnergy efficiency and CO2-balance of aerobic and anaerobic biological waste treatmentC. Springer, W. Bidlingmaiercomposting, anaerobic digestion, balances, material flow management, energy balance
A8 - ANAEROBIC/AEROBIC TREATMENTSimultaneous methanogenesis and denitrification of marine biofouling organisms in anaerobic-aerobic batch reactors with effluent recirculationS. Akizuki, C. Niwa, T. Todamethanogenesis, denitrification, simultaneous process, marine biofouling organism
A9 - LCA OF BIOLOGICAL WTE SYSTEMSEmission of Greenhouse Gases from Composting and Fermentation of Biowaste in GermanyC. Cuhlsbiowaste, composting, anaerobic digestion, emissions, GHG, CH4 methane, N2O, nitrous oxide, ammonia, acid scrubber, biofilter, exhaust gas
A9 - LCA OF BIOLOGICAL WTE SYSTEMSLife Cycle Assessment of biodiesel fuel production using the catalytic cracking and hydrogenation methodJ. Yano, T. Aoki, K. Nakamura, K. Yamada, S. Sakaiwaste-to-fuel, waste cooking oil, hydrogenated biodiesel, biodiesel, life cycle assessment, greenhouse gas
A9 - LCA OF BIOLOGICAL WTE SYSTEMSUse of wastewater and CO2 in biodiesel from microalgae process: a LCA analysisM. Collotta, P. Champagne, W. Mabee, M. Alberti, G. TomasoniLCA, biodiesel production, microalgae, wastewater, CO2
A9 - LCA OF BIOLOGICAL WTE SYSTEMSLifecycle production electricity in landfills: considerations about of the Bandeirantes LandfillM. de Barros Miranda Gomes, J. Benedito Sacomano, A. Formigoni, I. Persio de Arruda Camposlifecycle, production, electricity, landfills
B1 - BIOMASS INVENTORYAgave plant leaves as a potential energy sourceG. Iñiguez Covarrubias, J.J. Bernal Casillas, W. Ramírez Medaagave leaves, tequila production,
B1 - BIOMASS INVENTORYRecycle rice straw derived-char as carbon paper and its absorption of organic and inorganic odorsJ.Y. Cao, D.Z. Chen, X.H. Dai, L.Q. Wu, Y. Zhou, Y.Y. Qistraw, pyrolysis, char, carbon paper, absorption
B1 - BIOMASS INVENTORYThermochemical transformation of biomass for co-firing with brown coal in energetic boilerM. Kułażyński, S. Jabłoński, J. Kaczmarczyk, Ł. Świątek, K Pstrowska, M. Łukaszewiczbiomass co-firing, brown coal, self-ignition, methanogenesis, thermogravimetric analysis, pellets, sunflower husk
B1 - BIOMASS INVENTORYGrinding and drying treatment for better disposal of MSW organic fractionP. Giudicianni, P. Bozza, R. Ragucciorganic waste, drying, pyrolysis, biochar
B1 - BIOMASS INVENTORYThe potential of cassava biomass for energy production in South AfricaV.I. Okudoh, C. Trois, T.S. Workneh, S. Schmidt, A. Cibaticassava biomass, energy production, South Africa, bioenergy
B2 - BIOMASS QUALITYThe effect of biowaste deterioration on bioethanol and biogas yieldsA. Pakarinen, M. Kymäläinenbiowaste, biogas, storing
B2 - BIOMASS QUALITYUse of near infrared spectroscopy for the rapid lowcost analysis of a wide variety of lignocellulosic feedstocksD. Hayesbiorefining, biofuels, chemometrics, lignocellulose
B2 - BIOMASS QUALITYAnalysis of the fuel composition of waste-to-energy plants with respect to the content of biomass and fossil organic matterH. Rechberger, T. Schwarzboeck, J. Fellnerwaste to energy, balance method, carbon dioxide, emission factors, biogenic carbon content, fossil carbon content
B2 - BIOMASS QUALITYAnalysis of wood pellet by means of Total reflection X-ray Fluorescence and X-ray DiffractionL. Benassi, M. Pasquali, A. Zacco, R. Dalipi, R. Cioffi, L.E. Depero, E. BontempiTXRF, XRD, wood pellet, heavy metals, leaching test
B2 - BIOMASS QUALITYVirgin and treated wood combustion: VOC toxicity analysisM. Ragazzi, E.C. Rada, S. Antognoni, S. Zanoni, M. Schiavon, G. Zanettivirgin wood, treated wood, combustion, VOC, toxicity analysis
B2 - BIOMASS QUALITYTime variation of the biomass fraction in municipal solid waste estimated by the 14C method – Based on consecutive samplingY. Fujimoto, Y. Hirai, S. Sakaibiomass carbon fraction, 14C, gas sampling, municipal solid waste
B3 - BIOETHANOL PRODUCTIONPilot scale demonstration of catalytic syngas cleaning for ethanol production from biomassK. Magrini, W. Jablonski, M. Yung, J. Olstad, Y. Parent, S. Deutchbiomass gasification, ethanol synthesis, catalytic syngas cleaning, biomass tar reforming
B3 - BIOETHANOL PRODUCTIONMediterranean lignocellulosic feedstocks for biofuels production: bioethanol 2nd generationK. Zaafouri, L.A. Fernández Guelfo, C.J. Álvarez-gallego, I.L. Romero Garcia, S. Villasclaras, F. Ben Chaabane, K. Aboudi, J. Fernández Rodriguez, S.I. Olivares Merino, M. Hamdi biorefineries, Mediterranean lignocellulosic feedstocks, cellulosic bioethanol, pretreatments, enzymes, yeast strains, SSF
B3 - BIOETHANOL PRODUCTIONRapid refining of lignocellulosic materials into carbohydrates (bioethanol) and lignin-based functional materials (lignophenols)M. Funaoka lignocellulosics, refining, lignin, lignophenol, carbohydrates, bioethanol, sustainable utilization
B4 - BIODIESEL PRODUCTIONSimultaneous saccharification and oleaginous yeasts fermentation to produce biodiesel from lignocellulosic feedstocksG. Zuccaro, G. Toscano, G. Caputo, G. Travaglini, A. Yousuf, D. Pirozzibiodiesel, agricultural wastes, oleaginous yeasts
B4 - BIODIESEL PRODUCTIONUltrasound-aided in situ transesterification of oil adsorbed on decanter cake using EFBA and Na2SiO3 as catalystsG.P. Maniambiodiesel, transesterification, waste/used edible oil, heterogeneous catalyst, catalyst from waste
B4 - BIODIESEL PRODUCTIONBusiness Model for biodiesel production from Jatropha curcas L. in MexicoJ. Pérez-Munguía, J.X. Velasco, L.R. Tovarbioenergy policy, Jatropha, production system, biodiesel, business model
B4 - BIODIESEL PRODUCTIONProduction, engine performance and emission studies of medical waste plastic fuel and its blends with diesel fuelK. Aydin, Ç. Ünmedical waste plastic, fuel, blends, performance, emission
B4 - BIODIESEL PRODUCTIONBiodiesel production using Hermetia Illucens larvae biomass through organic waste upcyclingS.Y. Leong, S.R.M. Kutty, A. Malakahmad, C.K. Tan, P. Oliverlipid conversion, fatty acid methyl ester (Fame), transesterification
B5 - BIOLOGICAL WTE IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIESComposting of organic fraction of municipal solid waste: a pilot plant in Maxixe District, MozambiqueC. Collivignarelli, A. Perteghella, M. Vaccaricomposting, OFMSW, compost quality, Mozambique
B5 - BIOLOGICAL WTE IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIESEnvironmental benefits of valorising cattle manure for household cooking energy in UgandaC. Okello, S. Pindozzi, S. Faugno, L. Boccialife cycle assessment, biogas, bioenergy, Uganda
B5 - BIOLOGICAL WTE IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIESAnaerobic digestion of bio-degradable materials as a source for biogas production in Iskandar, MalaysiaC.T. Lee, W.S. Ho, J.S. Lim, H. Hashim, R.K.Y. Goh, C.S. Hobiogas, organic waste management, profit, carbon mitigation, Iskandar Malaysia
B5 - BIOLOGICAL WTE IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIESBarriers in the implementation of biomass and biowaste technologies for energy production in Tanzania and UgandaF. Schwarzrenewable energy, ethanol, barriers, sugar industry, Sub-Saharan Africa
B5 - BIOLOGICAL WTE IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIESAdsorption characteristics of Cd(II) and Pb(II) onto coconut shell biochar and coconut shell activated carbon as media for permeable reactive barriers in Sri LankaG.N. Paranavithana, B.G.N. Sewwandi, T. Saito, K. Kawamotococonut shell biochar, Permeable Reactive Barriers, Cd adsorption capacity, Pb adsorption capacity
B6 - ALTERNATIVE BIOFUEL PRODUCTIONSecond generation ethanol from lignocellulosic residuesF. Zimbardi, E. Violaethanol, lignocellulosic residues, pretreatment, enzyme, solid concentration
B6 - ALTERNATIVE BIOFUEL PRODUCTIONGeneration of biofuels from organic municipal waste with an integration of a percolation process at a composting facilityJ. Kannengiesser, K. Sakaguchi- Söder, T. Mrukwia, J. Jager, L. Schebekbio-waste, percolation, fatty acids, liquid-liquid extraction, bio-fuels
B6 - ALTERNATIVE BIOFUEL PRODUCTIONCo-production of biogas and biochemicals for economically advantageous waste managementJ. Tsubota, I. Matsusihita, Y. Kawataanaerobic digestion, biorefinery, PHB
B6 - ALTERNATIVE BIOFUEL PRODUCTIONHydrocarbon biofuels production from waste beef fats via pyrolysis reactor: an environmental approachT. Kraiem, A. Ben Hassen -Trabelsi, S. Naoui, H. Belayounipyrolysis, waste beef fats, bio-oil, biochar, CHNS-O, GC/MS, XRD
B7 - BIOHYDROGEN GENERATION IPhysicochemical pretreatment of grass and its effect on fermentative hydrogen productionG. Antonopoulou, G. Dimitrellos, D. Vayenas, G. Lyberatosgrass, pretreatment, fermentative hydrogen production, FTIR, inhibition
B7 - BIOHYDROGEN GENERATION ICatalytic conversion of black liquor under sub / supercritical conditions for H2 productionH. Boucard, S. Takami, E. Weiss- Hortala, R. Barna, T. Adschiricatalytic conversion, black liquor, H2 production
B7 - BIOHYDROGEN GENERATION IBio-hydrogen and methane production from organic solid waste by a two-step anaerobic digestion processI. Moreno-Andrade, S.G. Santiago-Cruzbio-hydrogen, methane, organic solid waste, HRT, two-phase anaerobic digestion
B7 - BIOHYDROGEN GENERATION IBiogas as a potential energy source of hydrogenous fuel for autonomous power supply systemsM.Y. Zubkova, V.I. Maslikov, M.P. Fedorov, A.P. Chusovbiogas, waste, hydrogenous fuel, fuel cells, systems of autonomous power supply, electric and heat energy production, energy efficiency, off-grid power systems
B8 - LANDFILL GAS GENERATION AND PROCESS CONTROLImpacts of aerobic and anaerobic biodegradation on the heat budget for landfills operating in Northern climatesD. Megalla, P.J. Van Geel, A. Gladish, B. Gunaylandfill, waste, heat generation, aerobic degradation, anaerobic degradation, temperature, model
B8 - LANDFILL GAS GENERATION AND PROCESS CONTROLInitial biodegradation characteristics of livestock carcass under different operational conditions: results from lysimeter studiedJ.-K. Kim, J.-M. Choi, Y.-C. Cho, S.-K. Han, J.-H. Song, J. Park, C.-Y. Leeinitial biodegradation, livestock carcass, moisture content, seed sludge
B8 - LANDFILL GAS GENERATION AND PROCESS CONTROLWaste degradation enhancements in sustainable waste cellsJ.P.A. Hettiaratchi, P.A. Jayasinghe, E.M. Bartholameuz, A.K. Mehrotrawaste cells, degradation, biocell, enhancements
B8 - LANDFILL GAS GENERATION AND PROCESS CONTROLRe-evaluating biogas generation in landfills operating as CDM projects in BrazilM. Santos, C. Romanel, A.G.P van Elklandfills, biogas generation, models, CDM
B9 - LANDFILL GAS MANAGEMENT IN DIFFERENT COUNTRIESAssessment of the environmental microbiological contamination by biogas emissions from MSW landfills in RussiaA.N. Chusov, K.V. Vorob'ev, Y. A. Lednova, D.V. Molodtsovlandfill, waste, environmental protection, microbial contamination, biological approaches
B9 - LANDFILL GAS MANAGEMENT IN DIFFERENT COUNTRIESInvestigating waste to energy potential as a renewable energy resource in Al-Hasa Region, Saudi ArabiaB.S. Tawabini, O.K.M. Ouda, S.A. RazaAl-Hasa Region, Saudi Arabia, waste-to-energy, municipal solid waste, renewable energy
B9 - LANDFILL GAS MANAGEMENT IN DIFFERENT COUNTRIESRehabilitation of municipal solid waste in enclosed landfill for waste to energy project – Al-Qurain, KuwaitM. Al-Sarawi, N. Sarawi, A. Al-Enezybiogas, municipal solid waste, energy, leachate control
B9 - LANDFILL GAS MANAGEMENT IN DIFFERENT COUNTRIESEstimation of landfill gases in Egypt – Evaluation and validation of different modelsN. Abdelmonem, I. El Sersy, S. Elshishini, I. IsmailEgypt, landfill gases, methane generation, simulation models
C2 - INCINERATIONNext generation waste-to-energy plantA. Wohlleben, R. Von Raven, E. Fleckwaste-to-energy, increased energy efficiency, improved materials and metal recovery, reduced NOx emissions
C2 - INCINERATIONOn heat load estimation in furnaces for waste and biomass combustionH. Hofgren, B. Sundén, L. Wang, T. Norman, M. MandØbiomass, thermal radiation, measurement, FTIR, suction pyrometer, radiometer
C2 - INCINERATIONIs a further reduction of the emission limit value for SOx in waste incinerators meaningful from an LCA perspective?J. Van Caneghem, C. Block, C. VandecasteeleSOx, desulphurisation, LCA, waste incineration
C2 - INCINERATIONWaste is our energy: efficiency of advanced waste conversion technologyM. Keuneckewaste to energy, thermal treatment of waste, gasification, MSW, RDF, grate fired boiler
C2 - INCINERATIONSuperheater in the furnace for increasing the efficiencyT. Norman, L. Mikkelsen, O.H. Madsensuperheater, furnace, efficiency, corrosion, test facility
C3 - INCINERATION - CASES AND SPECIFIC PROCESSESInternational experience of risks sharing between public and private entities in Energy from Waste plants constructionC. Cord'Hommeenergy from waste plants, waste to energy plants, risk sharing, public private, EPC, turn key, building/construction
C3 - INCINERATION - CASES AND SPECIFIC PROCESSESHeat-driven extraction of oils and fats from trap grease and co-combustion with fossil fuel oilH. Kuramochi, T. Kobayashi, J. Kobayashi, K. Maeda, K. Fukui, M. Osakooil extraction, co-combustion, trap grease, fossil fuel oil
C3 - INCINERATION - CASES AND SPECIFIC PROCESSESPerformance of fluidized bed particles during biomass combustionM.A. Matos, A.L. Tarelho, A. Albuquerquebiomass, fluidized bed, combustion, ash, euthetics, agglomeration, char combustion rate
C3 - INCINERATION - CASES AND SPECIFIC PROCESSESCharacterization of municipal wastes as a methodology for an analysis of electricity generation potential in an incineration plantV.E. Schneider, A.R. Rosa, D. Peresin, B. Bittencourtelectricity generation, municipal waste, incineration plant, municipality
C4 - RDF CHARACTERIZATIONSolid Recovered Fuels: a classification experience and application hypothesisC. Bessi, L. Lombardi, R. Meoni, A. CanovaiRDF, SRF, comparison, waste to energy, classification, sampling, end-of-waste
C4 - RDF CHARACTERIZATIONThe role of different particle sizes in the characterization and specification of SRFsM. Franzese, F. Lombardi, R. Gavasci, M.C. Di Lonardo, T. Bonatosolid recovered fuel, refuse derived fuel
C4 - RDF CHARACTERIZATIONSolid Recovered Fuel standards: a toolkit for advanced waste-to-energy practicesM. Talolasolid recovered fuel, SRF, RDF, waste-to-energy, standardization, co-incineration
C5 - RDF - MARKETS AND QUALITY OPTIMIZATIONWaste to Energy with Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) by efficient drum dryingD. Thamer, M. Winterwaste to energy by efficient drum drying, RDF treatment, case study, RDF drying plant in UK
C5 - RDF - MARKETS AND QUALITY OPTIMIZATIONAn evaluation of arisings and markets for waste derived fuels in WalesK. Warren, P. Howeswaste derived fuel, refuse derive fuel, energy recovery, energy from waste, residual waste, industrial heat user
C5 - RDF - MARKETS AND QUALITY OPTIMIZATIONHydrolyser application and development of a pellet engineered fuel for MSW management in ItalyP. Isard, E.A. Sternhydrolyser, pellet engineered fuel, MSW, WTE, refuse derived fuels
C5 - RDF - MARKETS AND QUALITY OPTIMIZATIONNew ways to make MBT sustainable – Case study- Bio-drying for RDF in Sulaimaniyah, IraqV. Herbst, L. Streff, A. Humeniuk, G. BurkhardtMBT, RDF, biowaste, bio-drying, waste to energy
C6 - ENERGY FROM RDFEnergy content of SRF from RMSW in the Trentino Province as a results of biowaste collection strategiesE.C. Rada, C. Zatellienergy content, SRF, RMSW, Trentino Province, biowaste, collection strategies
C6 - ENERGY FROM RDFThermal degradation of paper industry wastes from a recovered paper mill using TGAJ. Arenales, V. Perez, R. Ramos, J.M. Sanchezrefuse derived fuel, TGA, kinetics, paper industry wastes
C6 - ENERGY FROM RDFDesigning the microturbine engine for waste-derived fuelsT. Seljak, T. Katrašnikmicro gas turbine, emissions, experimental engine, waste tires, liquefied wood
C7 - GASIFICATION AND PYROLYSIS TECHNOLOGIESPyrolysis of multi-material Tetra Pak packages – Investigation of key process parametersJ. Szałatkiewicz, R. Szewczyk, E. Budnypyrolysis, Tetra Pak, waste, thermolysis, recycling, recovery, char, aluminium
C7 - GASIFICATION AND PYROLYSIS TECHNOLOGIESGasification of lignin rich solid waste and production of hydrogen in a 200 KWTH pilot plantN. Cerone, F. Zimbardi, L. Contuzzi, A. Villone, V. Valeriogasification, lignin, solid waste, hydrogen production, pilot plant
C7 - GASIFICATION AND PYROLYSIS TECHNOLOGIESBirmingham Bio Power ProjectP. Harvey, C. SpinazziBirmingham, biomass, renewable MWH
C7 - GASIFICATION AND PYROLYSIS TECHNOLOGIESHydrogen-rich syngas from wastes and biomass using a two-stage pyrolysis-reforming/gasificationP.T. Williams, C. Wu, C. Eficapyrolysis, gasification, reforming, waste wood, waste plastics
C7 - GASIFICATION AND PYROLYSIS TECHNOLOGIESReaction sequence understanding during pyrolysis and gasification of biomass via intra-particle gas samplingS. Ciuta, F. Patuzzi, M. Baratieri, M.J. Castaldibiomass, gas sampling, pyrolysis, thermal analysis
C7 - GASIFICATION AND PYROLYSIS TECHNOLOGIESEnergy from industrial cellulosic and plastic wastes in a pilot scale fluidized bed gasifierU. Arena, F. Di Gregorioenergy, industrial waste, cellulosic waste, plastic waste, fluidized bed gasifier
C8 - GASIFICATION TECHNOLOGIESDual fluidized bed steam gasification of dried sewage sludgeD. Schweitzer, V. Stack, A. Gredinger, M. Lorenz, H. Dieter, G. Scheffknechtsteam gasification, AER gasification, sewage sludge, dual fluidized bed
C8 - GASIFICATION TECHNOLOGIESHeat transfer characteristics of MSW and its plastics component in a rotary kiln during pyrolysisH. Wang, L.J. Yin, D.Z. Chen, X.B. Ma, P.J. Hemunicipal solid wastes, rotary kiln, pyrolysis, apparent heat transfer coefficient, four stages
C8 - GASIFICATION TECHNOLOGIESDevelopment of a process for gasification/reforming/gas conversion of biomass waste using a novel catalytic technologyK. Kawamoto, B. Lubiomass waste, gasification, reforming, catalyst, gas conversion
C8 - GASIFICATION TECHNOLOGIESDual catalytic effects of inherent alkali and alkaline earth metallic species on biomass gasification processL. Jiang, S. Hu, L. Sun, S. Su, Q. Chen, L. He, B. Xu, J. Xianglignocellulosic biomass, gasification, alkali metal, alkaline earth metal, catalytic
C8 - GASIFICATION TECHNOLOGIESAdvanced gasification, gas cleaning and product gas utilizationM.T. van t'Hoff, H.W.J. Könemanngasification, gas cleaning, gas utilization, biomass, waste
C8 - GASIFICATION TECHNOLOGIESPerformance improvement of oxygen carriers by physical structure modification for biomass chemical looping gasification processQ. Chen, S. Hu, J. Xiang, L. Sun, S. Su, L. Jiang, L. He, H. Han, B. Xuchemical looping gasification, oxygen carrier, physical structure, reaction activities, carbon deposition
C9 - GASIFICATION OF DIFFERENT SUBSTRATESIs there anything useful in that? High value product extraction from Artemisia annua LA. Akinrinlade, R. Smith, J. Robinson, R.L. Gomesartemisinin, artemisinic acid, dihydroartemisinic acid, ferulic acid, bioproducts
C9 - GASIFICATION OF DIFFERENT SUBSTRATESSyngas production from co-gasification of almond shells and coffee grounds in a fixed-bed reactorA. Ben Hassen-Trabelsi, A. Ghrib, M.A. Masmoudi, S. Naoui, H. Belayounico-gasification, syngas, almond shells, coffee grounds
C9 - GASIFICATION OF DIFFERENT SUBSTRATESThe energy production potential using the gasification of the civil construction biomass residues in Recife – BrazilF.M.V. Silva, A.F. Nascimento jr., A.D. Gusmão, S. Peresbiomass, bioCCSR, gasification, electricity production, waste to energy
C9 - GASIFICATION OF DIFFERENT SUBSTRATESThermal degradation of pine, poplar and brassica using TGAV. Pérez, J. Arenales, J.M. Murillo, A. Pascual, R. Ramos, J.M. SánchezTGA, DTG, biomass, pyrolysis
D1 - BIO-ENERGY FROM ALGAEAlgae biomass cultivation in ammonium rich reject water – The potential for simultaneous wastewater treatment and energy recoveryI. Krustok, J.G.D. Nieto, M. Odlare, E. Nehrenheimbiomass production, algae cultivation, wastewater, algae community, NH3-rich water treatment, photobioreactor
D1 - BIO-ENERGY FROM ALGAESemi-continuous co-digestion of microalgae and representative mix of sewage sludgeJ. Olsson, T. Forkman, E. Nehrenheim, S. Schwede, E. Thorinco-digestion, microalgae, dewaterability
D2 - RECOVERY OF ENERGY FROM WASTE - CONCEPTS AND STRATEGIES IInvesting in biogas: incentives schemes vs market prices, from deployment to development?C. D'Alpaos, D. Banzatoincentives, uncertainty, irreversibility, optimal sizing and investment timing
D2 - RECOVERY OF ENERGY FROM WASTE - CONCEPTS AND STRATEGIES IThe LIFE programme and energy sustainabilityC. De La Pazenvironment, European Union, funding
D2 - RECOVERY OF ENERGY FROM WASTE - CONCEPTS AND STRATEGIES IMSW fractions availability for energy recovery in future cities in Finland and in GermanyM. Särkilahti, J. Rahkonen, M. Palmroth, N. Miettinen, J. RintalaMSW, energy recovery, future cities, Finland, Germany
D2 - RECOVERY OF ENERGY FROM WASTE - CONCEPTS AND STRATEGIES ILandfill minimization and material recovery via waste gasification in a new waste management schemeN. Tanigaki, Y. Ishida, M. Osadagasification, waste to energy, municipal solid waste, melting, final landfill, material recovery
D2 - RECOVERY OF ENERGY FROM WASTE - CONCEPTS AND STRATEGIES INext generation manure technology – Waste to energy and environmental revenuesW.G. Simmonsanaerobic digester, biogas, waste-to-energy, electricity generation, energy efficiency, innovative environmental treatment system, renewable energy credits, renewable energy portfolio, climate action reserve, carbon credits
D3 - RECOVERY OF ENERGY FROM WASTE - CONCEPTS AND STRATEGIES IISpatial issues when optimising waste treatment and energy systems – A Danish case studyA.R. Pizarro, M. Münster, S. Petrovic, H. Ravnenergy, systems, waste, management, network, model
D3 - RECOVERY OF ENERGY FROM WASTE - CONCEPTS AND STRATEGIES IIMaterial and energy flow analysis of the Swiss waste management systemM. Haupt, C. Vadenbo, S. Hellwegmaterial flow analysis, energy flow analysis, municipal solid waste, recycling, substitution
D3 - RECOVERY OF ENERGY FROM WASTE - CONCEPTS AND STRATEGIES IIAnalysis of future urban energy systems based on official strategies and policies: the role of bioenergyN. Miettinen, T. Kurka, M. Sarkilahti, J. Rahkonen, J. Rintalabioenergy, municipal energy strategies, EU's 2020 energy targets
D3 - RECOVERY OF ENERGY FROM WASTE - CONCEPTS AND STRATEGIES IIFarms of the future: seeking agricultural energy independenceW.G. Simmonsbioenergy production, technological advances, agricultural productivity, Food-Water-Energy Nexus, Arable Land, global requirements, climatology, urbanization, energy harvesting
D4 - WASTE MANAGEMENT ISSUES IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIESPhysical compositions of municipal solid waste in China: national perspectiveB. Gu, H. Wang, J. Bimunicipal solid waste, physical compositions, uncertainties, China
D4 - WASTE MANAGEMENT ISSUES IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIESBarriers for zero waste implementation in developing countriesS. Mazo-Nixzero waste, developing countries, recovery, recycling, disposal
D4 - WASTE MANAGEMENT ISSUES IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIESOptions for implementing municipal solid waste greenhouse gases abatement projects in developing countriesS. Mazo-NixGreenhouse Gases, methane, abatement, developing countries, municipal solid waste
D4 - WASTE MANAGEMENT ISSUES IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIESA paradigm shift in the development of Integrated Waste Management Plans (IWMPs) in South Africa, in order to achieve Chapter 3, Section 11 of the National Environmental Management: Waste Act, 2008 (Act No. 59 of 2008)T. Mandigora, M. MogotsiWaste Act, integrated waste management plans (IWMPS), waste to energy projects, South Africa
D4 - WASTE MANAGEMENT ISSUES IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIESAnalysis of current situation in municipal waste management and implementation of decision support software in Astana, KazakhstanV. Inglezakis, L. Rojas, J. Kim, K. Moustakas, A. Aitbekova, A. Ismailova, G. Shorakyzy, A. Kystauova, A.A. Abirov, N.S. Serikbayevmunicipal solid waste, waste management, decision support tool, Astana, Kazakhistan
D5 - QUALITY AND TREATMENT OF SYNGASBiosyngas conversion by Fischer-Tropsch synthesis: experimental results and multi-scale simulation of a PBR with high Fe loaded supported catalystsA. Comazzi, C. Pirola, C.L. Bianchi, F. Galli, F. Manentibiosyngas, Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, PBR, catalysts
D5 - QUALITY AND TREATMENT OF SYNGASSyngas production from gasification of wasteE. Houshfar, A. Grimshaw, P. Lundstomsyngas, gasification, waste
D5 - QUALITY AND TREATMENT OF SYNGASReforming of MSW pyrolysis volatile on their char and the change of syngasN. Wang, D.Z. Chen, P.J. He, X.B. Mavolatile reforming, MSW pyrolysis, char, syngas
D5 - QUALITY AND TREATMENT OF SYNGASCompared performance of hyperthermophilic hollow fiber membrane and gas lift bioreactors inoculated with pure carboxydothermus hydrogenoformans culture for syngas upgrading into hydrogenR. Cimpoia, Y. Zhao, M. Haddad, S.R. Guiotsyngas, hydrogen. hollow fiber membrane, gas lift bioreactors
D5 - QUALITY AND TREATMENT OF SYNGASTarless gas from biomass via two-stage thermal conversionV.F. Kosov, V.A. Lavrenov, V.M. Zaitchenkobiomass conversion, pyrolysis, syngas
D6 - THERMAL TREATMENTS EXPERIENCES IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIESAgricultural waste as energy source: a technology to exploit rice husk in effective-improved-cookstovesF. Vitali, A. Perteghella, M. Pilotelli, M. Vaccariappropriate technology, cookstove research, energy access, rice husk, waste biomass
D6 - THERMAL TREATMENTS EXPERIENCES IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIESDegradation of biodegradable infectious hazardous wastes from hospitals by using a thermal composting processM.A. López Zavalabiodegradable infectious hazardous wastes, inhibition/elimination of pathogens, respirometry tests, thermal composting process
D6 - THERMAL TREATMENTS EXPERIENCES IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIESRecovering energy from municipal solid waste in Brazil – Potential situation and current realityM.R. Berríos-Godoymunicipal solid waste, recovering, energy, selected, collecting, Brazilian waste
D7 - ASSESSMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL ECONOMIC SUSTAINABILITY IN WM SYSTEMSThe Nigerian wood waste: a renewable and dependable fuel option for electricity productionK. Oluoti, G. Megwai, A. Pettersson, T. Richardswood waste, renewable energy, mini-grid, power technologies, Nigeria
D7 - ASSESSMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL ECONOMIC SUSTAINABILITY IN WM SYSTEMSAn indicator to assess the environmental and economic sustainability of integrated MSW management systemsL. Rigamonti, I. Sterpi, F. Lovato, M. Grossointegrated system, environmental assessment, cost indicator
D7 - ASSESSMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL ECONOMIC SUSTAINABILITY IN WM SYSTEMSCost-benefit analysis of the packaging waste management system in the Lombardia RegionL. Rigamonti, S. Ferreira, M. Grosso, R.C. Marqueslife cycle assessment, life cycle, costing, recycling, packaging waste
D7 - ASSESSMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL ECONOMIC SUSTAINABILITY IN WM SYSTEMSEnergy recovery and greenhouse gas reduction potentials from municipal solid waste including food waste in JapanS. Sakai, J. Yano, Y. Hiraifood waste, waste prevention, greenhouse gas, anaerobic digestion, energy recovery
D8 - BOTTOM ASH QUALITY AND MANAGEMENTLeaching from biomass combustion ashA. Maresca, T. Astrupleaching, biomass combustion ash
D8 - BOTTOM ASH QUALITY AND MANAGEMENTCarbon sequestration capacity of BOF slag as affected by particle size distributionA. Polettini, R. Pomi, A. Stramazzocarbon sequestration, BOF slag, basic oxygen surface steel slag, carbonation
D8 - BOTTOM ASH QUALITY AND MANAGEMENTMercury in Vienna’s waste incineration cluster and related problems for fly ash disposalA. Purgar, J. Fellner, M. Hahn, S. Hartmann, J. Lederer, H. Rechberger, F. Winterwaste incineration, fly ash, mercury, fly ash decontamination
D8 - BOTTOM ASH QUALITY AND MANAGEMENTMigration characteristics of heavy metals in solid waste gasification-incineration plantF. Chen, Y. Hu, J. Li, D. ChenHMS, waste gasification, incineration, migration
D8 - BOTTOM ASH QUALITY AND MANAGEMENTSampling and characterization of Singapore’s municipal solid waste incineration bottom ashX.L. Sun, W.Y. Lin, L. Ge, I.J.R. Ho, O.A. Mohamed Noh, K.S. Heng, S.Y. Choy, M.Q. Nguyen, X.D. Zhou, T. Aung, A. Liu, J.-Y. Wangincineration, bottom ash, municipal solid waste, Singapore
D9 - ANAEROBIC CO-DIGESTIONCo-digestion of swine-, dairy manure and industrial waste – The effects of trace element additionE. Nordell, B. Nilsson, S. Nilsson Påldedal, K. Karisalmi, J. Moestedtbiogas, trace elements, manure, cobalt, nickel
D9 - ANAEROBIC CO-DIGESTIONCo-digestion of food waste in municipal wastewater treatment plants: effect of different mixtures on the methane yieldK. Koch, M. Plabst, B. Helmreich, J.E. Drewesco-digestion, food waste, raw sludge, wastewater treatment plant, ultimate methane yield
D9 - ANAEROBIC CO-DIGESTIONAnaerobic co-digestion of waste activated sludge with olive mill wastewater or cheese wheyT.T. Vgenis, A. Kopsahelis, M.A. Dareioti, C. Zafiri, M. Kornaros, T. Maniosanaerobic co-digestion, waste activated sludge, olive mill wastewater, cheese whey, methane
E1 - THERMAL TREATMENT OF DIFFERENT SUBSTRATESSampling of gaseous pollutants and fine particulate emitted by combustion of sugarcane bagasseF.F. Marcondes, M.A. Martins Costa, J.A. Carvalho jr., J.E. Fernandes, A.P. Santos, F.A. Filho, T.G.S. Neto, A.F.M. Costabiomass burning, sugar cane bagasse, air pollution, particulate matter
E1 - THERMAL TREATMENT OF DIFFERENT SUBSTRATESRenewable energy from poultry industry using thermo–chemical process strategies for in-situ power generationG. Ionescu, C. Marculescu, E.C. Radapoultry residues, manure, pyrolysis, gasification, energy recovery
E1 - THERMAL TREATMENT OF DIFFERENT SUBSTRATESThe possibility of high temperature heat generation in biomass-fired boiler for the prototypical small scale CHP systemK. Sornek, M. Filipowiczbiomass, cogeneration, heat generation, small scale systems, straw-fired boiler
E1 - THERMAL TREATMENT OF DIFFERENT SUBSTRATESSmouldering combustion as a treatment for human wasteL. Yermán, J. Carrascal, J.L. Torero, I. Fabris, D. Cormier, J.I. Gerhardsmouldering, combustion, human, waste, bio-oil
E1 - THERMAL TREATMENT OF DIFFERENT SUBSTRATESExperimental investigation on thermal decomposition of polypropylene and coffeeM. Strada, P. Canuthermal decomposition, polypropylene, coffee, pyrolysis, gasification
E1 - THERMAL TREATMENT OF DIFFERENT SUBSTRATESStudy on burning of oil palm residue with elevated potassium content in a conical fluidized bed using alternative bed materials for preventing bed agglomerationP. Ninduangdee, V.I. Kuprianovpalm kernel shell, fluidized-bed combustion, alternative bed materials, combustion and emission performance, time-domain bed behavior
E2 - LCA OF THERMAL WTE SYSTEMSLife Cycle Assessment of bio-SNG production from novel waste gasificationC. Tagliaferri, S. Evangelisti, P. Lettieri, R. Taylor, C. ChapmanBio-SNG, LCA, waste gasification
E2 - LCA OF THERMAL WTE SYSTEMSWaste-To-Energy: evaluation of the environmental sustainability for different plant sizes and cogeneration ratesL. Lombardi, E.A. Carnevale, A. Cortiwaste-to-energy, cogeneration, energy efficiency, Life Cycle Assessment
E2 - LCA OF THERMAL WTE SYSTEMSThe environmental performance of plasma gasification within the framework of enhanced landfill mining: a Life Cycle Assessment studyM. Danthurebandara, I. Vanderreydt, K. Van Ackerenhanced landfill mining, plasma gasification, life cycle assessment
E2 - LCA OF THERMAL WTE SYSTEMSLife Cycle Assessment of landfilling of two different types of RDF thermal treatment bottom ashM. Di Gianfilippo, G. Costa, S. Pantini, F. Lombardi, E. Allegrini, T.F. Astrupbottom ash, refuse derived fuel, gasification, incineration, LCA, landfilling
E3 - WORKSHOP - WTE PERSPECTIVES IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIESThe evolution of waste-to-energy in South African local municipalitiesM. Afrika, T. Letetewaste-to-energy, municipalities
E4 - ENERGY PRODUCTION FROM SEWAGE SLUDGEComparative study of the impact of different sewage sludge treatment process configurations on extracellular polymeric substance and soluble microbial products in sewage sludgeA D. Shana, S. Ouki, M. Asaadi, P. Pearceanaerobic digestion, thermal hydrolysis, EPS, SMP, proteins, carbohydrates, lipids
E4 - ENERGY PRODUCTION FROM SEWAGE SLUDGEComparative study of gasification and pyrolysis of pre-dried sewage sludgeA. Ben Hassen-Trabelsi, A. Ghrib, A. Friaa, M.A. Masmoudi, S. Naoui, H. Belayounisewage sludge, pyrolysis, gasification, syngas
E4 - ENERGY PRODUCTION FROM SEWAGE SLUDGEThermal treatment of wastewater biosolids: evaluation of an Italian caseD. Panepinto, G. Genon, F. Viggianoenergy recovery, sludge thermal treatment, incineration, gasification
E4 - ENERGY PRODUCTION FROM SEWAGE SLUDGEAnaerobic digestion in the nexus of energy, water and foodN. Voulvoulisanaerobic digestion, nexus, sustainability
E4 - ENERGY PRODUCTION FROM SEWAGE SLUDGEThe advanced technologies of energy bio-waste recyclingV.M. Zaitchenko, V.F. Kosov, A.F. Kuftov, G.A. Sytchev, O.M. Umnovasewage sludge, pyrolysis, chicken litter pellets, torrefaction
E5 - WORKSHOP - BIOMETHANE POTENTIAL TEST (BMP)Enrichment of a municipal solid waste leachate with extracted fraction of organic matter: impact on its biochemical methane potentialC. Baccot, V. Pallier, G. Feuillade-Cathalifaudwaste leachate, extracted fraction of organic matter, hydrophobicity, enrichment, BMP
E5 - WORKSHOP - BIOMETHANE POTENTIAL TEST (BMP)Influential factors on the inoculum quality of bio-methane potential testsJ. Heerenklage, H. Wedwitschka, J. Pröter, Y. Zhou, Y. He, S. Yan, Q. Zhang, K. Kuchtaanaerobic, inocula, batch test, lab investigation
E5 - WORKSHOP - BIOMETHANE POTENTIAL TEST (BMP)Biochemical Methane Potential (bmp) of organic by-products and wasteL. Rossi, M. Soldano, C. Fabbri, S. Piccininimethane yield, organic waste, anaerobic digestion
E6 - WORKSHOP - HYDROTHERMAL CARBONIZATIONWaste to biofuel through hydrothermal carbonizationD. Basso, F. Patuzzi, E. Weiss-Hortala, E.C. Rada, D. Castello, M. Baratieri, L. Fiorioff-specification compost, hydrothermal carbonization, recovery, biofuel
E7 - BRAZILIAN CASE STUDIES ON BIOMASS POTENTIALThe use of biomass residues for the biogas and electricity production in the State of Pernambuco – BrazilS. Peres, M.A.P. Palha, J.F.T. Juca, E. Azevedo, W.R.P. Bezerra, A. Codeceira Netobiogas, WTE, Vinasse Manipueira, food waste, landfilled waste
E7 - BRAZILIAN CASE STUDIES ON BIOMASS POTENTIALAssessment of the potential to generate electricity through anaerobic digestion for three cities in Southern BrazilV.E. Schneider, A.R. Rosa, D. Peresin, S.L. Santoselectricity, anaerobic digestion, Brazil, biogas production
E7 - BRAZILIAN CASE STUDIES ON BIOMASS POTENTIALBiogas and energy potential generation through swine manure in Northeast region of Rio Grande Do Sul State, BrazilV.E. Schneider, T. Bortolin, S.H.Z. Carra, D. Peresin, L.A. Mendesswine manure, biogas, energy generation
E8 - ALTERNATIVE AND INNOVATIVE BIOFUELS PRODUCTIONBio-oil from thermo-catalytic conversion of non edible oil seedsK.P. Shadangi, K. Mohantybio-oil, biomass pyrolysis, non-edible seed, fuel properties
E8 - ALTERNATIVE AND INNOVATIVE BIOFUELS PRODUCTIONDeoxygenation of non-edible and waste vegetable oils for the production of biofuel: a comparison between batch and semi-batch processesM.J.A. Romero, A. Pizzi, G. Toscano, G. Busca, B. Bosio, E. Aratobiofuel, decarboxylation, hydrotalcite, calcium oxide
E8 - ALTERNATIVE AND INNOVATIVE BIOFUELS PRODUCTIONTorrefaction of agricultural residues to ‘bio-coal’Y. Joshi, M. Wang, H. De Vries, W. De Jongtorrefaction, drying, co-firing, thermal power plants
E9 - WORKSHOP - RESOURCE RECOVERY FROM BOTTOM ASHResource recovery from bottom ashT.F. Astrupresource recovery, bottom ash, incineration, metal resources
F1 - WORKSHOP - DIGESTION RESIDUESQuality and condition of residues from organic waste fermentation with regard to its usage as soil amendmentC. Knoop, C. Dornack, N. Dietrich, J. Krümmelbein, T. Raabanaerobic digestion, organic household waste, solid fermentation, residues, organic soil amendment
F1 - WORKSHOP - DIGESTION RESIDUESTreatment of organic waste digestates: A practical case studyD. Thamer, C. Doussetdewatering, drying, organic waste digestates
F2 - WORKSHOP - EU LIFE PROJECT "BIOLEAR"EU LIFE Project “BIOLEAR” on “Process and biogas generation enhancement in landfill bioreactor”B. RuggeriLIFE, BIOLEAR, biogas generation, landfill, bioreactor
F3 - WORKSHOP - LCA OF THERMAL WTE SYSTEMSWorkshop – LCA of thermal WtE systemsP. LettieriLCA, WtE systems, energy recovery, gasification, plasma
F3 - WORKSHOP - LCA OF THERMAL WTE SYSTEMSIntegrated gasification and plasma for UK waste: a life cycle perspectiveS. Evangelisti, C. Tagliaferri, R. Clift, P. Lettieri, R. Taylor, C. Chapmanwaste gasification, LCA, advanced thermal technology
F3 - WORKSHOP - LCA OF THERMAL WTE SYSTEMSA Life Cycle Analysis of two combustion- and gasification-based Waste-to-Energy unitsU. Arena, F. Ardolino, F. Di GregorioLCA, waste-to-energy, combustion, gasification
F4 - IWWG WORKSHOP - THERMAL TREATMENTAdvanced solutions in combustion-based WtE technologiesA. Wohllebencombustion, WtE, technologies, thermal treatment
F4 - IWWG WORKSHOP - THERMAL TREATMENTPyrolysis technologies for municipal solid waste: a reviewD.Z. Chenpyrolysis, municipal solid waste, energy recovery, reactors
F4 - IWWG WORKSHOP - THERMAL TREATMENTwaste to energy, sustainable waste management, material flows, final sinkP.H. Brunner, H. RechbergerWaste to Energy - Key element for sustainable waste management
F4 - IWWG WORKSHOP - THERMAL TREATMENTIWWG Workshop – Thermal treatmentU. Arenathermal treatment, waste to energy, pyrolysis, combustion
F5 - WORKSHOP - FUEL CELLSEnergy production from biogas to sofc energy system: pilot plant experienceD. Papurello, L. Tognana, A. Lanzin, M. Santarelli, S. Silvestri, F. Biasiolienergy production, biogas, SOFC energy system, pilot plant
F5 - WORKSHOP - FUEL CELLSHybrid system for wastewater treatment and simultaneous production of electricity and hydrogen: modeling approachM.A. López Zavala, P.R. Torres Delenne, L. Reynoso Cuevashybrid system, wastewater treatment, electricity generation, hydrogen generation, MFCS, MECS
F6 - WORKSHOP - ENERGY RECOVERY FROM EXHAUSTED OILWorkshop – Energy recovery from exhausted oilL. Lombardienergy recovery, exhausted oil, used cooking oils, collection
F6 - WORKSHOP - ENERGY RECOVERY FROM EXHAUSTED OILUsed cooking oil: energy recovery through integration into MSW waste treatment plantL. Lombardi, C. Bessi, F. Facchini, R. Meoni, A. CanovaiCHP, UCO, used cooking oil, cogeneration, SRF drying, thermal energy, recovery
F7 - WORKSHOP - RDF PRODUCTION AND USERDF – Production and useE.C. RadaRDF production, combustion, energy, regulations
F8 - BIOHYDROGEN GENERATION IIBioenergy (H2 + CH4) production from a sweet product residue (SPR) via two-stage anaerobic digestion (AD)A.C. Luongo Malave, M. Bernardi, D. Fino, B. Ruggeriorganic waste, pretreatment, extrusion, bio-hydrogen, bio-methane, anaerobic digestion, sustainability
F8 - BIOHYDROGEN GENERATION IIBatch and semi-continuous anaerobic digestion of cheese whey for combined H2 and CH4 productionG. De Gioannis, M. Friargiu, E. Massi, A. Muntoni, A. Polettini, R. Pomi, D. Spigaanaerobic digestion, cheese whey, H2 production, CH4 production
F8 - BIOHYDROGEN GENERATION IIEffects of carbohydrate, protein and lipid contents of OFMSW on hydrogen potential productions and fermentation ratesL. Alibardi, G. Aspiranti, R. Cossucarbohydrate, protein, lipid, OFMSW, hydrogen production, fermentation
F9 - IWWG WORKSHOP - BIOHYDROGEN MANAGEMENT Workshop on hydrogen storage, use in fuel cells and production through biological processesL. Alibardi, A. Muntoni, A. Polettinihydrogen, production, storage, fuel cells, biological processes
POSTER SESSIONLow temperature and pressure biogas upgrading by water washing, experimental data in a micro-pilot absorption columnA. Comazzi, F. Galli, C. Pirola, C.L. Bianchi, F. ManentiFischer Tropsch, BTL-FT, iron, modeling
POSTER SESSIONGate-to-gate LCA analysis of biosurfactants and bioplasticizers production via biotechnological exploitation of fats and waste oilsA. Kopsahelis, C. Zafiri, M. KornarosLCA, gate-to-gate, biosurfactants, bioplasticizers, waste oil, waste fats
POSTER SESSIONEconomic optimization of a dual purpose plant by using biofuelsA. Lallai, A. Campus, E. Foismulti stage flash, vegetable oil, mathematical model, economic optimization
POSTER SESSIONEnvironmental protection through utilization of recycled glass as fluxing agent in the structural ceramics industryA. Malamakis, D. Logothetisrecycling, glass, ceramics
POSTER SESSIONInsects for life: a new international collaboration for manure management and biofuel production using maggotsA. Pivato, S. Vanin, M.C. Lavagnolo, R. Ragainsects, manure management, biofuel production, maggots
POSTER SESSIONDetermining the effective parameters on moisture content for solid biomass pellets produced by Astragalus and Verbascum ThapsusA. Severoglu, B. Ozturk, B. Saygi yalcin, S.E. Acikyildiz, H. Saracbiomass, moisture analysis, Astragalus, Verbascum Thapsus
POSTER SESSIONBiodiesel production from fatty acid derived from the food industry using plasma corona discharge technologyA.L.V. Cubas, M.M. Machado, A.R.A. Dutra, E.H.S. Moeckefatty acid, waste frying oil, biodiesel, plasma corona discharge
POSTER SESSIONMicrobial dynamics in the poultry litter under stockpile and composting situationsA.N. Chaudhry, G. Jilani, M. Azeem, M.F. Adiltemperature, C: N ratio, bacteria, fungi, actinomycetes
POSTER SESSIONThe influence of ash preparation temperatures on the ash-melting behavior of different biomass fuelsB. Bergfeldt, G. Pfrang-Stotz, J. Reicheltbiofuel, preparation, ash-melting, behavior
POSTER SESSIONReverse logistics: studies and complementationC. Milano, E. Pugliesireverse logistics, solid waste, government
POSTER SESSIONEvaluation of lignin bagasse and sugarcane trash as fuel for steam generationD.J. Carvalho, W.A. Bizzocane straw, lignin, cogeneration systems
POSTER SESSIONCatalytic removal of biomass tar to increase the efficiency during thermochemical processingE. David, I. Stefanescu, C. Sandru, A. Armeanucatalyst, biomass, tar, reforming, steam, NOx decomposition
POSTER SESSIONIndustrial wastes possible source of raw material for applications in energy conservation and environmental protectionE. David, J. Kopacaluminium waste, environmental effect, hydrolysis, hydrogen, alumina
POSTER SESSIONTrend of selective collection in an Italian tourist areaE. Ranieri, C. Montanaro, S. Masiselective collection, Italy, tourism, waste
POSTER SESSIONEthanol from straw via steam explosion, saccharification and fermentationE. Viola, F. Zimbardi, G. Arcieri, V. Valerioethanol, straw, steam explosion, saccharification, fermentation
POSTER SESSIONFractionation and characterization of liquid digestate from food and kitchen waste digestionF. Lü, T. Cai, L.M. Shao, P.J. Heanaerobic digestion, digestate, slurry
POSTER SESSION3rd generation bioethanol production from microalgae isolated from slaughterhouse wastewaterF. Saïdane-Bchir, A. El Falleh, E. Ghabbarou, M. Hamdimicroalgae bioethanol, fermentation
POSTER SESSIONA decision support tool for sustainable municipal solid waste storage, discharge and collection services in crisis affected countriesG. Perkoulidis, C. Karkanias, D. Rossios, N. Moussiopoulossolid waste, storage, discharge, collection, services, crisis countries
POSTER SESSIONCorrelation between biomass fuel and slagging in the combustion chamber as well as formation of deposits on heat exchanger surfaces using the example of the BMHP Plant Pforzheim, GermanyG. Pfrang- Stotz, J. Reichelt, B. Bergfeldt, H. Seifert, M. Seitz, S. Ruckbiomass fuel, slagging in the combustion chamber, deposits on heat exchanger surfaces, key numbers for the evaluation of biomass fuels
POSTER SESSIONThermal analysis on pyrolysis and combustion of biomass and sewage sludge with evolved gas analysisG. Stravinskas, N. Striūgasthermal analysis, sewage sludge, evolved gas analysis
POSTER SESSIONFine grain separation for the production of biomass fuel from mixed municipal solid wasteH. Giani, B. Borchers, S. Kaufeld, A. Feil, T. Pretzfine grain separation, biomass fuel, municipal solid waste, mechanical biological treatment, Landfill Directive, sieving, density separation
POSTER SESSIONEffect of short-period resting operation on microorganism accumulation in anaerobic digestionH. Joo, S. Akizuki, M. Koyama, N. Nagao, T. Todaanaerobic digestion, food waste, microorganism accumulation, resting operation
POSTER SESSIONMeasurement of changes in consciousness of waste-to-energy facility siting through provision of simple informationH. Kurishima, K. Takahashiinformation provision, opposition to the waste facilities, distance, survival analysis, image of the waste facilities, waste-to-energy facilities
POSTER SESSIONPreparation and application of MgO doped Ca5(PO4)3(OH) heterogeneous catalyst derived from waste fish boneH. Sahu, K. Mohantybio-waste, biolubricant, heterogeneous catalyst, vegetable oil, transesterification
POSTER SESSIONAutoclave and microwave pre-treatments to enhance anaerobic digestion of different lignocellulosic organic fractions of municipal solid waste – A pilot scale studyI. Pecorini, F. Baldi, E.A. Carnevale, A. Cortianaerobic digestion pretreatments, microwave, organic fractions of municipal solid waste
POSTER SESSIONCultivation of microalgae Chlorella minutissima in culture medium with cassava wastewater for biomass production, protein and lipidsI.A. Borghetti, J.C. Carvalho, J.A. Vieira Costa, C. Rodrigues, M. Borges, P. Habibi, R.A.P. Faria, C.R. SoccolChlorella minutissima, microalgae culture, cassava wastewater
POSTER SESSIONHarnessing of aviculture waste to produce electric powerJ. Chiabai Junior, J.M.S. Caulyt, P.R.L. Romanha, F.P. Pugetanaerobic, digestion, biodigester, biogas, waste
POSTER SESSIONButanol production using a tolerant mutant strain of Clostridium acetobutylicum employed wheyJ. Jáuregui-Rincón, V.R. Durán-Padilla, N.A. Chávez-Vela, J.A. Lozano-Alvarez, I.E. Medina-Ramírez, G. Dávila-Vázquezclostridium, acetobutylicum, biobutanol
POSTER SESSIONThe evaluation of the mobility and leaching of heavy metals from sewage sludge ashesJ. Latosińska, J. Gawdziksewage sludge ash, heavy metals, leaching, mobility
POSTER SESSIONEffect of substrate particle size on biochemical methane potential of crop residuesJ. Lee, X. Zhao, J. Han, J.Y. Kimanaerobic digestion, crop residues, particle size effect, BMP test
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POSTER SESSIONCharacterization of organic matter using double first order kinetics in the anaerobic digestion of animal byproductsS.H. Kim, K.S. Shin, Y.M. Yooncharacterization, organic matter, double first order kinetics, anaerobic digestion, animal byproducts
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POSTER SESSIONEnvironmental impact assessment of municipal solid waste treatment system by combining with biogas production that uses sewage sludgeT. Tabata, D. ChibaLife cycle assessment, MSW treatment system, waste-to-energy, sewage sludge
POSTER SESSIONUse of decision support software tool in assessment of practices in solid waste management in Karachi, PakistanW. Khan, V. Inglezakis, S. Ishtiaque, K. Moustakasmunicipal solid waste, waste management strategy, decision support software, Karachi, Pakistan
POSTER SESSIONMoney to burn? How to capitalize on BioCNG at your wastewater plantW.G. Simmonsenergy harvesting, anaerobic digestion, renewable energy, wastewater treatment, bioCNG, compressed natural gas, biogas, greenhouse gas, microturbines, energy fleets, bioenergy
POSTER SESSIONWaste to worth manure technology: how a pig farm generates environmental revenueW.G. Simmonselectricity generation, biogas, environmental treatment system, carbon credits, greenhouse gas emissions, microturbine, renewable energy credits, anaerobic digestion, waste-to-energy, renewable energy portfolio standards