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Conference: Sardinia 2013

H11 - Residui di combustioneUso di residui solidi da incenerimento per l’upgrading del biogasL. Lombardi, E. Carnevale, L. Frassinetti, T. Olivieri, A. Paradisi, L. Zipoliceneri pesanti, controllo dell’inquinamento dell’aria, residui, biogas, upgrading, carbonatazione accelerata
H12 - Ossidazione del metano nelle copertureMitigazione delle emissioni di biogas tramite coperture giornaliere biofiltranti: caratterizzazione dei mezzi filtranti in test di laboratorio e in situI. Pecorini, D. Bacchi, T. Olivieri, A. Corti, E.A. CarnevaleBMP, indice respirometrico dinamico, emissioni, coperture, biogas
H01/H02 - Discussione sulla nuova normativa discariche Regione LombardiaDiscussione sulle linee guida per la progettazione e la gestione delle discariche sostenibili in Regione LombardiaC.M. Terzi, D. SciunnachDiscussione sulle linee guida per la progettazione e la gestione delle discariche sostenibili in Regione Lombardia
CC - Closing sessionEducation in Waste ManagementR. Stegmannwaste management, education, acceptance, information
H15/H16 - GITISA Young ConferenceGITISA YoungP.S. Calabròmeeting, sanitary-environmental engineering, young scientists
F07 - Science of Semiaerobic LandfillingDevelopment of leachate/gas emission model regarding with carbon and nitrogen balanceT. Ishigaki, O. Hirata, A. Tachufuji, Y. Matsufuji, M. Yamada
F07 - Science of Semiaerobic LandfillingNumerical analysis of efficiency of semi-aerobic management of landfillM. Yamada, T. Ishigaki, K. Endo, H. Ishimori, K. Wangyao, N. Sutthasil, C. Chiemchaisrisemi-aerobic landfill system, oxygen supply, tropical region, test cell, numerical analysis
PD - Thermal TreatmentThe COSMOS-RICE Project: rice husk ash (RHA) as chemical stabilizer for heavy metals in municipal solid waste incineration (MSWI) fly ashE. Bontempi, A. Bosio, P.A. Bingham L.E. Depero, U. Parravicini, D. Sciunnach, A. ZaccoCosmos-Rice project, Rice Husk Ash (RHA), chemical stabilization, heavy metals, MSW incineration, fly ash
PH - Landfilling EmissionsTreatment of landfill leachate in SBR systems: analysis of biomass activity by means of respirometric techniquesM. Capodici, D. Di Trapani, C. Morici, G. Vivianileachate treatment, biomass activity, respirometric techniques, SBR
D14 - Physical-Chemical Treatment of LeachateDevelopment of open channel membrane modules for landfill leachate treatmentF. Lilandfill leachate, leachate treatment, reverse osmosis, open channel module, spacer tube (ST) module, leachate permeate, leachate concentrate
C04 - Waste Management in Developing Countries: RecyclingFilling the knowledge gap in sorted waste logisticsM. Fehr, A.C.B. Magalhãesdomestic waste, landfill diversion, recycling trilogy, reverse logistics, sorted waste composition
A11 - WEEE: Quantification and Recovery of Rare ElementsMaterial flow analysis for identifying rare earth element recycling potentials in the EU-27D. Guyonnet, D. Dubois, V. Escalon, H. Fargier, A. Rollat, R. Schuster, S. Si-Ahmed, J. Tuduri, W. Zylbermanmaterial flow analysis, MFA, rare earths, recycling
E06 - Waste GasificationEntrainment of GELDART C particles in the gas fluidized bed of binary particlesJ.H. Kim, Y. Lee, J.W. Bae, J.W. Nam, S.D. Kim, J.-H. Choi, D.H. Leecoarse particle, Geldart C particle, fluidized bed, entrainment rate constant
D15 - Landfill MiningAn evaluation of the feasibility and viability of landfill mining and reclamation (LFMR) from a UK perspectiveS. Ford, K. Warren, A. Readlandfill mining, resource recovery, energy from waste, waste, feasibility
C01 - Waste Recycling: Economic and Organizational AspectsApplying procurement best practice to achieve cost savings & enhance service performance in difficult financial timesH. Lawrie, A. Godley, A. Readprocurement, best practise, collection services, cost saving, case studies
A16 - GHG Control in Waste ManagementIntelligent collection systems & how carbon could influence waste service decisionsC. Hoy, M. Vinogradova, A. Readcarbon, alternate weekly collection, co-mingling vs. kerbside sorting, options appraisal
E03 - Waste Management Strategies (I)Waste infrastructure community engagement – A UK toolkitB. Mayne, G. Morton, A. Readengagement, infrastructure, toolkit, planning, best practice
A09 - Waste to EnergyWelsh EfW Policy – Technology assessment of high thermal efficiency solutionsK. Warren, S. Gandy, D. Lerpiniere, A. Godley, A. Readpolicy, energy from waste, gasification, pyrolysis, performance modelling
C16 - Role of Education in Waste ManagementSociological survey in a municipality with a high level separate collection programme in an area suffering from a serious solid waste emergencyG. De FeoPAYT, separate collection, sociological survey, solid waste, waste management
H09 - Urban Mining (I)Un’indagine sociologica svolta in un comune con un efficiente servizio di raccolta differenziata in una regione in emergenza nella gestione dei rifiutiG. De Feogestione dei rifiuti, indagine sociologica, PAYT, raccolta differenziata, rifiuti solidi
D02 - Landfill PlanningVerification and extended reception control of non-hazardous waste prior to landfilling at Glatved Landfill, Reno DjursR.M. Rosendal, P.L. Madsen, H. Rolstednon-hazardous waste, landfilling, verification, control, reception
PD - Thermal TreatmentEvaluation of lab-scale soil washing equipment for fine-grained soilH. Shin, J. Baek, J. Park, C. Chungsoil washing, fine-grained soil, surfactant, chelating agent, high pressure water
D13 - Biological Treatment of LeachateAssessment of hardly biodegradable organics removal in co-treatment of landfill leachate and domestic wastewaterF.M. Ferraz, R. Campos, J. Povinelli, H.J.M. Ferrazhumic substances removal, total organic carbon (TOC), lactose, Fourier transform infrared (FTIR )spectroscopy
E05 - Thermal Sewage Sludge TreatmentWaste-To-Energy conversion of sludge from municipal WWTP – A EU perspectiveV. Petruzzelli, A. Caliandro, A. Petrella, F. Piccinnibiomass, waste-to-energy, WWTP sludge, Biosim Pro1.0
D03 - Landfill Gas: EmissionsMethane detection at the surface of landfill sites and at biogas plantsW.H. Stachowitz, F. Ender, M. Matternmethane detection, landfill surface, biogas plants
D16 - Persistent Leachate ContaminantsPreliminary study on microbial community structure and dynamics in response to substrate, nitrate concentration, phase and time in the biological denitrification of landfill leachate using commercial garden refuse and pine bark as a carbon sourceR.R. Frank, C. Trois, F. Coulonmicrobial community, biological denitrification, landfill leachate, waste, carbon source
D06 - Effects of Moisture on LandfillsBioactivity assessment of tropical landfills: major issues, tools and methods, encountered problems and proposed solutionsT. Chassagnac, R. Bayard, G. Matejka, J.P. Gourcbiogas, inhibition, leachate recirculation, anaerobic digestion, dry tropical climate, assessment field tests
A14 - Combustion Residues Quality and TreatmentSolid residues from gasification of biomassM. Dudyński, K. Kwiatkowski, M. Sosnowskabiomass gasification, bottom ash, fireside deposits
B10 - Methane Oxidation in Biocovers: Case StudiesLessons learned from first full size methane oxidation biofilter in the UKT. Parker, A. Childs, P. Pointer, D. Baker, T. Johnson, W. Wilsonbiofilter, methane oxidation
E05 - Thermal Sewage Sludge TreatmentSewage sludge ashes – Composition, mass flows, and recovery potentialO. Krüger, C. Adamsewage sludge ashes, phosphorous recovery, technology metals, mass flows
C03 - Regulatory Aspects in Waste and Landfill ManagementUsing company level environmental reporting and information to promote effective implementation of environmental legislationI.D. Williams, C. Marsden, S. Laidlaw, K. Stokes, A. Macgregor, F. Passantregulation, environmental performance, environmental reporting
B13 - Landfill Aeration: Waste StabilizationPump and treat aerobic flushing bioreactor landfillS.C. Bolyard, D.R. Reinhart, S. Santrapost-closure care, waste stabilization, waste characterization, and Spectroscopy
A10 - Secondary Recovered FuelMetso CFB Waste-to-Energy solutionsT. Luomaharju, J. Viljanenwaste, energy, circulating fluidized bed
F11 - Landfill Energy ParksConverting landfill sites into sustainable energy parksM. Toth, N. Sorloaica-Hickman, D.R. Reinhartlandfill gas to energy, solar energy, wind turbines, life cycle analysis
B14 - Landfill Aeration: Case StudiesEvidence of strong N2O hot spots on two MBT landfills: microbial background and operational significanceP. Harborth, R. Fuss, K. Münnich, H. Flessa, K. Frickenitrous oxide, methane, landfill gas, MBT landfill, GHG emissions, gas flux
E05 - Thermal Sewage Sludge TreatmentBio-physical drying of sewage sludge and its pyrolysis performanceH. Wang, R. Han, Y. Zhang, Y. Zhangsewage sludge, biophysical drying, fast pyrolysis, hydrogen-rich gas
D10 - Landfill Covers and DrainageModeling of different landfill daily cover using Hydrus – 2D/3D – JordanM. Aljaradin, K.M. Pressonlandfill daily cover, leachate migration, HYDRUS-2D/3D, Jordan
C04 - Waste Management in Developing Countries: RecyclingSustainable solid waste management in Danang, Vietnam: the 3R (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) approach focusing on community participationH.T.N. Dao, T.J. Downs, V. Delauerwaste management, 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle), landfills, community participation, public awareness, sustainable development
B12 - Aftercare Assessment and MonitoringFunctional stability and completion of post-closure care at municipal landfills: findings from application of a performance-based methodologyJ.W.F. Morris, M.D. Caldwell, L.P. Bull, M. Crest, A. Åkermanlandfill, aftercare, post-closure, functional stability
F13 - Odours and Emission Controls in CompostingUse of odor perception to assess the environmental effect of improvements on a garbage transfer station in Sao Paulo, Brazil – Final resultsC. Bernardes Jr., M.F.S. Pinheiro, Y.D.B. Almeida, J. Feinodor, transfer station, community, monitoring, enclosure, domestic solid waste
D15 - Landfill MiningLandfill mining in flanders: methodology for prioritizationT. Behets, L. Umans, E. Wille, N. Bal, P. Van Den Bosschelandfill mining, prioritization, potential, contamination risks
A13 - Bottom Ash Analysis EvaluationMineralogical-chemical characterization of residues (dusts, boiler ashes and filter ashes) after combustion tests of solid recovered fuels combined with biomassG. Pfrang-Stotz, B. Bergfeldt, J. Reichelt, H.-J. Gehrmann, P. Nowak, H. Seifertcombustion of solid recovered fuels, mineralogical-chemical characterization of residues
C11 - Thermal ConversionGasplasma transformation of waste streamsR. Taylor, C. Chapman, A. Farazplasma gasification, oxy-steam, thermal efficiency, slag vitrification, high energy conversion, advanced thermal conversion technology
E08 - Life Cycle Assessment: ApplicationsThe application of life cycle assessment to landfill processes: analysis of a case study along a wide time-frameA. Del Borghi, C. Strazza, M. GalloLife Cycle Assessment, landfill, environmental label, modeling
B11 - Long-Term Emissions from LandfillsCarbon sink MBT-landfill – Evaluation of long-term incubation tests (GS21)E. Binner, P. Lechner, M. Huber-HumerMBT, gas formation potential, log-normal modelling, carbon sequestration
C11 - Thermal ConversionProduction of pyrolysis char as a potentially valuable hydrocarbon product from microwave pyrolysis of waste automotive engine oilS.S. Lam, N. Ali, C.K. Cheng, H.A. Chasepyrolysis, microwave pyrolysis, waste treatment, waste oil, char
B15 - GHG Emissions from LandfillsSite-specific landfill CH4 emissions: shortcomings of current GHG inventory guidelines and a field-validated, process-based approach inclusive of local climateJ. Bogner, K. Spokas, M. Corcoranlandfill, methane, emissions modeling, methanotrophy
A07 - MBT: Material and Energy Recovery (I)Full scale and lab-scale demonstration test for MBT and incineration in NorwayF. Syversenhousehold waste, MBT, trials, biological stabilization, incineration
D03 - Landfill Gas: EmissionsAssessment of the contribution of low emissive areas to the average global flux of biogas diffusing through landfill covers in WalloniaE. Bietlot, S. Garzaniti, D. D'Or, C. CollartLFG emissions, global flux, geostatistics, flux chamber
B02 - Landfilling of Pretreated WasteCharacterization of gas, heat and humidity profiles in landfilled shredder residue at Odense Nord Landfill, DenmarkR. Olsen, H.C. Willumsenlandfill gas, LFG, shredder residue, temperature, ASR, SR
PE - Construction and Demolition WasteUse of wastes originated from the deep excavation activity (continuous helical piles) and by demolition of old constructions: technical and economic analysis in paving projectS. Fucale, A.B. De Farias, A.D. Gusmãoconstruction and demolition waste, recycling, paving work
C15 - Construction and Demolition Waste: Properties of Recycled AggregatesAnalysis of physical and mechanical properties of recycled aggregates from construction and demolition waste for paving workS.P. Fucale, F.T.T.C. Proença (In Memoriam)construction and demolition waste, recycling, paving work
PE - Construction and Demolition WasteUse of the construction and demolition waste as aggregates for producing concreteE. Barros, S. Fucale, A. Just, N. Lundgrenconstruction and demolition waste, recycling, recycled concrete
PH - Landfilling EmissionsTreatment of landfill leachate using nanofiltration and zeoliteJ.C. Campos, R.G. Mauricio, M.C.M. Alves, M.C. De Castro, M.F. Dos Santoslandfill leachate, ammonia, organic matter, nanofiltration, zeolite
PB - Collection and RecyclingThe influence of different coagulants in water treatment plant’s sludge reuse through its incorporation to the leftovers of ceramic blocksJ.C. Campos, V.C. Almeida, I. Gonçalves, E. Gripareuse, bricks, ceramic, sludge, coagulants
PH - Landfilling EmissionsUse of advanced oxidation process for the treatment of landfill leachate: emphasis on toxicity reductionJ.C. Campos, F.M. Costa, F.V.F. Araujo, D.M. Bilaleachate, Vibrio fisheri, advanced oxidation process, Fenton process
PB - Collection and RecyclingFunctional metabolic intermediate (2-pyron-4,6-dicarboxylic acid) from ligninM. Nakamura, Y. Otsuka, K. Shikinaka, K. Shigehara, Y. Katayamalignin, 2-pyron-4,6-dicarboxylic acid, sphingobium sp. SYK-6
A11 - WEEE: Quantification and Recovery of Rare ElementsRare earth metals – Recycling and pre-treatmentJ. Hobohm, K. Szczepaniak, K. Kuchtarare earth metals, recycling of E-waste, waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)
D04 - Landfill Gas: Case StudiesEnergy balance of biogas productionJ. Havukainen, V. Uusitalo, M. Horttanainenbiogas production, energy balance, energy performance
E04 - Waste Management Strategies (II)Solid waste disposal strategy and site emissions: when the planning does not go far enoughA.L. Bufoni, M.S. Carvalho, L. Basto, L.P. Rosalandfill, biogas, strategy, LFG, MSWS
A01 - Waste Management Policies and StrategiesOpportunities and drawbacks of tradable recycling certificatesM. Dubois, R. Hoogmartens, S. Van Passel, I. Vanderreydtwaste management, recycling, recycled content, policy, tradable certificates
D13 - Biological Treatment of LeachateAnaerobic ammonium oxidation (ANAMMOX-process): the solution for the long term emission problem of ammonium from landfillsW.J. van Vossen, M. van Meeteren, H. Woelders, A. de Vos, G. Maathuislandfill, sustainability, ammonium, anammox, emission reduction
PI - Environmental ContaminationStable isotope techniques for assessing the transfer of pollutans from organic waste amended soils to cropsI. Herraez, F.J. Miranda, M.A. Porcel, J. Pro, C. Fernandez, G. Carbonellδ13C, δ15N, municipal solid waste compost, thermal drying sludge, amended soil
A15 - Food Waste ManagementFood waste volume and composition in Helsinki metropolitan areaK. Silvennoinenfood waste, households, sorting research, service sector
C14 - WEEE: Treatment and RecyclingFractionation of metals from mineral sludge produced at a metal recycling plantM. Vemic, F. Bordas, G. Guibaud, E. Joussein, J. Labanowski, P.N.L. Lens, S. Rossano, E.D. van Hullebuschindustrial mineral sludge, molybdenum, metals, sequential extraction, leaching characteristics
H12 - Ossidazione del metano nelle copertureProgettazione, realizzazione e monitoraggio di una barriera passiva di ossidazione del metano realizzata sulla copertura definitiva di una discarica per rifiuti pericolosi e non pericolosiT. Pandolfi, R. Isolanicapping, biofiltro, barriera, ossidazione, metano
F11 - Workshop: Landfill Energy ParksConstruction of microwind turbines on MSWG.J. Fowmes, S. Markhamwind power, landfill settlement
C13 - WEEE: Re-Use Networking and Material Flow AnalysisWEEE exchange networks in the UKF.O. Ongondo, A. PisharodyWEEE, WEEE networks, enhanced WEEE reuse, socio-economic enterprises
C07 - Waste Management in Developing Countries: Special WasteTrends, challenges and innovation in management of WEEE in KenyaF.O. OngondoWEEE, WEEE management, WEEE in developing countries, recycling, Kenya
A16 - GHG Control in Waste ManagementPotential of municipal solid waste for renewable energy production and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in Thessaloniki, GreeceN.D. Charisiou, M.A. Goulawaste management, MSW, energy production, greenhouse gas emissions
C01 - Waste Recycling: Economic and Organizational AspectsAttitudes and behaviour of a University community to recycling: lessons for improved waste management schemesN.D. Charisiou, M.A. Goulawaste management, recycling, attitude, behaviour, survey, questionnaire
H07 - Compostaggio e digestione anaerobicaTRATTAMENTO DEI “RIFIUTI DA CUCINA E RISTORAZIONE” PER L’OTTENIMENTO DI “MATERIA PRIMA” COME DA REGOLAMENTO (UE) N°68/2013, DA UTILIZZARE NELLA PRODUZIONE DI MANGIMI PER ANIMALI O PER ALTRI USIV. Cutrarotrattamento frazione umida, prodotto derivato, mangime per animali domestici
A06 - Composting: Odours and Emissions ControlQuantification of methane emissions from full-scale open windrow composting of organic waste using OP-TDLSM. Hrad, E. Binner, M. Huber-HumerLagrange dispersion model, open windrow composting, total emission measurement, tracer technique, biowaste
PH - Landfilling EmissionsSpatial variation in landfill gas composition in Sri Lankan landfillsT. Koide, M. Nagamori, N.K. Wijewardane, Y. Watanabe, Y. Isobe, G.B.B. Herath, M.I.M. Mowjood, K. Kawamotolandfill gas, open dump, precipitation, Sri Lanka, waste characterization
PI - Environmental Contamination“Nanowaste-management”: detection and characterisation of engineered nanoparticles in complex matricesF. Part, T. Gouveia, C. Zafiu, C. Zaba, E.K. Sinner, M. Huber- Humerengineered nanomaterial, nanowaste, leachability, demolition waste landfills
C11 - Thermal ConversionExperimental studies of biomass complex conversion to carbon/carbon compositesA.V. Bessmertnykh, M.A. Korostina, J.S. Kuzmina, V.A. Lavrenovcarbon/carbon composite material, pyrolysis of biomass
E06 - Waste GasificationHigh-calorific gas from biomassA.V. Bessmertnykh, V.M. Zaitchenko, V.F. Kosov, V.A. Lavrenovpyrolysis of biomass, syngas, waste processing
B01 - Hybrid Bioreactor LandfillsWaste stabilization and leachate purification by managing a landfill for mechanically sorted organic fraction as hybrid bioreacotrF. Di Maria, A. Sordi, C. Micale, A. Canovaifull scale cell, gas composition, oxygen uptake, mechanically sorted organic fraction, leachate purification.
H04 - Gestione del percolatoGestione della frazione organica da selezione meccanica mediante discarica bioreattore ibrido: evoluzione della stabilità biologica e degli inquinanti rilasciati nel percolatoF. Di Maria, A. Sordi, C. Micale, A. Canovaibiocella su scala reale , composizione del gas, domanda di ossigeno, frazione organica da selezione meccanica, purificazione del percolato
PH - Landfilling EmissionsMethod development for measurement of methane emissions from valley-type landfillsJ.K. Park, J.Y. Kang, J.H. Kang, N.H. Leelandfill, municipal solid waste, leachate recirculation, methane production rate, sigmoidal equation
PH - Landfilling EmissionsEstimation of methane production rate with leachate recirculation methods in anaerobic bioreactorJ.K. Park, Y.M. Ahn, S. Higuchi, N.H. Leevalley-type landfill, municipal solid waste, methane emission flux, laser methane detector, methane concentration
E09 - Composting of Special OrganicsResearch using indirect heating method for sewage sludge compostingJ.S. Park, T.E. Kim, I.S. Hansewage sludge, indirect heating, composting, low heating value
A06 - Composting: Odours and Emissions ControlOdour compounds from a community-scale MSW aerobic biological treatment facilitiesJ.J. Fang, D. Wu, C.Y. Zhang, W. Zheng, K. Phoungthong, L.M. Shao, P.J. Heodor compounds, gaseous pollutant, aerobic, biological treatment
E13 - Anaerobic Digestion: Performance EnhancingMain barrier to the lignocellulose biodegradability during anaerobic degradationL.N. Chai, Y.J. Wang, F. Lu, L.M. Shao, P.J. Helignocellulosic biowaste, anaerobic degradation, microstructure, biodegradability, cellulose crystallinity
C14 - WEEE: Treatment and RecyclingRecycling and evaluation of printed circuit board by physical separation and heat treatmentT. Fujita, H. Ono, G. Dodbibarecycling, evaluation, printed circuit board, physical separation, heat treatment
PD - Thermal TreatmentCharacterization of agroindustrial waste for use as biomass in briquetting processB.G. Oliveira, T.M.N. Oliveira, C. Marangoni, O. Souza, N. Sellinagroindustrial waste, characterization, biomass, briquetting
B05 - Biochemical Behaviour of Waste in LandfillsMechanical behaviour of waste landfill during and subsequent to depositionG. Fowmes, K.S. Watts, K. Zamarawaste, landfill, monitoring, settlement, earth pressure
C08 - PackagingThe economics of the recycling of packaging waste in EuropeM. Cabral, S. Ferreira, N. Cruz, P. Simões, R.C. MarquesDirective 94/62/EC, packaging waste, recycling, green dot company
B05 - Biochemical Behaviour of Waste in LandfillsContribution of soft plastic on MSW shear strengthR.L.S. Izzo, F. Gawlik, C. Di Nùbilamunicipal solid Waste, MSW shear strength, sanitary landfill
B04 - Landfill Liner SystemsClogging of leachate collection system in a MSW landfill accepting incineration residuesY. Xia, H. Zhang, K. Phoungthong, L.-M. Shao, P.-J. Heleachate collection system, clogging, municipal solid waste incineration residues, landfill
D12 - Landfilling: Contamination and RemediationClustering open dumpsites in Sri Lanka based on waste characteristicsN.K. Wijewardane, T. Koide, M.I.M. Mowjood, M. Nagamori, K. Kawamoto, G.B.B. Herathclustering, principle component analysis, open dump, Sri Lanka, waste characteristics
PG - General LandfillingRelation between settlements and pre-treatment for MSW from laboratory testsM. Conte, J.P. Gourc, P. Carrubba, R. Cossubio-mechanical pre-treatment, laboratory tests, settlement, biodegradation
D05 - Biogas Treatment and CharacterizationBiogas trace compounds adsorption for SOFC applicationL. Sigot, G. Ducom, B. Benadda, F. Lebovits, V. Paradowski, C. Labourebiogas purification, SOFC application, adsorption, volatile organic silicon compounds (VOSiC), H2S, breakthrough curve models
E04 - Waste Management Strategies (II)Full scale delivery of an electronic duty of care system for waste transfer notes within the UKC. Deed, V. Vaughan-Williams, K. Daviswaste, compliance, paper, electronic
E11 - Anaerobic Digestion: Organic Wastes from Different Sources (II)Enhanced biogas production from anaerobic co-digestion of municipal wastewater treatment sludge and fat, oil and grease (FOG) by a modified two-stage thermophilic digester system with selected thermo-chemical pre-treatmentC. Li, P. Champagne, B.C. Andersontwo-stage anaerobic co-digestion, fat, oil and grease, pre-treatment, thermophilic temperature, semi-continuous digester
D16 - Persistent Leachate ContaminantsThe effect of aerobic conditions on the complexation ability between mercury and humic acid from landfill leachate and its implication for the environmentX. Chai, Y. Hao, D. Xin, G. Liu, X. Zhaoaerobic condition, mercury, humic acid, landfill leachate
C01 - Waste Recycling: Economic and Organizational AspectsMobile apps as enablers to improve recycling performanceA. Mavropoulos, M. Tsakona, A. Anthoulimobile applications, recycling, waste management
C08 - PackagingEnvironmental valuation from recycling of packaging waste in EuropeS. Ferreira, M. Cabral, N.F. Cruz, P. Simões, R.C. Marqueslife cycle assessment, packaging waste, recycling, landfilling, environmental valuation
A09 - Waste to EnergyImpact of operation mode and design on the energy efficiency of waste combustion plantsJ. De Greef, H. Van Belle, K. Villani, S. Bram, F. Continowaste, combustion, incineration, energy, efficiency
PH - Landfilling EmissionsCharacterization of major and trace components in gases generated from municipal solid waste landfills in Sri LankaM. Nagamori, Y. Isobe, Y. Watanabe, N.K. Wijewardane, M.I.M. Mowjood, T. Koide, K. Kawamotolandfill gas, methane, non-methane organic compounds, stabilization, Sri Lanka
B01 - Hybrid Bioreactor LandfillsEffects of bioreactor landfill operations on landfill leachate and biogasQ. Xu, Z. Ma, X. Jin, J.H. Kobioreactor landfills, leachate recirculation, landfill gas, aeration, operation strategies
H09 - Urban Mining (I)I RESIDUI DA SPAZZAMENTO E PULIZIA DELLE STRADE : LA FILIERA DEL RECUPERO ED IL SUO CONTRIBUTO PER IL RAGGIUNGIMENTO DEGLI OBIETTIVI DI RACCOLTA DIFFERENZIATAM. Marionni, F. Di Maria, W. Rossirecupero inerti, spazzamento stradale, tariffe smaltimento , impianti di recupero
F08 - Workshop: Flue GasMapping the performance of all-dry lime based flue gas cleaningK. Villani, J. Goethals, J. De Greef, H. Van Belle, S.K. Lee, M. Sykes, J. Kocsis, L. Ma, H. Verelstwaste-to-energy, clinical waste incineration, flue gas cleaning, air protection control, lime
PD - Thermal TreatmentEvaluation of spent coffee waste as feedstock for solid biofuel productionF.-M. Pellera, P. Pappa, E. Gidarakoscoffee, waste, biofuels
E13 - Anaerobic Digestion: Performance EnhancingStudy on the biochemical methane potential of solid agroindustrial wasteF.-M. Pellera, E. Gidarakosanaerobic digestion, solid waste, agroindustrial, biochemical methane potential
E08 - LCA: ApplicationsEnergy recovery from municipal solid waste: a life cycle assessment approachL. Lombardi, E. Carnevale, G. Frati, L. Zanchiwaste management system, mixed waste, energy recovery, life cycle assessment, co-combustion
H03 - Trattamento termicoANALISI DEL CICLO DI VITA DI SCENARI DI RECUPERO ENERGETICO DEI RIFIUTI URBANIL. Lombardi, E. Carnevale, G. Frati, L. Zanchisistema di gestione dei rifiuti, rifiuti indifferenziati, recupero di energia, Life Cycle Assessment, co-combustione
C10 - Special Recycling OptionsSolid residues from waste incineration used for biogas upgradingL. Lombardi, E. Carnevale, L. Frassinetti, T. Olivieri, A. Paradisi, L. Zipolibottom ash, air pollution control residues, biogas, upgrading, accelerated carbonation
H11 - Residui di combustioneUso di residui solidi da incenerimento per l’upgrading del biogasL. Lombardi, E. Carnevale, L. Frassinetti, T. Olivieri, A. Paradisi, L. Zipoliceneri pesanti, controllo dell’inquinamento dell’aria, residui, biogas, upgrading, carbonatazione accelerata
B14 - Landfill Aeration: Case StudiesIn-situ aeration of an old municipal solid waste landfill – Case study HeferlbachC. Brandstätter, D. Laner, R. Prantl, J. FellnerC-discharge, in-situ aeration, landfill simulation reactors, municipal solid waste
G15 - IWWG Workshop: Asbestos Waste ManagementGeographical Information System for mapping asbestos landfill in ItalyS. Bellagamba, F. Paglietti, F. Damiani, B. Conestabile Della Staffaasbestos, landfill, geographic information system
D07 - Methane Oxidation: Landfill Biocovers Materials and DesignBacterial anaerobic methane oxidation in a landfill cover soilC.J. Paul, E.W.J. van Neil, P. Rådström, K.M. Perssonanaerobic, methane oxidation, leachate irrigation, pmoA, PCR
D04 - Landfill Gas: Case StudiesResults of the MSW landfill biogas investigations in the North-West region of the Russian FederationM.P. Fedorov, V.I. Maslikov, A.N. Chusovbiogas potential, landfill, field and laboratory researches
PB - Collection and RecyclingUse of mozley concentrator in metals concentration from printed circuit boards scrapsN. Juchneski, H. Veitprinted circuit boards, metals, mozley concentrator
E16 - Bottom Ashes from Different WastesCharacterization, use and environmental assessment by leaching of ladle steel slag in granular unbound layersK. Otegi, M. Barra, D. Aponte, E. Vázquezladle steel slag, recovery, leaching, durability, unbound granular layer
B13 - Landfill Aeration: Waste StabilizationLandfill aeration as a contribution for climate protection: developments and experienceK. Hupe, K.-U. Heyer, R. Stegmannlandfill aeration, German climate protection programme, in situ stabilization, methane emissions, methane oxidation, landfill closure and aftercare
B15 - GHG Emissions from LandfillsLandfill gas emissions from the disposal of mechanically-biologically treated wasteK.-U. Heyer, K. Hupe, R. Stegmannmechanical biological waste treatment, sanitary landfilling, methane emissions, methane oxidation, estimation emission potential, climate protection
PB - Collection and RecyclingUtilization of a local-available biomass resource for wastewater treatment in Sri Lanka: comparison between initial and current performance of coconut-fibre biofilm treatment system (COTS)N. Sato, K. Kawamoto, H. Sato, M. Lokuliyanaga, T. Koide, N. Tanakabiomass, wastewater-treatment, Sri Lanka, biofilm, and coconut-fiber
D03 - Landfill Gas: EmissionsScreening of instant methane emissions from individual emission pointsP. Novakmethane emissions, landfills, landfill gas
A16 - GHG Control in Waste ManagementA MS-Excel tool for the calculation of greenhouse gas emissions by waste management and circular-flow economyC. Wünschgreenhouse gas emissions, waste management systems
D10 - Landfill Covers and DrainageApproximation of clogging impact of leachate drainage system at domestic waste landfill in Osecna (Northern Bohemia, Czech Republic)J. Stibingerlandfill leachate, clogging impact, reduction factors, landfill leachate drainage system, De Zeeuw-Hellinga drainage theory, Osecna landfill
E08 - LCA: ApplicationsModelling sensitivity and uncertainty in a LCA model for waste management systems – EASETECHA. Damgaard, J. Clavreul, H. Baumeister, T. ChristensenEASETECH, LCA, uncertainty, sensitivity
C14 - WEEE: Treatment and RecyclingRecycling of cathode ray tube glass to use as aggregates of bricksB. Han, Y.-C. Seo, J.-S. Lee, H.-M. Yoo, W.-S. Yang, S.D. Kim, J.-K. Lee, B.-S. Kim, Y. Kangcathode ray tube, TV glass waste, aggregates, concrete bricks, clay bricks
E05 - Thermal Sewage Sludge TreatmentMetal stabilization mechanisms in the benefical use of ash/sludge residues for ceramic productsK. Shih, Y. Tang, C. Liaowastewater sludge, incineration, kaolinite, iron oxide, ceramic, stabilization
D05 - Biogas Treatment and CharacterizationOnline siloxane analysis by FTIR: a new tool for enhancing engine protection during energy production from biogasC. Hepburn, N. Simms, E. Mcadamfourier transform infrared spectroscopy, organosilicons, organic silicon compounds, adsorption, ion-exchange
B03 - Leachate Transport and HydrologyModeling leachate generation for an operating landfill in Greece using a 1.5-year databaseD. Komilis, A. Athiniotoulandfill hydrology, leachate modelling, municipal solid waste, water balance
A14 - Combustion Residues Quality and TreatmentSolidification/stabilization of MSWI residues with and without cement addition: a comparisonP. Billen, B. Verbinnen, K. Villani, J. De Greef, J. Van Caneghem, C. Vandecasteelelandfill, solidification/stabilization, leaching, MSWI residues
A03 - Anaerobic DigestionCo-digestion of agro-industrial wastes for biohydrogen productionJ. Gómez-Romero, E.I. García-Peñaco-digestion, biohydrogen, crude cheese whey and fruit-vegetable wastes
D05 - Biogas Treatment and CharacterizationField studies to understand siloxane variability and measurement errorT. Parker, A. Childs, P. Pointer, S. Davies, I. Morrishsiloxane, Tedlar© bag
G16 - IWWG Workshop: Construction and Demolition WasteEvaluation of construction and demolition waste management system in a small municipality from BrazilV.E. Schneider, M. Poletto, E.M. Tonet, R.E.N. Graeffconstruction and demolition waste, management program for C&D waste, municipal program for C&D waste management
G03 - Workshop: Re-Use of Waste MaterialsUse of secondary raw materials and energy savings certificates in the clay brick industry in ItalyF. Moedinger, F. Ast, R. Rosanelli, N. Comperini, C. Callegati, G. PezzottiItalian clay brick industry, secondary raw materials, energy efficiency certificates
B06 - Landfill Gas ProductionInverse modelling of landfill processes: estimating emission potentialA. Bun, T. Heimovaara, S. Baviskarinverse modelling, emission potential, travel time
B10 - Methane Oxidation in Biocovers: Case StudiesMethane oxidation efficiencies of a 6-year-old experimental landfill biocoverM.A. Capanema, E. Ndanga, A. Lakhouit, A.R. Cabralmethane oxidation, biocover, landfill
D10 - Landfill Covers and DrainageIn-place MSW unit weight measurement in São Carlos landfill, BrazilA.E.S. Abreu, O.M. Vilarvolume substitution method, in situ MSW properties
PE - Construction and Demolition WastePhysicochemical and microstructural characterization of discarded aluminosilicate refractories bricksN. Quaranta, A. Cristóbal, O. Díazpost mortem refractories, aluminosilicates
PD - Thermal TreatmentThermal processes for lead removal from the funnel glass of CRT monitorsE. De Oliveira, H.M. VeitCRT monitors, lead removal, thermal process
PE - Construction and Demolition WasteSoils affected by uncontrolled deposition of construction and demolition wastesN. Quaranta, G. Machadoaffected soils, construction and demolition wastes
D11 - Performance of Landfill BiocoversPotential effect of vegetation on methane oxidation efficiency of biocovers: laboratory and field experimentE.M. Ndanga, A.R. Cabral, R. Bradley, T. Johnsonbiofilter, vegetation, root biomass, methane oxidation efficiency
PF - Industrial WastesConsiderations about the environmental aptitude of different industrial wastesN. Quaranta, G. Pelozoindustrial wastes, environmental aptitude
D15 - Landfill MiningSanitary landfill mining – Operational interim slope stability aspectsH.J. Lawlandfill mining, slope stability, factor of safety, liquid level, slope angle
E04 - Waste Management Strategies (II)From waste management to resource efficiency – A new approach to national waste planningM. Ivarsson, E. Nygren, C. Östlundnational waste management plan, prevention of waste, recycling, resource efficiency
B01 - Hybrid Bioreactor LandfillsAssessment and simulation of the emission potential and long-term behaviour of a municipal solid waste landfill under anaerobic and aerated conditionsM. Huber-Humer, M. Hrad, K. Böhm, P. Mostbauerlandfill emission potential, simulation tests, long-term landfill behaviour, aeration
D06 - Effects of Moisture on LandfillsMonitoring of the municipal solid waste biodegradation in a large-scale experimental cell by leachate analysisG. Gabrielli, L.L. Cabral, L.M. Domingues, M.G. Miguelsanitary landfill, methanogenesis, biodegradation phases, settlements, potentially toxic metals
C16 - Role of Education in Waste ManagementSolid waste management and the role of educational institutions: a school-context modelS. Mendez-Fajardo, R.A. Gonzalez, M.I. Brijaldo, A. Linares, O. Chavarro, B.C. Perezsolid waste management, high school, territory, high school-context model
PH - Landfilling EmissionsCombined treatment of landfill leachate and domestic wastewater by activated sludge reactor: microbiological aspectsA.L. Nascentes, M.M.P. Nascimento, J.C. Campos, D.M. Bila, J.A. Ferreiramicrobiology, activated sludge, co-treatment
PC - Biological TreatmentInfluence of temperature on the glucose conversion reaction of the hydrolysis stage of the production of bioethanol from banana wasteP.K. Souza, N. Sellin, O. Souza, C. Marangonibanana, bioethanol, dilute acid hydrolysis lignocellulosic residues, temperature
B07 - New Developments in Leachate TreatmentImplantation of leachate treatment by reverse osmosis and the influence of controled infiltration of retentate on biogas generation in a sanitary landfill – A case studyT. Zanon, A. Ferrari, L. Lima, D. Costareverse osmosis, leachate treatment, sanitary landfill, permeate, retentate, retentate injection
D05 - Biogas Treatment and CharacterizationNon-methane organic compound emissions from the operating area of a Chinese municipal solid waste landfillD. Yue, B. Han, Y. Sun, T. Yangmunicipal solid waste landfill, non-methane organic compounds, operating area, emission flux
D08 - Estimating Biogas Emissions from Landfill SurfacesMethane emissions from a municipal waste landfill in South Australia without gas recovery: comparison between field measurements and CALMIM modelled resultsM. Asadi, S.T. Yuen, J. Bogner, D. Chén, P. Lightbodylandfill, methane emission, modelling, CALMIM model
D12 - Landfilling: Contamination and RemediationMetal contamination underneath an unlined leachate pond in a Brazilian sanitary landfill– A case studyT. Zanon, M. Boscov, D. Bedoya, O. Gomeslateritic tropical soil, leachate, in-situ investigation, sanitary landfill, dumpsite
B06 - Landfill Gas ProductionDevelopment of parameter relationships from using Monod Models to fit the gas production of varying volume test cells and landfillsJ. Lambornlandfill modelling, model calibration, model comparison, full-scale landfill data sets
PC - Biological TreatmentEffect of feeding frequency on methane production rate and microbial community divesity in anaerobic digestersZ.H. Piao, J.K. Lee, J.Y. Kimanaerobic digestion, feeding frequency, methane production, microbial diversity
D01 - Landfilling in Developing CountriesEvaluation of leachate contamination potential of municipal solid waste dumpsites in Sri Lanka using Leachate Pollution IndexB.G.N. Sewwandi, K. Takahiro, K. Kawamoto, S. Hamamoto, S. Asamoto, H. Satolandfill leachate, LPI, pollutant weight, sub index score
B04 - Landfill Liner SystemsLarge model tests on the bentonite mixed soil layer undergoing local settlementS. Imaizumi, S. Usami, S. Matsuyama, K. Kudo, T. Harada, M. Nonoda, H. Kanomodel tests, soil barrier system, local settlement, infiltration tests, cracking
C05 - Waste Management in Developing Countries: Waste to EnergyThe potential for Waste-To-Energy from municipal solid waste in Gauteng, South AfricaN. Kohler, S. Mangadiwaste-to-energy, greenhouse gases, municipal solid waste, landfill, WRATE, sustainable development, Gauteng, South Africa
E10 - Quality of Biological Treatment OutputsExtraction of fatty acids from biodegradable wasteJ. Kannengiesser, S. Mathews, K. Sakaguchi-Soder, J. Jagerbiowaste, fatty acids, waste to fuel
C05 - Waste Management in Developing Countries: Waste to EnergyDurban Landfill Gas To Electricity CDM project: “Feeling the chill”L. Moodley, J. Pass, J. Parkin, M. Wright, P. Seagreenlandfill gas contaminants, pre-treatment, engine operation & maintenance, landfill gas chilling
E01 - Biomass to EnergyWASTE BIOMASS TO ENERGY: Nightmare or Challenge? Design, construction and operational experience of a waste-biomass power station in ItalyM. Feldmannenergy from waste biomass
F08 - Workshop: Flue GasEnvironmental impact assessment of NOx reduction by SCR instead of SNCR in a full scale hazardous waste incinerator: a case studyJ. Van Caneghem, C. Block, C. VandecasteeleNOx, SCR, SNCR, hazardous waste, incineration
A05 - Composting: Innovative Management PracticesEmissions of N2O affected by various moisture contents during compostingR. Glanz, E. Binner, M. Huber-Humercomposting, emissions, nitrous oxide, N2O, moisture
B16 - Feasibility of Landfill MiningMining of waste from an old landfill for re-use or recycling: is it a viable and sustainable opportunity? Trial study of the Zuienkerke location (Flanders)L. Umans, T. Behets, E. Willelandfill mining, soil remediation, municipal waste, waste to energy, waste to materials, (semi-)industrial separation
D15 - Landfill MiningExploring the anthropocene: mapping and surveying of landfills in Flanders (Belgium)E. Wille, K. Martens, T. Behets, L. Umans, K. Walraevenslandfill mining, geophysical prospection, surveying, policy-making, decision support tool
C01 - Waste Recycling: Economic and Organizational AspectsEconomic optimisation of waste treatment and energy production in DenmarkM. Münster, H. Ravn, K. Hedegaard, N. Juul, M. Ljunggren Södermanoptimisation, waste management, economy, environment
E03 - Waste Management Strategies (I)Industry waste management plans as a tool for co-regulation in South AfricaM. Afrika, N. Cobbinahco-regulation, industry waste management plans
PB - Collection and RecyclingThe mercury recovery from the spent fluorescent lamps using chemical leaching and heterogeneous photocatalytic reductionS. Coskun, M. Cirlengic, C. Ozgur, A. Guncan, G. Civelekoglufluorescent lamps, mercury, oxidative leaching, heterogeneous photocatalysis, metal recovery
C10 - Special Recycling OptionsPb2+ and Cd2+ removal by exhaust tea leaves from wastewaterC. Galletti, N. Russo, D. Finoadsorption, heavy metals, exhaust tea leaves
A05 - Composting: Innovative Management PracticesEvaluation of new practices of decentralized composting of organic household waste in developing countriesR. Guiao, C.F. Mahler, A. Ferraz, A. Dias, V. Santosdecentralizing composting, household waste, developing countries
A08 - MBT: Material and Energy Recovery (II)Evaluation of composting as pre-treatment of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste before input in anaerobic digestersR. Guiao, C.F. Mahler, V. Grundmannanaerobic digestion, organic solid waste, composting pre-treatment
E02 - Advanced Sorting Systems in Waste RecyclingQuality control by hyperspectral imaging in solid waste recycling: fundamentalsG. Bonifazi, S. Serrantisolid waste, recycling, quality control, hyperspectral imaging, end-of-life concrete
H10 - Urban Mining (II)Hyperspectral imaging applicato al controllo di qualità nei processi di riciclo: fondamentiG. Bonifazi, S. Serrantirifiuti solidi, riciclo, controllo di qualità, hyperspectral imaging, calcestruzzo
E02 - Advanced Sorting Systems in Waste RecyclingQuality control by hyperspectral imaging in solid waste recycling: case studiesS. Serranti, G. Bonifazisolid waste, recycling, quality control, hyperspectral imaging, polyolefins, PVC, rubber, EOL concrete, grape marcs, biodigestion
A02 - Life Cycle Assessment in Waste ManagementDiscovering waste management priorities using Life Cycle Assessment and spreadsheet models in educationS.J. Burnley, S.T. Wagland, P.J. Longhurstlife cycle assessment, education, modelling.
D06 - Effects of Moisture on LandfillsIncreasing moisture content of waste during the filling phase: a real scale landfill studyD. Riviere, N. Baffaleuf, F. Millet, M. Guerbois, M. Lanoe, D. Chenu, J.A. Cacho Riverolandfill, humidification, leachate, water content
C14 - WEEE: Treatment and RecyclingPermanent magnets from small waste electrical and electronic equipmentL. Westphal, K. Kuchtarare earth metals, permanent magnets, waste electrical and electronic equipment, recycling
A04 - Anaerobic Digestion: Organic Wastes from Different Sources (I)Laboratory and pilot tests for the anaerobic digestion of wine wastesS. Fiore, C. Roati, B. Ruffino, F. Marchese, M.C. Zanettianaerobic digestion, wine waste, pilot scale, batch, semi-continuous
C02 - Waste Management in Developing Countries: National StrategiesGuidance on the selection of operator models for solid waste management in emerging and developing countriesS. García Cortés, A. Whiteman, R. Soos, D.C. Wilson, E. Schwehnoperator models, delivering services, municipal solid waste management, private sector, public sector, public-private partnerships, developing countries
A15 - Food Waste ManagementFood waste collections for businesses in a rural areaR. Garfield, I.D. Williamssmall- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), food waste, collection, local authority
C16 - Role of Education in Waste ManagementEducating children about food waste: the year 10 challengeI.D. Williams, J. Corsieducation, sustainable development, food waste, outreach
A10 - Secondary Recovered FuelQuality of SRF produced from commercial and industrial waste and construction and demolition waste based on the mass, energy and elemental balanceM. Nasrullah, P. Vainikka, J. Hannula, M. Hurmesolid recovered fuel (SRF), commercial and industrial waste (C&IW), construction and demolition waste (C&DW)
D06 - Effects of Moisture on LandfillsIn situ innovative full scale instrumentation on bioreactor landfillJ. Grossin-Debattista, R. Clement, S. Loisel, A. Poulain, J.-L. Bohm, S. Moreaubioreactor, electrical resistivity tomography, optical fiber sensor, time domain transmission, leachate reinjection
E16 - Bottom Ashes from Different WastesSewage sludge ash as cement replacement after simple pretreatmentL.M. Ottosen, P.E. Jensen, P. Golterman, G.M. Kirkelundsewage sludge ash, cement replacement, pozzolan upgrading
G02 - Workshop: Waste PreventionBulky household waste management in a UK Local Authority area: current practice, challenges and improvement opportunitiesC. Cole, M. Osmani, A. Wheatley, M. Quddusbulky waste, household waste, reuse, recycling
F13 - Workshop: Odours and Emissions Control in CompostingPrevention and management of workers’ exposure to biological agents in municipal solid waste (MSW) plantsA. Guercio, G. Giaquinta, R. Giovinazzomunicipal solid waste, biological agents, exposure
D12 - Landfilling: Contamination and RemediationLessons learned during landfill completion in RomaniaV. Feodorovlandfill locations, ecological deposits, lining systems, case-studies, technical training
D09 - Landfill Liner MaterialsInvestigation of suitability of expansive soil to use as clay linersN.H. Priyankara, W.K.A.P. Abeyrathne, A.M.N. Alagiyawanna, K. Kawamotoclay liner, expansive soil, bentonite, hydraulic conductivity, soil-leachate interaction
PF - Industrial WastesField development of in situ reactive zone (IRZ) for biological treatment of chromite ore processing residues (COPR) heapT. Wohlhuter, T. Gisbert, L. Ferrierechromium, molasses, pH, biostabilization
D07 - Methane Oxidation: Landfill Biocovers Materials and DesignCharacterizing CH4-C turn-over in cover layer of landfill: Effect of CH4/O2 ratioW.J. Lu, Z.H. Duan, L.L. Ren, S. Xumethane oxidation dynamic model, 13C labeling, phospholipid fatty acid, landfill
F05 - IWWG Workshop: Comparison of Waste Management Strategies in Europe and BRICS CountriesCritical elements for the European Union: overview of the processes for the recovery of rare earths from WEEE and industrial waste fullV. Innocenzi, I. De Michelis, F. Vegliòrare earths, fluorescent lamps, NiMH spent batteries , FCC sent catalyst, hydrometallurgical process
H10 - Urban Mining (II)Elementi critici per l’Unione Europea: panoramica dei processi idrometallurgici per il recupero di terre rare da RAEE e rifiuti industrialiV. Innocenzi, I. De Michelis, F. Vegliòterre rare, lampade fluorescenti, batterie NiMH esauste, catalizzatori FCC esausti, processi idrometallurgici
C06 - Waste Management in Developing Countries: Case Studies at Local LevelMunicipal solid waste management: still a big question in small hilly towns in IndiaM. Mishrarecycle, reuse, handling, site sensitivity index, bio-degradable
E07 - Industrial WasteWastes containing the new persistent organic pollutants (POPs) with particular reference to polybromodiphenyl ethers (PBDEs), perfluorooctane sulfonic acid and its derivatives (PFOs): emerging issues and environmental sound disposalE. Bemporad, G. Gasparriniwaste, POPs, PBDEs, PFOS, low POP content, environmentally sound disposal
D16 - Persistent Leachate ContaminantsMicroalgae cultivation for potential nutrient and heavy metal reduction in landfill leachateM.A. Shabiimam, I. Krustok, E. Nehrenheim, M. Odlareleachate, heavy metal, nutrient removal, algae cultivation, adsorption
E03 - Waste Management Strategies (I)Community based integrated solid waste management in developing countries – Green Town, Lahore (CLEAN PAKISTAN)A.B. Farouque, N. Tajcommunity, waste management, sustainable, low cost, income generation, employment, youth, recycling
A04 - Anaerobic Digestion: Organic Wastes from Different Sources (I)Ultrasonic pretreatment of slaughter blood for enhancement of enzymatic degradabilityY.-W. Jeon, H.-J. Kim, J.-A Jeong, J.-W. Kang, J.-Y. Lee, D.-H. Leeslaughter blood, ultrasonic pretreatment, enzymatic degradability
PC - Biological TreatmentSeparation of biogas using commercialized hollow fiber gas separation membrane module: focusing on CO2 recoveryY.-W. Jeon, O.-H. Kwon, J.-A. Jeong, J.-W. Kang, Y.-M. Yoon, D.-H. Leemembrane separation, biogas, CO2 recovery
C16 - Role of Education in Waste ManagementMaximising waste avoidance and waste recycling behaviours through education and measured feedbackV. Femiarecycling, education, behaviour, avoidance, minimisation
E02 - Advanced Sorting Systems in Waste RecyclingUrban mining: increasing material recovery from mechanical biological treatment of residual municipal solid wasteF. Di Maria, A. Sordi, C. Micale, G. Cirulli, M. Marionni, W. Rossifines recovery , mechanical biological treatment, near infrared, soil washing, inert leachate characterization
C15 - Construction and Demolition Waste: Properties of Recycled AggregatesEvaluation of mechanical, physical and chemical properties of recycled aggregates for structural concreteL. Pani, G. Balletto, S. Naitza, L. Francesconi, N. Trulli, G. Mei, C. Furcasrecycled aggregates, cement mortar content, cement mortar distribution
H09 - Urban Mining (I)VALUTAZIONE DELLE PROPRIETÀ CHIMICHE, FISICHE E MECCANICHE DI AGGREGATI RICICLATI PER IL CALCESTRUZZO STRUTTURALEL. Pani, G. Balletto, S. Naitza, L. Francesconi, N. Trulli, G. Mei, C. Furcasaggregati riciclati, quantità di malta aderente, distribuzione di malta aderente
E07 - Industrial WasteMetallic bridge sandblasting: waste hazard classification and management methodC. Le Calvez, A. Denot, S. Giraud, E. Trielli, L. Eisenlohrabrasive blasting waste, hazard characterisation, hazardous properties, ecotoxicity
C12 - WEEE: Life Cycle Assessment and Reversal LogisticsMultiple perspectives on waste management systems: towards more effective models for decision supportR.G. Souza, J. Rosenhead, M.P.E. Lins, R.A.B. Valleproblem structuring methods, soft systems methodology, waste electric and electronic equipment
D14 - Physical-Chemical Treatment of LeachateIncorporation of ultrafiltration membranes into aerobic biological treatment of landfill leachatesH. Robinson, M. Carville, G. Harris, R. Steward, T. Robinsonleachate, treatment, aerobic, biological, sequencing batch reactor, SBR, ultrafiltration, membranes
B07 - New Developments in Leachate TreatmentBiological nitrification and denitrification of landfill leachatesH. Robinson, M. Carville, T. Robinsonleachate, treatment, aerobic, biological, nitrification, denitrification
E06 - Waste GasificationFluidized bed co-gasification of industrial wastes for flexible end-use of syngasG. Ruoppolo, R. Chirone, A. Picarelli, P. Brachi, F. Miccio, M. Micciofluidized bed, co-gasification, waste/biomass fuels
H08 - Workshop: Rifiuti industrialiGassificazione in reattore a letto fluido di rifiuti industriali e biomasse per la produzione di syngas per differenti usiG. Ruoppolo, R. Chirone, A. Picarelli, P. Brachi, F. Miccio, M. Miccioreattori a letto fluido, co-gassificazione, combustibili da rifiuti/biomasse
PG - General LandfillingGeosynthetics applications in Brazilian sanitary landfillsT.S.M.M. Kamiji, F.J.P. De Oliveira, D. Vaz Kuhngeosynthetics, sanitary landfills, quality control
A15 - Food Waste ManagementCharacterization of household food waste in DenmarkM.E. Edjabou, C. Petersen, C. Scheutz, T.F. Astrupfood waste, waste sampling, household size, waste composition, statistical analysis
B16 - Feasibility of Landfill MiningLandfill mining of shredder wasteJ.B. Hansen, J. Hyks, N. Ahmed, M. Therkildsen, F. Andersen, J. Nedenskov, P. Wellendorph, H. Wenzellandfill mining, resource recovery, metals, energy, shredder residues, mono landfills
PG - Landfilling GeneralReflections about sanitary landfills failureF.J.P. De Oliveira, T.S.M.M. Kamiji, R.R.L. Chávezsanitary landfills, failure, Brazil
D14 - Physical-Chemical Treatment of LeachateRemoval of organic matter from raw or pretreated landfill leachate by O3 and O3/H2O2L.N. Pasqualini, J. Povinelli, F.M. Ferrazlandfill leachate, advanced oxidative processes, ozone, hydrogen peroxide, air stripping
C03 - Regulatory Aspects in Waste and Landfill ManagementWEEE legislation and implementation in Europe and the PR China – A comparisonS. Salhofer, B. Steuer, R. Linzner, P. BeiglEurope, PR China, WEEE-legislation, WEEE treatment, WEEE collection
C04 - Waste Management in Developing Countries: RecyclingThe assessment of social impact of recycling systems in developing countries – Methodology and case studiesS. Salhofer, S. Aparcanarecycling, social impacts, informal sector, assessment
B14 - Landfill Aeration: Case StudiesTemperature development in aerated landfillsM. Ritzkowskilandfill, aeration, temperature, control, heat generation
B12 - Aftercare Assessment and MonitoringMethodological approach to reduce aftercare at the Teuftal landfill (CH)M. Ritzkowski, R. Stegmann, B. Walkerlong term behaviour, emission reduction, landfill gas, leachate, landfill aftercare
F06 - Workshop: ELV RecyclingBoosting automotive shredded residues separation: an experience of light fraction recoveryA. Bonoli, F. CappellaroELVs, ASR, recycling, waste management, ecodesign
PB - Collection and RecyclingRecovery and preparing for reuse of disused informatics electrical and electronic equipment at the University of BolognaA. Bonoli, F. Ferroni, D. PrandstrallerWEEE, reuse, recycling, waste management
H10 - Urban Mining (II)Un progetto di recupero e di preparazione per il riuso di rifiuti da apparecchiature elettriche e elettroniche presso l’Università di BolognaA. Bonoli, F. Ferroni, D. Prandstraller
PB - Collection and RecyclingOpto-electronic combined characterization of End-Of-Life mobile phone wastes for a sustainable processingS. Serranti, R. Palmieri, G. BonifaziWEEE characterization, mobile phone, printed circuit board recovery, plastic recycling, hyperspectral imaging, scanning electron microscopy
D04 - Landfill Gas: Case StudiesResults of additional vertical gas extraction system in old landfill (Multriwell)D. Overzet, H. Woelderslandfillgas-lifespan, impulse extraction of landfillgas, vertical extraction system
G04 - Workshop: Waste Collection UndergroundOptimization of waste collection from underground containers by filling level measurements and other remote transferred data – City of Stavanger, NorwayT. Larsen, W. Hillingerwaste collection, underground containers, filling level measurements, field work center
B08 - Fate of Contaminants in LeachateTransport mechanisms of functionalized single-walled carbon nanotubes in municipal solid wasteN.D. Berge, I.A. Khan, N.B. Salehlandfill, nanomaterial, transport, single-walled carbon nanotube
C16 - Role of Education in Waste ManagementActor-network analysis of solid waste management at Javeriana University Campus, Bogotá, ColombiaS. Mendez- Fajardo, R.A. Gonzalez, L.D. Gómez Méndez, R. Vela Mantilla, A. Cáceres Medinaactor-network theory, solid waste management, university
C06 - Waste Management in Developing Countries: Case Studies at Local LevelProposal of a characterization method of household solid waste in secondary cities in sub-tropical Africa: case of municipality of Bembereké (Benin)E.L. Ngahane, J.-L. Vasel, E. Ngnikam, V. Rion, A. Sabificodomestic solid wastes, characterization of solid wastes, Africa, methodology of quantification
B07 - New Developments in Leachate TreatmentA process to reduce the cost of leachates treatmentH. Jupsin, C. Cambroisier, F. Zouhir, H. El Ouarghi, J.-L. Vaselleachates, SBR, GAC, nitrification, denitrification, cheap carbon source
A03 - Anaerobic DigestionEnhancing methane production during two-phase anaerobic digestion of food waste by reutilizing hydrogen and carbon dioxide produced in acidogenic leach bed reactorB. Yan, A. Selvam, J.W.C. Wongfood waste, anaerobic digestion, two-phase, leachbed reactor, acidogenesis
A12 - Construction and Demolition Waste: Recycling StrategiesDeveloping solutions for national end-of-waste criteria for aggregates from inert waste in the UKP. Murray, J. Barritt, C. Murphyend-of-waste criteria, aggregates
E14 - Anaerobic Digestion: Case StudiesPotential gas production in the planned anaerobic digestion treatment plant in Tuscany: BMP analysis of organic fraction and sludge from septic tanksR. Meoni, D. Bacchi, I. Pecorini, A. Cortibiochemical methane potential, anaerobic digestion, economic and environmental analysis, management scenarios comparison, organic fraction municipal solid waste
H07 - Compostaggio e digestione anaerobicaProduzione di biogas attesa da un impianto di digestione anaerobica pianificato in Toscana: analisi del BMP della frazione organica e di fanghi da fosse setticheR. Meoni, D. Bacchi, I. Pecorini, A. Cortipotenziale di biometanazione, digestione anaerobica, analisi ambientale ed economica, confronto tra scenari di gestione, frazione organica dei rifiuti solidi urbani
G01 - Workshop: Waste Wood ManagementEvaluation of the coherence of waste wood management in SwitzerlandF. C Bergeronwaste wood, policy coherence, conflict of use, material flux analysis, recovery
PA - Waste Management StrategiesRefuse or secondary resource? An interdisciplinary framework to evaluate the status of wasteF. C Bergeronrefuse, secondary resource, interdisciplinary framework, status of waste, post-consumer paper
A15 - Food Waste ManagementFood Waste at the Food Retail – Statistical approach to identifying influencing factorsF. Schneider, S. Lebersorger, S. Scherhauferfood waste, retail, influencing factors, CO2-equivalents
A14 - Combustion Residues Quality and TreatmentAn evidence-based approach to regulation of incinerator bottom ash aggregate (IBAA)S. Hornby, R. Hoareincinerator bottom ash, IBA, end of waste, EQual
E07 - Industrial WasteFugitive dust emissions due to the disposal of dried red mudM. Cigagna, V. Dentoni, B. Grosso, G. Massaccired mud disposal, fugitive dust, PM emission, PM10, PM2.5
PB - Collection and RecyclingBiomethane potential tests to study the seasonal variability of organic fraction of municipal solid waste and the influence of the collection systems usedI. Pecorini, D. Bacchi, L. Burberi, A. Corti, E.A. Carnevalebiochemical methane potential, waste composition analysis, organic fraction
B09 - Different Aspects of Methane Oxidation: Landfill CoversMitigation of landfill gas emission by means of daily biocovers: characterization of waste filtering materials with field and lab testsI. Pecorini, D. Bacchi, T. Olivieri, A. Corti, E.A. CarnevaleBMP, dynamic respiration index, emission, cover, landfill gas
H12 - Ossidazione del metano nelle copertureMitigazione delle emissioni di biogas tramite coperture giornaliere biofiltranti: caratterizzazione dei mezzi filtranti in test di laboratorio e in situI. Pecorini, D. Bacchi, T. Olivieri, A. Corti, E.A. CarnevaleBMP, indice respirometrico dinamico, emissioni, coperture, biogas
E08 - LCA: ApplicationsEvaluation and comparison of different management treatment scenarios in the case of food waste from large retailers: BMP analysis and decision toolsI. Pecorini, D. Bacchi, L. Burberi, A. Corti, N. Fredduccibiochemical methane potential, anaerobic digestion, life cycle assessment
H05 - Scarti alimentariConfronto e valutazione di scenari di gestione e trattamento di rifiuti alimentari provenienti dalla grande distribuzione: analisi del BMP e strumenti decisionaliI. Pecorini, D. Bacchi, L. Burberi, A. Corti, N. Fredduccibiochemical methane potential, digestione anaerobica, life cycle assessment
E08 - LCA: ApplicationsEconomic and environmental comparison between two different scenarios of waste management: MBT vs thermal treatmentG. Genon, G.A. Blengini, D. Panepintogasification, mechanical – biologic treatment, investment cost, operating cost, LCA
PG - Landfilling GeneralStudy on accelerating stabilization of MSW dumping site and application of in-situ remediation technologyY. Xue, J. Liu, W. Dong, J. Liu, C. LiuMSW dumping site, accelerating stabilization, permeable reactive barrier
A01 - Waste Management Policies and StrategiesWays and entanglements of the waste hierarchyA. Bartlprevention, re-use, recycling, waste hierarchy, waste trafficking
F01 - Workshop: Disaster WasteEffective reduction of disaster debris impact on landfill systemN. Hirayama, Y. Kawatadisaster debris, impact assessment, landfill system, reduction of disaster debris
D11 - Performance of Landfill BiocoversLong term behaviour of pilot biocovers for microbial methane oxidation and odours mitigationI. Pecorini, D. Bacchi, L. Frassinetti, F. Olivierimicrobial methane oxidation, landfill odours mitigation, biofiltration, greenhouse gases reduction, landfill biocovers
H12 - Ossidazione del metano nelle copertureComportamento nel lungo termine di coperture reattive per l’ossidazione biologica del metano e la riduzione degli odoriI. Pecorini, D. Bacchi, L. Frassinetti, F. Olivieriossidazione biologica del metano, mitigazione degli odori, biofiltrazione, riduzione di gas serra
E06 - Waste GasificationRDF from plastic recylcing as fuel and feedstockH.J.M. VisserSRF, RDF, gasification, Tar removal, plastic recycling, future SRF strategy
C06 - Waste Management in Developing Countries: Case Studies at Local LevelHow the waste management in the city of Kara in Togo affects the water quality of the river Kara: monitoring of the characterization of waste, water and sedimentsG. Feuillade-Cathalifaud, K.N. Segbeaya, V. Pallier, G. Baba, G. Matejkadeveloping countries, urban waste, water quality, organic matter
B02 - Landfilling of Pretreated WasteStudy of the degradation of wastes under different ways of landfilling using leaching test: impact of the pilot scalesV. Pallier, A.A. Mansour, G. Feuillade-Cathalifaudlandfilling, aerobic pretreatment, bottom ashes, pilot scale, organic matter humification
B11 - Long-Term Emissions from LandfillsHeavy metal emissions from landfills and their influence on LCA-based environmental assessmentsI. Bakas, T. Astrup, M.Z. Hauschild, R. Rosenbaumlife cycle assessment, heavy metals, landfill, long-term emissions
E07 - Industrial WasteAn hazardous waste landfill in Northern Italy: 25 years of activityF. Marchese, S. Fiore, B. Ruffino, G.L. Soldi, M. Demaio, P. Lucianilandfill, industrial waste, leachate, landfilling management
H08 - Workshop: Rifiuti industrialiVenticinque anni di attività di una discarica per rifiuti industriali pericolosi nel nord ItaliaF. Marchese, S. Fiore, B. Ruffino, G.L. Soldi, M. Demaio, P. Lucianidiscarica, rifiuti pericolosi, percolato, gestione discarica
PD - Thermal TreatmentHigh efficient dual fluidized bed gasification process of MSWM. Večko, J. Mele, F. Kokalj, N. SamecMunicipality Solid Waste (MSW), gasification, fluidized bed, combustion, parametric study, mass and energy balance
E13 - Anaerobic Digestion: Performance EnhancingFast prediction of biochemical methane potential of municipal solid waste by Near Infra-Red SpectroscopyA. Boulanger, C. Laroche, A. Ponthieux, R. Treguer, E. Redon, J.A. Cacho Riveromunicipal solid waste, near infra-red spectroscopy, stabilization, absorbance spectra, PLS
D13 - Biological Treatment of LeachateOptimized fixed bed reactors for the treatment of the liquid out of bio wasteB. Brinkmann, N. Röder, R. Brunstermannbio waste, fixed bed reactors, sand separation, gas potential test (GB 21)
E10 - Quality of Biological Treatment OutputsRequirements for the hygienisation of organic waste regarding to pathogenic clostridiaB. Luedecke, R. Dibbert, R. Cramer, D. Banemann, M. Nellesclostridia, hygienisation, organic waste
E12 - Anaerobic Digestion: Modeling and AssessmentModeling of a full-scale biogas plant using a dynamic neural networkE. Nordlander, E. Thorin, J. Yananaerobic digestion, biogas production, modelling, artificial neural networks
C13 - WEEE: Re-Use Networking and Material Flow AnalysisStrategic management of e-waste in Switzerland – Combining material flow analysis with qualitative system analyisM. Duygan, G. Meylan, A. SpoerriE-waste, material flow analysis, qualitative system analysis, switzerland
B08 - Fate of Contaminants in LeachateMeasurement of persistent organic pollutants in landfill leachatesI. Zdanevitch, O. Bour, S. Lejal, M. Briandlandfill, leachates, MBT, POPs
E16 - Bottom Ashes from Different WastesBottom ash from the municipal solid waste incineration plants in HamburgM.A. Kücüker, L. Westphal, K. Kuchtamunicipal solid waste in Hamburg, incineration plant, bottom ash, precious metals
A03 - Anaerobic DigestionAnaerobic digestion with biohydrogen production from organic wastes : state-of-the artS. Hiligsmann, L. Beckers, C. Hamilton, J. Masset, P. Thonartbiohydrogen, carbohydrates, clostridium, bioreactor, MSW
A09 - Waste to EnergyEffects of air pre-heating for combustible dust injection on municipal solid waste gasification and melting systemN. Tanigaki, Y. Yoshimoto, Y. Ishida, M. Osadagasification, municipal solid waste, reaction kinetics, carbon dioxide, pre-heating, melting
C08 - PackagingCharacterization of plastic packaging waste for recycling: problems related to current approachesR. Götze, T. Astrupwaste characterisation, recycling, plastic waste, packaging
D02 - Landfill PlanningInvestment timing and capacity sizing of landfillsC. D’Alpaos, M. Morettolandfill, uncertainty, irreversibility, investment timing, flexibility
A08 - MBT: Material and Energy Recovery (II)Production of biomass fuel from mixed municipal solid waste by MBTA. Clausen, H. Giani, T. Pretzmechanical biological treatment, mixed municipal solid waste, biomass fuel, landfill directive
E12 - Anaerobic Digestion: Modeling and AssessmentEconomic analysis of innovative tecnologies for biogas production in small sized plantsM. Alberti, F. Cavalli, M. Collotta, G. Tomasonismall sized biogas plants, profitability assessment, cover slab technology
B15 - GHG Emissions from LandfillsEstimation environmental impacts due to landfill gas at landfills with energy utilizationA. Niskanenlandfill gas, LFG, environmental impact, life cycle assessment, LCA
G10 - IWWG Workshop: Aftercare CompletionAftercare completion decision makingH. Scharfflandfill, aftercare, completion, procedure, long-term emission
H04 - Gestione del percolatoSolwa (Solar Water): metodo per la disidratazione del percolato di discarica attraverso l’energia solare – La sperimentazione nella discarica di Ponte San Nicolò (Padova)P. Franceschetti, A. Moretto, A. Atzoripercolato di discarica, disidratazione, energie rinnovabili, fitodepurazione
D03 - Landfill Gas: EmissionsTemporal variation of LFG emission from different types of landfill coverO. Bour, I. Zdanevitch, Z. Pokryszka, A. Lalet, A. AkermanLFG emission, temporal variation, cover, landfill
A05 - Composting: Innovative Management PracticesOptimizing composting through smart organic waste managementM.A. Siebel, V.S. Rotter, S. Agoh, P. Mahlitzfood waste, vegetation waste, sewage sludge, composting, mixing ratio, heavy metals, C/N ratio
A01 - Waste Management Policies and StrategiesResource efficiency and the environmentH. Scharffresource efficiency, human health, environmental impact, landfill, sink
D09 - Landfill Liner MaterialsSustainability of liner materials in a municipal landfill constructed using locally available expansive soilsL.C. Kurukulasuriya, D. Wanigaratne, K. Kawamotoexpansive soil, bentonite, hydraulic conductivity, liner
PD - Thermal TreatmentDecrease in CO2 emission by using biomass briquette as a coke substitute at high-temperature gasifying and direct melting furnaceK. Okuyama, H. Akiyama, T. Uchiyama, A. Suzuki, T. Shinagawawaste to energy, gasifying, direct melting, biomass, briquette, coke
A06 - Composting: Odours and Emissions ControlComposting plant and odour impact: a methodology to recognise and trace the emission plumeI. Minardi, B. Raco, E. Giovenali, F. Tassicomposting plant, odour impact, VOC emissions, diffuse emissions, air quality, Calpuff
H07 - Compostaggio e digestione anaerobicaCaratterizzazione odorigena delle emissioni provenienti da impianti di compostaggioI. Minardi, B. Raco, E. Giovenali, F. Tassicaratterizzazione odorigena, compostaggio, qualità dell’aria, Porto Azzurro
A06 - Composting: Odours and Emissions ControlBioaerosols and biofiltersT. L. Gladding, A. E. Simpsonbiofilters, bioaerosols, endotoxin, air quality
E13 - Anaerobic Digestion: Performance EnhancingAerobic and anaerobic treatment of biodegradable biopolymers: time-dependent material decompositionN. Engler, A. Schüch, A.S. Kitzler, M. Nellesaerobic treatment, biowaste, biopolymers
PD - Thermal TreatmentCharacterisation of low-grade magnesium oxide by-products for environmental solutionsR. Del Valle-Zermeño, J. Girò-Paloma, J. Gómez-Manrique, J. Formosa, J.M. Chimenosacid neutralization capacity, by-products, low grade magnesium oxide
C04 - Waste Management in Developing Countries: RecyclingModel of agriculture organic wastes as a resource in moss artN.S. Mohamed Yuran, A.S. Zainolagriculture, agricultural organic wastes, waste as a resource, moss art, waste management strategies
D12 - Landfilling: Contamination and RemediationChallenges in the deactivation of more than 2000 open dumping sites in BrazilN. Dias, M.T. Carvalho, R. Limonsdump sites, waste management, scavengers, municipal solid waste
E12 - Anaerobic Digestion: Modeling and AssessmentLife Cycle Assessment of pretreatment technologies for anaerobic digestion of source-separated organic household wasteI. Naroznova, J. Møller, C. Scheutzsource-separated organic waste, pretreatment technologies, life cycle assessment
C02 - Waste Management in Developing Countries: National StrategiesPractical solutions for mixed municipal solid waste in the Arab RegionA. Elnaas, A. Nassour, M. Nellesmixes waste, municipal waste, heavy metals, waste to energy
A14 - Combustion Residues Quality and Treatment“Influence of leaching conditions for ecotoxicological classification of ash “S. Stiernström, K. Hemstrom, A. Enell, O. Wik, M. Breitholtzash, hazardous waste, H-14 classification, CLP regulation, Waste Framework Directive
PD - Thermal TreatmentLeaching behaviour of Cr and Mo from three alternative ceramics products using Waelz slag as a resource: an experiemental study of the influence of the firing conditionsM. Coronado, A.M. Segadaes, A.M. Andrésleaching behaviour, ceramics, immobilization, waste
PD - Thermal TreatmentCFD modeling and experience of Waste-To-Energy plant burning waste woodB. Rajh, C. Yin, N. Samec, M. Hriberšek, F. Kokaljthermal treatment, grate-firing, waste wood, CFD modeling
PB - Collection and RecyclingRecovery of nutrients from vinasse by chemical precipitation of phosphorous compoundsA. Bichara, M.A.P. Reali, M.T. Hoffmannnutrient recovery, sugarcane vinasse, phosphorus precipitation
B09 - Different Aspects of Methane Oxidation: Landfill CoversUse of quantitative fluorescence in situ hybridisation (FISH) to determine the methane-oxidation capacity in landfill coversT. Gehrke, J. Möller, M. Deneckemethanotrophic bacteria, landfill gas, quantification, biofilter, fluorescence in situ hybridisation, gradient centrifugation
PC - Biological TreatmentLow temperature thermal pretreatments for the improvement of waste activated sludge anaerobic digestionB. Ruffino, C. Roati, D. Novarino, G. Scibilia, E. Lorenzi, G. Genon, M.C. Zanettiactivated sludge, anaerobic digestion, low-temperature thermal pretreatment, disintegration rate
B03 - Leachate Transport and HydrologyApplicability of water balance models for predicting leachate production in sanitary landfillsS. Pantini, F. Lombardi, I. Verginellilandfill modeling, water balance, leachate, waste, HELP
H04 - Gestione del percolatoApplicabilità dei modelli previsionali basati sul bilancio idrologico per la stima del percolato prodotto in discaricaS. Pantini, F. Lombardi, I. Verginellimodellazione della discarica, bilancio idrologico, percolato, rifiuti, HELP
PG - Landfilling GeneralApplication of the hydrologic evaluation of leachate production model to an aftercare landfillI. Pecorini, A. Corti, R. Meonileachate, aftercare, landfill, model
B16 - Feasibility of Landfill MiningLandfill mining – A contribution to conservation of natural resources?K. MÜNNICH, K. FRICKE, S. WANKA AND A. ZEINERlandfill mining, resource potential, waste analyses, recycling, sustainability
C03 - Regulatory Aspects in Waste and Landfill ManagementSolid waste price regulation in Portugal, present and futureA. Cunha, L. Pereira, E. Proençamanagement waste sector, economic regulation model, tariffs, price regulation, efficiency
B08 - Fate of Contaminants in LeachateRemaining potential environmental effects of emerging organic contaminants in landfill leachate treatment effluentsM. Van Praagh, N. Torneman, P. Haglund, M. Bjarke, P. Hallgrenleachate, organic contaminants, gas chromatography, leachate treatment
PE - Construction and Demolition WasteComputational system for construction waste managementA. Nagalli, P.L. Nazário, F.C.F. Da Silva, A.P.V. De Castrodatabase, construction waste, demolition waste, program
C09 - Leaching Test Methods and PerformanceModelling of pollutants mobility in column leaching tests for stabilised metallic waste: comparison of two proposed modelsG. Ruiz, B. Ruiz-Labrador, A. Coz, L. Ulloa, R. Alonso-Santurde, A. Andrésstabilisation, granular material, column leaching test, field-scale, kinetic modelling
D08 - Estimating Biogas Emissions from Landfill SurfacesMethodology to estimate methane surface emission in a landfill siteN. Allam, M. Verriele, K. Chaillou, A. Rospars, M. Batton Hubert, N. Locoge, L. Le Coqbiogas, surface emission, methane, landfill sites
A07 - MBT: Material and Energy Recovery (I)Mechanically sorted MSW organic fraction: evaluation of the recovery optionsA. Cesaro, L. Russo, V. Belgiornobiological stability, MBT, organic waste, respirometric index, regulation
H10 - Urban Mining (II)Valutazione delle opzioni di recupero della frazione organica dei rifiuti solidi urbaniA. Cesaro, L. Russo, V. Belgiornoindice respirometrico, normativa, rifiuto organico, selezione meccanica, stabilità biologica
A10 - Secondary Recovered FuelA techno-economic analysis of fluidized bed gasification of a secondary recovered fuelU. Arena, F. Di Gregorio, G. De Troia, A. Saponarosecondary recovered fuel, waste-to-energy, gasification, fluidization, mild combustion
H03 - Trattamento termicoAnalisi tecnico-economica di un impianto di gassificazione a letto fluido alimentato con combustibile solido secondarioU. Arena, F. Di Gregorio, G. De Troia, A. Saponarocombustibile solido secondario, waste-to-energy, gassificazione, fluidizzazione, combustione Mild
C11 - Thermal ConversionPerformance analysis of RDF gasification in a two stage fluid bed-plasma processM. Materazzi, P. Lettieri, R. Taylor, C. Chapmangasification, fluidized bed, plasma, waste-to-energy
F08 - Workshop: Flue GasNOx reduction and increased energy recovery in WTE plantsS. Andersson, P. LindgrenWtE, energy recovery, NOx reduction, flue gas condensation
PC - Biological TreatmentEnvironmental comparison of different technical possibilities for biogas useL. Lombardi, E. Carnevale, G. Scarselli, L. Zanchibiogas, internal combustion engine, fuel cell, biomethane, life cycle assessment
C02 - Waste Management in Developing Countries: National StrategiesEstimating the relationship between socioeconomic determinants and solid waste production for the simulation of waste production patterns: the Guayaquil, Ecuador case studyG. Villa Cox, R. Villa Cox, J.C. Pindo, D. Matamoroswaste management, spatial autoregresion, Spatial Durbin Model, Guayaquil, GIS
A07 - MBT: Material and Energy Recovery (I)Increasing recyclables and energy production and compost or stabilate quality from mixed solid wasteJ.-L. Martel, P. Baudouin, K. Ciara, O. Greze, M. Fontana Giusti, M. Rouez, M.R. Stammbachmunicipal solid waste, mechanical biological treatment, recyclables, biogas, compost quality, stabilate quality
E03 - Waste Management Strategies (I)Waste management patterns in the People’s Republic of China – informal dynamics and formal countermeasures within the circular economy contextB. Steuer, R. Linzner, S. Salhoferurban waste management, informal economy, China, circular economy, institutions
E01 - Biomass to EnergyHydrothermal carbonization of food waste for energy source recoveryL. Li, J.R.V. Flora, N.D. Bergehydrothermal carbonization, food waste, packaging materials, regression
PE - Construction and Demolition WasteAnalysis of correlation between works characteristics and construction waste generationA. Nagalli, A.C. Bertol, A. Raffler, J.P. Dos Santoswaste management, C&D waste, construction, demolition
G02 - Workshop: Waste PreventionDevelopment and demonstration of a web-based waste prevention tool for local authoritiesK. Lasaridi, O. Hatzi, K. Abeliotis, C. Chroni, N. Kalogeropoulos, C. Chatzieleftheriou, N. Gargoulas, A. Mavropoulos, A.A. Zorpas, , M. Nikolaidou, D. AnagnostopoulosWASP-tool, waste prevention, decision-support tool
C14 - WEEE: Treatment and RecyclingObsolete printed circuit boards characterization: notebook motherboard and its size fractionsD. Massucatto, J.A.S. Tenório, D.C.R. Espinosaelectronic waste, printed circuit board characterization
C11 - Thermal ConversionTransportions fuel production by combination of LDPE thermal cracking and catalytic hydroreformingJ.M. Escola, J. Aguado, D.P. Serrano, L. Brioneshydroreforming, Ni-supported catalyst, hierarchical beta zeolite, fuel production, LDPE thermal cracking
F10 - Workshop: Waste Management in Developing Countries - The Role of the Informal SectorInformal sector activities in waste management – a parallel world or worth integrating?R. Linzner, S. Salhofer, M. Aliinformal sector, developing countries, planning, inclusivity, formalisation
D16 - Persistent Leachate ContaminantsInfluences of sanitary landfill on groundwater under the complex hydrogeological conditionsM. Brenčič, H. Šket Ivanuša, A. Torkar, P. Vrečagroundwater, monitoring, stable isotopes, tritium
A12 - Construction and Demolition Waste: Recycling StrategiesChallenges in CDW recovering in an island region – The case of SardiniaG. Balletto, L. Francesconi, C. Furcas, G. Mei, S. Naitza, L. Pani, N. Trulliaggregates, concrete, construction & demolition waste, recycling
H09 - Urban Mining (I)Il recupero dei CDW in una regione insulare – Il caso della SardegnaG. Balletto, L. Francesconi, C. Furcas, G. Mei, S. Naitza, L. Pani, N. Trullicalcestruzzo, inerti, riciclaggio, rifiuti da costruzione e demolizione
A04 - Anaerobic Digestion: Organic Wastes from Different Sources (I)Anaerobic and aerobic processing of olive industry waste to generate biogas and compostM.T. Varnero, J. Suárez, K. Galleguillosbiogas, anaerobic digestion, digestate, composting, aerobic degradation
G03 - Workshop: Re-Use of Waste MaterialsEnvironmental advantage of re-use – LCA case studiesA. Pertl, G. Obersteiner, S. Scherhaufer, E. SchmiedLCA, waste prevention, re-use, reuse, environmental impact
C07 - Waste Management in Developing Countries: Special WasteDiagnosis of waste generation of vessels in the port of Rio de Janeiro – BrazilR.C. Barreto, C.N. Gobbi, M.A.V. Freitas, M.C. Dutrawaste generation, vessels, recyclable waste, Rio de Janeiro port, Brazil
A12 - Construction and Demolition Waste: Recycling StrategiesDemolition waste to rebuild the city on itself in Lyon – FranceL. Mongearddemolition, inert waste, rubble, secondary raw materials, urban recycling, urban regeneration
A09 - Waste to EnergyExergy losses of resource recovery from a waste-to-energy plantD. Vyzinkarova, D. Laner, T.F. Astrupwaste-to-energy, metal recovery, exergy analysis, quality
PG - General LandfillingCharacteristics of landed material from an abandoned waste dump in BrazilM. Shinzato, L. Martins, V. Schalch, E. Wendlandlandfill, immobile leachate, old leachate, contaminated site, waste management
B02 - Landfilling of Pretreated WasteGrey box modeling of MSW degradation: revealing its dominant (bio)chemical mechanismA.G. Van Turnhout, T.J. Heimovaara, R. Kleerebezembiodegradation, numerical modelling, gray box, municipal solid waste, dominant processes
PF - Industrial WastesValorisation of the saline slags generated at secondary aluminium melting processes for removal of heavy metal ions from aqueous solutionsA. Gil, S. Albeniz, S.A. Korilisaline slags, secondary aluminium, industrial wastes, heavy metal cations adsorption
A13 - Bottom Ash Analysis EvaluationLeaching behaviour of waste thermal treatment bottom ash as a function of material properties and environmental conditionsM. Di Gianfilippo, G. Costa, F. Lombardi, R. Gavascibottom ash, refuse derived fuel, leaching behaviour, pH, L/S ratio
D06 - Effects of Moisture on LandfillsElectrical resistivity compared to moisture content and temperature at bioreactor landfill scaleS. Moreau, J. Grossin-Debattista, S. Loisel, R. Clementbioreactor, electrical resistivity tomography, temperature, moisture content, in situ survey
E12 - Anaerobic Digestion: Modeling and AssessmentDevelopment of a biogas planning tool for project ownersA.M. Fredenslund, T. Kjæranaerobic digestion, economical assessment, decision tool, environmental assessment
G03 - Workshop: Re-Use of Waste MaterialsRe-use in practise – A challenge within legal aspectsE. Schmied, R. Linzner, G. Obersteinerre-use, legalisation
D09 - Landfill Liner MaterialsBack-calculation of stability in a catastrophic landslide on Bumba hill in BrazilM.I. Miranda Neto, C.F. MahlerBumba Hill, back-calculation of stability, catastrophic landslide, municipal solid waste geotechnical parameters
B16 - Feasibility of Landfill MiningClosing the life cycle of landfills – Landfill mining in the Baltic Sea Region for futureA. Bhatnagar, F. Kaczala, M. Kriipsalu, M. Hogland, W. Hoglandlandfill mining, resource recovery, waste characterization, RDF, metals
PH - Landfilling EmissionsPerformance of field-scale biofilter for selected VOCs removal from landfill gasM. Zdeb, M. Pawłowskalandfill, BTEXs, p-cymene, field-scale biofilter
PH - Landfilling EmissionsEvaluation of microbial diversity in a bed of field-scale landfill gas biofilterM. Pawłowska, M. Zdeb, E. Staszewskabiofiltration, landfill gas, microorganisms number, identification
PH - Landfilling EmissionsChemical composition and toxicity of sanitary landfill leachate to subside the operation of treatment processD.M. Bila, C.M.M. Pereira, J.A. Ferreira, C.F. Mannarinoleachate landfill, toxicity, Danio rerio and Vibrio fischeri
C13 - WEEE: Re-Use Networking and Material Flow AnalysisEnvironmental effects of a reuse network for electronic appliancesG. Obersteiner, S. Scherhaufer. A. Pertlre-use, LCA
F10 - Workshop: Waste Management in Developing Countries - The Role of the Informal SectorThe informal sector in waste management – An international comparisonG. Obersteiner, A. Schwarzfischer, R. Linzerinformal waste collection, international comparison
D07 - Methane Oxidation: Landfill Biocovers Materials and DesignEvaluation of phytocaps as biotic systems to mitigate landfill methane emissionsJ. Sun, S. Yuen, J. Bogner, D. Chen, M. Asadiphytocaps, oxidation, methane emissions, landfill cover, plant
D01 - Landfilling in Developing CountriesMonitoring of anaerobic digestion in MSW landfills in TunisiaF. Mhiri, S. Hiligsmann, L. Sayahi, D. Tangour, H. Gamoun, A. Jrad, P. Thonartlandfill, waste management, anaerobic digestion, cellulose, climate
E14 - Anaerobic Digestion: Case StudiesAnaerobic digestion of organic wastes from agro-food activities in TunisiaF. Mhiri, S. Hiligsmann, L. Sayahi, A. Jrad, P. Thonartagro-food, organic waste, anaerobic digestion
B04 - Landfill Liner SystemsNext generation leak location in HDPE liners in landfills and other environmentally sensitive infrastructuresS. Baldauf, E. Geutebrueckhydraulic barrier systems, durability, leak location, best available technology (BAT)
B08 - Fate of Contaminants in LeachateNon-degradable COD in landfill leachate – A review: occurrence, chemical characteristics, environmental properties and treatmentK. Knox, A. Goddardlandfill, leachate, COD, non-degradable COD, properties, treatment
D10 - Landfill Covers and DrainageConstruction of a large-scale experimental cell to obtain hydro-geomechanical parameters of MSW of the city of Campinas, BrazilJ.C.B. Benatti, J.L. Paixão Filho, M.A.G. Leme, M.G. Miguelexperimental sanitary landfill, municipal solid waste, hydro-geomechanical parameters
C06 - Waste Management in Developing Countries: Case Studies at Local LevelUse of ishikawa diagram as management tool of municipal solid waste management in developing countries. Case study from Port-au-Prince (Haiti)A. Bras, E. Emmanuel, C. Berdier, M. Zimmermannsolid waste, management, Ishikawa diagram, Haiti, developing countries
D01 - Landfilling in Developing CountriesEvaluation of biogas emission through the final cover layer of the waste treatment center of Nova Iguaçu and dump of Seropédica, Rio de Janeiro analysesA.C.E. Oliveira, E. Ritter, C. Mannarino. P. Constantinosoil cover, biogas, methane
PB - Collection and RecyclingDevelopment of nanofillers based on modified clay materials for polymer nanocompositesS. Albeniz, M.A. Vicente, R. Trujillano, S.A. Korili, A. Gilsaponite, organoclay, surfactant, polymer nanofillers
PA - Waste Management StrategiesInteractive web database application as a support tool for developing waste management strategies: case study of SerbiaB. Batinic, N. Stanisavljevic, D. Ubavin, G. Vujicinteractive database, developing countries, Serbia
PE - Construction and Demolition WasteThe use of construction and demolition waste in Portugal: most common practicesP.L. Cortes, J.A. Paschoalin Filho, A.G. Diasconstruction and demolition waste, construction industry, CDW, C&D waste, recycling projects
D12 - Landfilling: Contamination and RemediationEffects of waste disposal sites on groundwater quality in Urban Kano, NigeriaA.F. Ali, R.J. Youngsolid waste, leachate, groundwater, contamination, physico-chemical analyses
A16 - GHG Control in Waste ManagementIntroduction of a carbon price on landfill gas emissions in AustraliaS. Dever, M. Welshcarbon price, landfill gas emissions
G11 - Workshop: Household Waste Management Market: Public or Private?The privatisation of the household waste market in Ireland – can the market deliver?W. Phelanhousehold waste market, privatization, Ireland
A02 - Life Cycle Assessment in Waste ManagementA critical review of life cycle assessment applied to solid waste management systemsA. Laurent, J. Clavreul, I. Bakas, A. Bernstad, M. Niero, E. Gentil, M.Z. Hauschild, T.H. ChristensenLCA methodology, environmental impact assessment, sustainability, waste hierarchy, case studies
C08 - PackagingImpacts of biopolymer packaging materials on waste management in AustriaG. Kreindlbiopolymer, waste management, biodegradability
E16 - Bottom Ashes from Different WastesUse of neem leaf ash as a cement alternative in concrete productionB. Mohammed, C.O. Ezimah, B.A. Umdagasneem leaf ash, utilisation, cement replacement, concrete production
PC - Biological TreatmentCharacterization of organic wastes from restaurants to produce methane in a small scale anaerobic digestorW.R. Villatoro-Monzon, A.C. Martinez-Aguilar, A. Morales-Medina, C. Apipilhuasco, N.P. Mejia-Rodriguez , C. Mojicafood waste, anaerobic fermentation, biogas
D03 - Landfill Gas: EmissionsAssessment of fugitive landfill gas emissions rates in AustraliaS. Dever, M. Welsh, M. Hunstone, R. Stuetzlandfill, methane, emissions
B06 - Landfill Gas ProductionUsing the Philippine LFG model to design a landfill gas recovery systemH. Sfeir, S. Batiste, D. Reinhartunlined landfill, landfill gas potential, Philippine model, economic feasibility
PI - Environmental ContaminationRemediation and waste management at a former shotgun range in Narrabeen, AustraliaJ.M. Nash, L. Rockettshotgun range, pellets, targets, polycyclic, lead, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, contamination, surface water quality, maintenance of remediation, reed bed (wetland) filtration
D04 - Landfill Gas: Case StudiesGround gas risks from closed landfills in Australia – Recent developments in guidance and regulationJ.M. Nash, M.J. Thomlandfill gas, mitigation measures, post closure, development risks, buffer zones, guidelines
D02 - Landfill PlanningChanges in design approach and their impact on landfills in Sydney, AustraliaM. J. Thom, J.M. Nashliner, groundwater, ammonia, landfill guidelines
E09 - Composting of Special OrganicsEnvironmentally sustainable strategy in the Colombian Caribbean Region: taking advantage of using Pleurotus tree pruning as accelerator of compost process for quality and economic balanceA. Medina, A. Garcia, M. Delcastillo, N. Rosalesbioabono, pleurotus, compost, podas de árboles
PD - Thermal TreatmentStudy on the drying and volume reduction for sewage sludge using microwave and heating materialJ.-W. Kang, Y.-W. Jeon, D.-H. Leesewage sludge, drying, volume reduction, microwave, heating material
E04 - Waste Management Strategies (II)The need for a new approach to landfill financing and aftercareR.P. Beaven, K. Knox, J.R. Gronowlandfill aftercare, financial provisions, sustainability, landfill tax, policy
PF - Industrial WastesUsing rock phosphate as phosphatic fertilizer after its combined application with municipal solid waste and solublizing bacteriaS. Dar, M. Saif, S. NaeemMSWC, rock phosphate, nutrients uptake and yield
A11 - WEEE: Quantification and Recovery of Rare ElementsQuantification of critical metals in WEEEV.S. Rotter, M. Ueberschaar, S. HeinrichWaste Electric and Electronic Equipment, critical metals, analytical methods
C10 - Special Recycling OptionsCharacterisation and potential determination of organic MSW fractions from private households for a gis-based bioresource inventoryH. Adwiraah, S. Schober, S. Oldenburg, R. Stegmannbioresources, remote sensing, supervised classification, geographic information system
C08 - PackagingDevelopment of a testprogram and evaluation of biodegradable plastic coated paper bags for the collection of biowaste – Laboratory and fullscale testsT. Voss, M. Hoeft, K. Kuchtabiodegradability, plastic coated paper bags, biowaste collection
C05 - Waste Management in Developing Countries: Waste to EnergyModelling biogas production potential on the basis temperature regime in ChileP. Santibáñez, M.T. Varnero, C. Caroca, F. Santibáñezbiogas, potential biogas, thermal potential, soils thermal regime, bioclimatic areas
C15 - Construction and Demolition Waste: Properties of Recycled AggregatesGeogrid mechanical damages due to recycled construction and demolition wastesF.A.S. Barbosa, E.C.G Santosconstruction and demolition waste, geogrid, mechanical damages, sustainable development
PH - Landfilling EmissionsBacteriological characterization of household solid waste from Rio de Janeiro city, BrazilJ.C. Campos, B.R. Quintaes, M.A.G. Hinojosa, A.F. Lourenço, A.L.F.M. Conde, A.F.N. Magalhãeswaste solid, microbiology, Rio de Janeiro Municipality
PG - Landfilling GeneralField investigation on stabilizing waste in closed system disposal facilities in JapanK. Ishii, H. Wakabayashi, S. Shoji, T. Furuichi, M. Hanashimawaste stabilization, continuous monitoring, TOC, Cl-, waste temperature
PD - Thermal TreatmentProposal of production and storage methods for solid fuels made from rice straw contaminated with radioactive cesium caused by the Fukushima nuclear power plant accidentK. Ishii, T. Furuichi, S. Moririce straw contaminated with radioactive storage, rice straw pellets, storage, energy recovery, closed system disposal facilities
C09 - Leaching Test Methods and PerformanceConditions affecting the applicability of the percolation leaching test in waste managementO. Hjelmar, A. Van Zomeren, M. Wahlström, J. Hykscolumn leaching test, local equilibrium, particle size, flow rate
E15 - Latest on Hazard Property ClassificationHazard property classification of high temperature waste materialsO. Hjelmar, H.A. Van Der Sloot, A. Van Zomerenhazardous waste, classification, incinerator bottom ash, tiered approach
B11 - Long-Term Emissions from LandfillsWhen is the after-care period over for a landfill?O. Hjelmar, H.J. Henriksen, J. Aabling, J.G. Hansenlandfill, leachate, aftercare duration, environmental impact assessment
C10 - Special Recycling OptionsInvestigation of scrap-metal collected at municipal recycling stations in DenmarkJ. Hyks, C. Pettersen, J.B. Hansen, O. Hjelmarrecycling stations, resources, hazardous waste, metals, waste minimisation
E01 - Biomass to EnergySlow pyrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass waste : temperature and nature of the heat transfer gas effectsL.-G. Ndiaye, A. Khelfa, A. Bensakhriapyrolysis, biomass, specific surface area, coke, heat
A13 - Bottom Ash Analysis EvaluationLeaching quality from fresh bottom ashes derived from three different WTE technologiesB. Bergfeldtbottom ashes, waste-to-nergy technologies, leaching behaviour
C02 - Waste Management in Developing Countries: National StrategiesAn integrated waste management plan: the challenge of implementation and management – A South African perspectiveN.M. Mannie, K. Pretoriusintegrated, waste plan, implemented, management
F01 - Workshop: Disaster WasteDisposal of disaster waste generated by the great East Japan earthquake and preparation for future disastersK. Manabe, S. Iwashita, T. Komiyathe great east Japan earthquake, disaster waste disposal, recycling rate, disaster waste disposal simulation, preparation for future disasters
D05 - Biogas Treatment and CharacterizationAnalysis of variation of concentration and methane gas flow in sanitary landfill in BrazilM.C.A.A. Castro, S. Antonio, W.C. Leite, V. Schalchsanitary landfill, production methane, landfill gas, landfill Brazil
C04 - Waste Management in Developing Countries: RecyclingRecycling cooperatives addressing climate change challenges: a case study from BrazilJ. Gutberletsolid waste, resource recovery, organized recycling, climate change mitigation
D11 - Performance of Landfill BiocoversLandfill gas treatment by active biofiltration: feedback from biofilter pilot trials on three French landfillsM. Ducrocq, A. Åkerman, C. Horlaville, L. Riquierlandfill gas, biofilter, methane, oxidation, aftercare
B03 - Leachate Transport and HydrologyProvisional analysis of the effect of compression on transport in degrading municipal solid wasteN.D. Woodman, T.C. Rees-White, A.M. Stringfellow, R.P. Beaven, A.P. Hudsoncompression, MSW, transport, tracer, lithium, deuterium
B10 - Methane Oxidation in Biocovers: Case StudiesAssessment of the efficiency of a methane oxidation biocover test fieldC. Geck, J. Gebert, I.U. Röwer, H. Scharff, E.-M. Pfeiffermethane oxidation, performance of methane oxidation systems, emission measurement and modelling
C03 - Regulatory Aspects in Waste and Landfill ManagementNew Dutch legislation to allow research of natural biodegradation at landfillsW.J. Kattenberg, H.A. van der Sloot, T. Heimovaarasustainable landfill management, natural biodegradation, irrigation, aeration, reduction emission potential, after-care, legislation, emission test value, conceptual model
E03 - Waste Management Strategies (I)Deposition of pet animals as waste by means of incineration in Japan: an approach to an environmentally friendly society from the viewpoint of animal ethicsR. Kikuchianimal rights, asphyxiation, incineration, pet deposition, waste management
C07 - Waste Management in Developing Countries: Special WasteIdentification of global indicators for risk, health, safety and environment management in platforms E & P – Case study of Brazilian industryA.G. Almeida, M.A.G. Figueiredoglobal indicators, risk, platform E&P, management
D07 - Methane Oxidation: Landfill Biocovers Materials and DesignMicrobial oxidation of landfill methane in optimised soil biocovers: competition of respiration and methane oxidation for oxygen availabilityI.U. Röwer, J. Gebert, E.M. Pfeiffermethane oxidation, soil respiration, stable isotopes, biocover
C05 - Waste Management in Developing Countries: Waste to EnergyAnalysis of municipal solid waste to energy alternatives in Egypt: a methodological noteA. Gaber, A.O. Eltayeb, M. Alywaste-to-energy, solid waste, policy, decision-making
D11 - Performance of Landfill BiocoversMethane capture rates at UK landfillsM. Bourn, D. Browellmethane emissions, landfill gas, methane capture rates
D12 - Landfilling: Contamination and RemediationReflections about the environmental investigation at São Paulo StateF.J.P. De Oliveira, B.A. Gouvêa, T.S.M.M. Kamijienvironmental investigation, sanitary landfills, São Paulo
H08 - Workshop: Rifiuti industrialiGestione dei rifiuti speciali in Regione Lombardia, un focus sulla domanda e offerta di impianti di smaltimento e recuperoA. Cozzi, C. Fabbri, G. Gallina, P. Zerbinati, M. Giavinirifiuti speciali, recupero, smaltimento, gerarchia, discarica
F13 - Workshop: Odours and Emissions Control in CompostingPilot use of treated poultry dejections in leather tanning: odour aspectsA. Dall’Ara, L. Billi, D. Panniello, M.T. La Peruta, S. Sangiorgi, A. Cepparonepoultry dejections, bating, odour, tanning, industrial symbiosis
C02 - Waste Management in Developing Countries: National StrategiesPublic policy applied to MSW: an analysis of waste policy in Brazil and the influence of international policyD.G.G.A. Lima, A.L.B. Firmo, M.O.H. Mariano, J.F.T. Jucá, J.D. Limamunicipal solid waste, waste management, public policies, instruments of waste management
B03 - Leachate Transport and HydrologyCurrent state and future prospects of the hydrologic evaluation of landfill performance (HELP) model for simulating the water balance of landfill liner systemsK. Bergerlandfill, liner systems, final covers, water balance, HELP model, validation
C10 - Special Recycling OptionsInkocycle: energy recovery and feedstock recycling from incontinence wasteJ. Heynemann, S. Herbert, T. Luthardt-Behle, H. Weigand, U. Theilenincontinence waste, anaerobic digestion, diaper, superabsorbing polymer (SAP)
A08 - MBT: Material and Energy Recovery (II)Biogas yields from food waste subject to different mechanical pre-treatmentsP. Rusconi Clerici, A. Paraboschi, I. Frenzel, E. Ferchau, S. Wesolowski, D. Trimisbiogas, food waste, waste mechanical pre-treatment, food waste disposer
H05 - Scarti alimentariProduzione di biogas da rifiuto alimentare sottoposto a differenti pre-trattamenti meccaniciP. Rusconi Clerici, A. Paraboschi, I. Frenzel, E. Ferchau, S. Wesolowski, D. Trimisbiogas, rifiuto alimentare, pre-trattamento meccanico, dissipatore di rifiuto alimentare
D08 - Estimating Biogas Emissions from Landfill SurfacesThe flux-meter: implementation of a portable integrated instrumentation for the measurement of CO2 and CH4 diffuse flux from landfill soil coverE. Giovenali, L. Coppo, G. Virgili, D. Continanza, I. Minardi, B. Racolandfill gas, accumulation chamber, methane emission, municipal solid waste
H12 - Ossidazione del metano nelle copertureIl flussimetro: strumentazione portabile integrata per la misura di flussi diffusi di CO2 e CH4 da coperture di discaricheE. Giovenali, L. Coppo, G. Virgili, D. Continanza, I. Minardi, B. Racobiogas da discarica, camera di accumulo, emissioni di metano, rifiuti solidi urbani
C07 - Waste Management in Developing Countries: Special WasteA survey of waste produced at gas stations in Dammam City, Saudi ArabiaB. Tawabini, A. Al-Qahtanisolid waste, liquid waste, gas stations, waste management, survey
C03 - Regulatory Aspects in Waste and Landfill ManagementEU guidelines and tools to promote resource efficiency through end of waste regulationD. Bradford, R. Hoare, M. Van Nieuwenhovenend of waste, by-products, resource efficiency, EQual
E03 - Waste Management Strategies (I)Cooperative governance of integrated solid waste management from a complex system perspectiveK. Lee, S. Matsuokaintegrated solid waste management, cooperative governance, complex system
A01 - Waste Management Policies and StrategiesIntegrated resource management and recovery (IRMAR): a new Danish initiativeT.F. Astrup, C. Scheutz, A. Damgaard, A. Boldrin, J.T. Rørbech, D. Vyzinkarova, M. Klinglmair, M.E. Edjabou, R. Götze, E. Allegrini, K. Pivnenkoresource recovery, resource quality, integrated life cycle assessment, EASETECH
PI - Environmental ContaminationMetal loads or metal concentrations as the basis for risk assessment of a polluted site – A case studyB. Allard, S. Karlsson, V. Sjöbergmetal adsorption, metal mobility, metal speciation, distribution coefficients
G14 - Workshop: Quality of Paper for RecyclingEstimation of 14C/12C ratio in waste paper by substance flow analysisY. Hirai, J. Seta, Y. Fujimoto, S. Sakaibiomass fraction, waste paper, carbon, SFA
C15 - Construction and Demolition Waste: Properties of Recycled AggregatesInfluence of pre-soaked of recycled coarse aggregates on properties of non-structural concreteZ. Sánchez-Roldán, M. Martín-Morales, I. Valverde-Palacios, M. Zamoranocoarse recycled aggregate, concrete, pre-soak, compressive strength, water absorption
PE - Construction and Demolition WasteStudy on the influence of moisture state in recycled fine aggregate on the properties of masonry mortarsG.M. Cuenca-Moyano, M. Martín-Morales, I. Valverde-Palacios, M. Zamoranoconstruction and demolition waste, recycled aggregates, mortars, pre-soaked, compressive strength
E12 - Anaerobic Digestion: Modeling and AssessmentAd-Sim, an anaerobic digestion software tool for design and operationR. Gregory, F. Coulonanaerobic digestion, modelling, software, testing, validation
G01 - Workshop: Waste Wood ManagementAn investigation of quantity and quality of runoff from wood mulch stockpilesU. Krogmann, D. Gimenez, R. Miskewitz, S. Kannepalli, V. Subroy, P.F. Stromwoodchip stockpiles, runoff, leachate, BOD, hydraulic conductivity
D01 - Landfilling in Developing CountriesLandfill or dump site – Status of landfill sites in the Free State Province, South AfricaH. Robertslandfill sites, waste disposal, recycling, waste handling strategies, dump sites
C15 - Construction and Demolition Waste: Properties of Recycled AggregatesLife cycle assessment of road pavement base and foundation courses containing reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP)E. Santagata, G.A. Blengini, A. Farina, M.C. Zanetti, G. Chiappinellilife cycle assessment, pavements, reclaimed asphalt pavement
A05 - Composting: Innovative Management PracticesCommunity composting at ENEA Casaccia Research Centre: the Astro ProjectM. Canditelli, L. Cafiero, N. Faustini, M. Gravagno, F. Musmeci, G. Pescheta, R. Tuffilocal composting, in vessel composting, community composting, biowaste, waste prevention
H07 - Compostaggio e digestione anaerobicaIl compostaggio di comunità presso il centro ricerche ENEA Casaccia: il progetto ASTROM. Canditelli, L. Cafiero, N. Faustini, M. Gravagno, F. Musmeci, G. Pescheta, R. Tufficompostaggio locale, compostaggio di comunità, compostaggio "in situ", compostaggio di prossimità
D02 - Landfill PlanningThe importance and value of good landfill planningA. Roberts, A. Horlyck, C. Ng, S. Deverlandfill, planning, operation, airspace
PH - Landfilling EmissionsThe transition in treatment methods and the latest treatment technology for landfill leachate in JapanS. Matsumoto, Y. Shiozawa, M. Kita, Y. Ueda, T. Furuichiremoval of dioxins, demineralization, transition of treatment methods, incineration residues
D08 - Estimating Biogas Emissions from Landfill SurfacesMethanotrophic properties of selected soils and waste materials likely to be used for reduction of methane emission from landfillsW. Stepniewski, M. Brzezinska, T. Włodarczyk, Z. Stepniewska, M. Pawłowskamethane oxidation, soils, coal mine waste, landfill
PG - General LandfillingThe history of landfill system technology in JapanM. Kawaguchi, M. Ura, K. Ishii, T. Furuichisemi-aerobic land fill, closed system landfill, functions of landfills, ecological landfill, hybrid type landfill
PA - Waste Management StrategiesChallenges of developing decision-support tools based on life cycle assessment (LCA) for the biopharmaceutical industryS. Ramasamy, N. Titchener-Hooker, P. Lettieribiopharmaceutical industry, decision-support tools, life cycle assessment
D11 - Performance of Landfill BiocoversSpatial & temporal methane emission trends at a former municipal landfill in the greater Toronto area, Toronto, CanadaA. Lahsaee, M. Jadeja, R. Emersonmethane emissions, temporal changes, spatial changes, climate change, landfill gas
D15 - Landfill MiningWaste: a resource of material and energy – The first implementation case of BEST® processing systemM. Condorelli, G. Moro, L. Nettuno, P. Simoneinnovative waste treatment, bioreactor, landfill mining, leachate recirculation, accelerated biodegradation
H06 - Concetti innovativi di discaricaIL RIFIUTO: UNA RISORSA DI MATERIA ED ENERGIA IL PRIMO CASO APPLICATIVO DEL SISTEMA DI TRATTAMENTO BEST®M. Condorelli, G. Moro, L. Nettuno, P. Simonetrattamento rifiuti innovativo, bioreattore, landfill mining, ricircolo del percolato, biodegradazione accelerata
A07 - MBT: Material and Energy Recovery (I)Biomass densification as feedstock preparation for renewable energy systemsG.M. Savage, L.F. Marmolejo, M.A. Gandini, L.F. Diazenergy, densification, processing, fuel, thermal
D13 - Biological Treatment of LeachateAerobic biological treatability studies on landfill leachate, with full nitrification and denitrificationT. Robinsonlandfill leachate, aerobic biological treatability, nitrification-denitrification
D10 - Landfill Covers and DrainageGas permeability of MBT material as related to emplacement density and volumetric gas contentK. Münnich, K. FrickeMBT material, gas permeability, preferential flow, water saturation
PC - Biological TreatmentACWA – algae cultivation for simultaneous water treatment and biogas substrate productionE. Nehrenheim, M. Odlare, I. Krustok, J. Olsson, V. Ribé, M.A. Shabiimam, J.G. Diaz, E. Nordlanderbiomass, anaerobic digestion, biomethane potential, nutrient recovery, wastewater treatment
E11 - Anaerobic Digestion: Organic Wastes from Different Sources (II)Batch and semi-continuous hydrogen and methane production from food wasteG. Cappai, G. De Gioannis, M. Friargiu, E. Massi, A. Muntoni, A. Polettini, R. Pomi, D. Spigafood waste, fermentative hydrogen production, methane production, semi-continuous
H05 - Scarti alimentariTest in batch e in semi-continuo per la produzione di idrogeno e metano da rifiuti alimentariG. Cappai, G. De Gioannis, M. Friargiu, E. Massi, A. Muntoni, A. Polettini, R. Pomi, D. Spigarifiuti organici, produzione fermentative di idrogeno, produzione di metano, test in semicontinuo
E06 - Waste GasificationA simplified approach for municipal solid waste gasification modellingE. Houshfar, M. Becidan, P. Lundstrøm, A. Grimshawwater-gas-shift, thermodynamics, MSW, gasification, syngas
B10 - Methane Oxidation in Biocovers: Case StudiesMitigation of methane emissions in a pilot-scale biocover system at the Av Miljø landfill, Denmark: quantification of methane oxidationC. Scheutz, B. Skov, F. Cassini, M. Zishen, P. Kjeldsenmethane oxidation, trace gas, compost, pilot scale, surface flux
PE - Construction and Demolition WasteMinimization of hazardous demolition waste from liquidation of chemical plants at the last stage of their life cycleI. Shvetcova, G. Batrakovabuilding waste, environmental hazard, chemical plant, material flow analysis
B09 - Different Aspects of Methane Oxidation: Landfill CoversMitigation of methane emissions in a pilot-scale biocover system at the Av Miljø landfill, Denmark: system design and gas distributionP. Kjeldsen, B. Skov, F. Cassini, M. Zishen, C. Scheutzclimate change, greenhouse gas mitigation, landfill gas, tracer experiment
G15 - IWWG Workshop: Asbestos Waste ManagementAsbestos Waste ManagementE. Gidarakos, K. Anastasiadouasbestos containing materials-ACMs, asbestos management
C06 - Waste Management in Developing Countries: Case Studies at Local LevelChallenges in determining the correct waste disposal solutions for local municipalites. A South African overviewN.M. Mannie, A. Bowerschallenge, disposal, infrastructure, municipalities, planning
B15 - GHG Emissions from LandfillsQuantification of methane emissions from Danish landfillsC. Scheutz, J. Mønster, P. Kjeldsenmethane emission, trace gas, compost, shredder waste, gas collection
C01 - Waste Recycling: Economic and Organizational AspectsMeeting the EU recycling targets by introducing a 2-compartment bin to householdsM.B. Jensen, C. Scheutz, J. Møllerhousehold, waste, source, separation, EU, recycling
B13 - Landfill Aeration: Waste StabilizationApplication of the landfill aeration technology on a French landfill: full-scale experimental pilotT. Wohlhuter, A. Åkerman, T. Gisbert, C. Bloquetlandfill aeration, aerobic stabilisation, in-situ pilot, monitoring
F01 - Workshop: Disaster WasteSimulating and assessing heavy metal release from electric and electronic equipment (EEE) present in a shipwreckJ. Hahladakis, S. Michailakis, E. GidarakosWEEE, heavy metals, simulation reactor
D02 - Landfill PlanningCalculating site-specific emission criteria for sustainable landfills: the Dutch approachJ.J. Dijkstra, A. Van Zomeren, R.N.J. Comans, E. Brand, J.W. Claessenssite-specific emission criteria, geochemical modelling, transport modelling, sustainable landfilling, aftercare
A10 - Secondary Recovered FuelModern waste to energy power plant – Case study of Lomellina Energia revampingD. Alberti, A. Carrara, F. Gasparini, E. Lorena, M. Metelliwaste-to-energy, energy recovery, grate combustor, municipal solid waste, incineration
H03 - Trattamento termicoIl progetto di un moderno termovalorizzatore – Il revamping di Lomellina EnergiaD. Alberti, A. Carrara, F. Gasparini, E. Lorena, M. Metellitermovalorizzazione, recupero di energia, griglia di combustione, RSU
C06 - Waste Management in Developing Countries: Case Studies at Local LevelProblematic of household waste management in the City of Cotonou (Benin, West Africa)L. OdoulamiBenin, Cotonou city, poor waste management, water resources degraded waste management strategies developed
B11 - Long-Term Emissions from LandfillsUse of leachate load calculations to predict the long-term behavior of a mono-landfillD. Sager, S. Heuss-Aßbichler, K. Finsterwaldermono-landfill, MSWI residues, leachate load calculation, emission prognosis, risk assessment
PB - Collection and RecyclingSafety risk, cost and performance of service as criteria of choice in collection and transport systems. An italian districtP. Simeoni, M. Fuccarocollection type, AHP, safety risk, performances
PD - Thermal TreatmentThe effect of a hydraulic barrier on the alteration of incineration bottom ashes: a case studyB. Seelmann, S. Heuss-Aßbichler, D. Sagercolumn test, MSWI-bottom ash, alteration, hydraulic barrier
E01 - Biomass to EnergyManagement of waste-derived woody biomass – Design and construction of a biomass CHP power plant in CremonaD. Alberti, S. Scarano, A. Salognibiomass, cogeneration, ORC, refuse
C12 - WEEE: Life Cycle Assessment and Reversal LogisticsCountermeasures for mercury problems and temporal change of waste battery and fluoroscent lamp in Fukuoka City, JapanS. Suzuki, R. Yanase, A. Tachifuji, Y. Matsufujimercury, dry cell battery, fluorescent lamp, non-combustible waste
B04 - Landfill Liner SystemsNew perspectives in the interface shear strength characterization through the inclined plane testL. Carbone, J.P. Gourc, P. Carrubba, N. Moraci, L. Briançon, P. Pavanellointerface shear strength, inclined plane test, landfill liners stability
E07 - Industrial WasteCharacterisation of grinding slurries as industrial process waste – a method for the identification of valuablesK. Raulf, T. Pretzgrinding slurries, industrial waste, recycling, identification of valuables, methodical approach
E10 - Quality of Biological Treatment OutputsStatic and dynamic aerobic tests for MSW biodegradability appreciation and application to the follow up of different composting strategies applied to Polish MSWM. Rouez, M. Lemunier, M. Allain, J.-L. Martel, O. Oberti, K. Ciaramunicipal solid waste, mechanical biological treatment, recyclables, biogas, compost quality, stabilate quality
B12 - Aftercare Assessment and MonitoringPhysico-chemical and biological assessment of the stability state of landfilled waste in a dump siteT. Chantou, M. Lemunier, J.-L. Martel, M. Straka, O. Oberticharacterization, municipal solid waste, rehabilitation, dumping site
B06 - Landfill Gas ProductionAssessment of LFG potential from landfills: successful application at real-scaleM. Lemunier, T. Chantou, N. Brunel, A. Lalet, X. Lefebvre, S. Pommier, O. Oberticollected LFG, estimation, SIMCET, model, biogas, landfill
D10 - Landfill Covers and DrainageBehaviour of draining geosynthetics for landfill capping systemsM. Riot, D. Cazzuffidrainage, landfill, géocomposite, capping
PH - Landfilling EmissionsOn-site simple leachate treatment in landfill by stirring device eco-fan using natural energyY. Matsufuji, A. Tachifuji, Y. Yoshimurasimple leachate treatment, ECO-FAN, natural energy, Fukuoka Method, TORNADO
D14 - Physical-Chemical Treatment of LeachateThe study of PFASSB on pre-treatment in landfill leachateS.Z. Fang, S.Q. Li, S. He, J. Yao, Y.J. Haolandfill leachate, flocculation, PFASSB, organics
C13 - WEEE: Re-Use Networking and Material Flow AnalysisWaste electrical and electronic equipment and its regulatory challenges in Brazil: opportunities for implementation of WEEE take-back systemsJ.M.A. Mendes, P.F.I. LemosWEEE, regulation, shared liability for product lifecycle, take-back systems, sector agreement
B13 - Landfill Aeration: Waste StabilizationAerobic in situ stabilization of landfill Konstanz Dorfweiher: leachate quality after a three year pilot projectG. Öncü, M. Reiser, M. Kranertaerobic landfill stabilization, leachate quality, aftercare period
A04 - Anaerobic Digestion: Organic Wastes from Different Sources (I)Combined H2 and CH4 production from cheese wheyG. De Gioannis, M. Friargiu, E. Massi, A. Muntoni, A. Polettini, R. Pomi, D. Spigahydrogen production, dark fermentation, cheese whey, methane production, semi-continuous tests
C09 - Leaching Test Methods and PerformanceAbout 2500 days testing time – A comparison of column tests and lysimeter experiments performed with MSWI bottom ashS. Heuss-Aßbichler, D. Sagercolumn, lysimeter, MSWI-residues, bottom ash, leachate, load, hydraulic barrier
E02 - Advanced Sorting Systems in Waste RecyclingRecovery of plastics from municipal solid waste in materials recovery facilitiesM. Jansen, E.U. Thoden Van Velzen, B. Ferreira, T. Pretzplastic recycling, materials recovery facility, municipal solid waste
F02 - IWWG Workshop: Food Waste and Social ImpactsFood waste and social impactsF. Schneider, R. Linzner, S. Salhoferfood waste, food losses, social assessment, s-LCA
A02 - Life Cycle Assessment in Waste ManagementSustainability and solid waste managementS. Thorneloe, O. Kaplan, K. Weitzsustainability, integrated solid waste management, life-cycle Impacts
G14 - Workshop: Quality of Paper for RecyclingPresence of potentially critical substances in waste paperK. Pivnenko, E. Eriksson, T.F. Astruppaper recycling, additives, resource quality, paper waste
B07 - New Developments in Leachate TreatmentAlTox: biomass production using potentially toxic landfill leachates as substrates for algae cultivationV. Ribé, E. Nehrenheim, S. Ameer, I. Krustok, E. Thorinbiomass production, algae cultivation, landfill leachate, nutrient recovery, toxicity
PA - Waste Management StrategiesResult of waste composition analysis in different areas of RussiaY. Kulikova, G. Ilinykh, N. Slyusarwaste composition analysis, municipal solid waste
PG - Landfilling GeneralHarmonization of European and Russian standards for municipal solid waste landfillsY. Zhilinskaya, V. Korotaevmunicipal solid waste, landfill, legislation, European and Russian standards, design of landfill
PD - Thermal TreatmentEffect of temperture, pH and potassium on adsorption of cesium on bottom ashY. Dote, T. Sekito, K. Oyamadacesium, bottom ash, adsorption, distribution coefficient
F07 - IWWG Workshop: Science of Semiaerobic LandfillingScience of semiaerobic landfill – Integration of field monitoring in Asia and model developmentY. Matsufujisemiaerobic landfill, field monitoring, Asia, model development
C09 - Leaching Test Methods and PerformanceThe next generation of leaching tests in the U.S. and EuropeS. Thorneloe, A.C. Garrabrants, D.S. Kosson, G. Helmsleaching, coal combustion residues, mercury, materials management
D09 - Landfill Liner MaterialsHydraulic performance of a land-fill top cover based on steel slagL. Andreas, S. Diener, A. Lagerkvistlandfill top cover, steel slag, lysimetry
PA - Waste Management StrategiesFood futures – Reflections on the engineering theme waste managementS. Kuschsustainable food systems, food waste, engineering perspective, waste management, integrated research
C07 - Waste Management in Developing Countries: Special WasteA deeper look into the inner factors associated to healthcare waste management in Chittagong – The commercial capital of BangladeshM.M. Hossain, O. Alamhealthcare waste, generation, quantity, collection, transport, segregation, disposal and integrated
E11 - Anaerobic Digestion: Organic Wastes from Different Sources (II)Fermentation of residual microalgae biomass in biorefineries – A lab scale investigationJ. Heerenklage, L. Westhof, S. Brandt, N. Wieczorek, K. Kuchtabio refinery, algae, anaerobic, biogas
B09 - Different Aspects of Methane Oxidation: Landfill CoversLimitations to the quantification of methane oxidation using stable isotopesJ. Gebert, J. Streese-Kleeberg, E.-M. Pfeiffermethane oxidation, landfill covers, diffusion, gas push-pull test, quantification methods
B01 - Hybrid Bioreactor LandfillsInfluence of aeration modes on the biostabilization of solid waste in landfills that use the aerobic-anaerobic landfill methodT. Shimaoka, C. Wu, H. Nakayama, T. Komiya, Y. Zhao, X. Chai, Y. Haoaerobic-anaerobic landfill method, aeration modes, leachate characteristics, biostabilization, municipal solid waste
E05 - Thermal Sewage Sludge TreatmentRising of sewage sludge heating value by process integration with waste to energy power plantA. Bianchini, C. Saccaniplant integration, sewage sludge, WtE power plant
F09 - Workshop: Impact of Waste Management on GHG EmissionsCarbon dioxide sequestration by accelerated carbonation of cement kiln dust (CKD)G. Cappai, A. Carucci, G. De Giudici, D. Medas, A. Muntoni, G. Orru, M. Pireddacement wastes, CO2 sequestration, mineral carbonation
H11 - Residui di combustioneSequestro di anidride carbonica mediante carbonatazione accelerata di polveri da cementificioG. Cappai, A. Carucci, G. De Giudici, D. Medas, A. Muntoni, G. Orru, M. Pireddaresidui da cementificio, sequestro della CO2, carbonatazione minerale
AA - Opening SessionWaste problems and our lifestyleH. Takatsukilifestyle, household waste, disposable products, 3R, cartoon
F15 - IWWG Workshop: Landfill AerationProcesses in landfills during aerationM. Ritzkowskilandfills, aeration, processes, heavy metals, database
G13 - IWWG Workshop: Methane OxidationMethane oxidation – Guidelines for practical implementationM. Huber-Humerbiocover, methane oxidation, guideline
G16 - IWWG Workshop: Construction and Demolition WasteConstruction and demolition waste management: challenges and priority interventionsM. Osmaniwaste, construction and demolition, challenges, interventions
C09 - Leaching Test Methods and PerformanceLeachability studies and toxicity assessment of chemical sludge solidified with ordinary portland cement (OPC)H. Patelhazardous waste, solidification, leachability, heavy metals, toxicity
C09 - Leaching Test Methods and PerformanceAssessment of the environmental behaviour of carbonated steel slag: leaching data and geochemical modellingR. Baciocchi, G. Costa, A. Polettini, R. Pomi, A. Stramazzosteelmaking slag, accelerated carbonation, metal leaching, geochemical modelling
E14 - Anaerobic Digestion: Case StudiesA full-scale dry-anaerobic digester for conversion of food wastes from university canteen to biogas and energy recovery: effects of sludge recirculation rate and mixing timeC. Ratanatamskul, T. Saleadfull-scale dry anaerobic digester, university canteen, biogas recovery, sludge recirculation rate, mixing time
PA - Waste Management StrategiesEnvironmental assessment (CO2-equivalents) of waste management in Irkutsk, Siberia: importance of improving landfilling for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissionV. Starostina, A. Damgaard, T.H. ChristensenLCA, greenhouse emissions, landfill technology, Siberia
F04 - Workshop: EU LIFE ProgrammeThe EU LIFE programme: 20 years contributing to waste recycling in EuropeC. De La Pazwaste, plastic, wood, landfilling, glass fibre, funding programme, demonstration, pilot
C05 - Waste Management in Developing Countries: Waste to EnergyDecentralised waste to energy as key strategy for systems integration approach towards energy self-reliant built environment in South AfricaC. Trois, C. Loggia, V. Tramontindecentralised system, waste-to-energy, green infrastructure, energy self-reliant
D01 - Landfilling in Developing CountriesField study on the change of characteristics of municipal solid waste deposited in sanitary landfill lysimeter in BangladeshS.N. Ashraf, S. Ghos, M.S. Islam, M. Alamgirsanitary landfill lysimeter, municipal solid waste, characteristics, decomposition
C02 - Waste Management in Developing Countries: National StrategiesPresent scenario of solid waste management in BangladeshM.A.K. Salim, S.N. Ashraf, M. Alamgirmunicipal solid waste management, city corporation, NGO, CBO, present scenario
PH - Landfilling EmissionsLandfill leachate characterisation: a literature reviewA. Spagni, L. Alibardi, G. Cerminara, G. Gnata, L. Moreale, A. Valdemarcalandfill, leachate, characterisation, organic matter
A02 - Life Cycle Assessment in Waste ManagementWhat is the optimal way for a suburban U.S. city to sustainably manage future solid waste? Perspectives from a solid waste optimization life-cycle framework (SWOLF)J.W. Levis, M.A. Barlaz, J.F. Decarolis, S.R. Ranjithansolid waste, optimization, multi-stage, life-cycle assessment, decision support
D02 - Landfill PlanningHistory of landfilling in Russian FederationV. Korotaev, Y. Kulikova, T. Voronkovalandfill, dump, price of landfilling, logistic scheme
B05 - Biochemical Behaviour of Waste in LandfillsBiomechanical behaviour of MSW: settlements-biodegradation relationship study through experiment and modelingJ. Zordan, J.-P. Gourc, L. Oxarango, M. Conte, P. CarrubbaMSW bioreactor, secondary settlement, mechanical and biochemical process, biodegradation, biogas production
B05 - Biochemical Behaviour of Waste in LandfillsSettlement modelling of the Ca’ Rossa landfill in a post-closure perspectiveS. Colombo, G. Cortellazzo, M. Favaretti, S. Pistolatolandfill, MSW, settlement, clay, consolidation, secondary compression
PG - Landfilling GeneralUse of silt-clay mixtures in MSW landfills cover systemsE. Barbisan, S. Busana, M. Favarettilandfill, mineral barrier, clay, in situ mixing, hydraulic conductivity
A12 - Construction and Demolition Waste: Recycling StrategiesLife cycle assessment of Danish concrete waste recycled in road base applicationsS. Butera, H. Birgisdòttir, T.F. AstrupLCA, C&DW, crushed concrete, leaching, USEtox
PB - Collection and RecyclingUse of milled reclaimed asphalt road pavement in sandcrete productionB. Mohammed, J.A. Mangey, D. Salehmilled reclaimed asphalt road-pavement, solid waste, utilisation, sandcrete production
C12 - WEEE: Life Cycle Assessment and Reversal LogisticsProblem structuring methods as an input to life cycle sustainability assessment: the case of Brazilian WEEE reverse logisticsR.G. Souza, S.P. Salhofer, J. Rosenhead, M.P.E. Lins, R.A.B. Valleproblem structuring methods, strategic options development and analysis, soft systems methodology, life cycle sustainability assessment, waste electric and electronic equipment
PC - Biological TreatmentCompositional analysis of food waste entering the source segregation stream in four European Regions and implications for valorisation via anaerobic digestionY. Zhang, R. Arnold, T. Paavola, F. Vaz, C. Neiva Correia, C. Cavinato, S. Kusch, S. Heavensource-segregated food waste, classification of components, physicochemical analyses, biogas
F06 - Workshop: ELV RecyclingUse of crumb rubber in road paving applications: workers’ health risk assessmentM.C. Zanetti, S. Fiore, B. Ruffino, E. Santagataend of life tyres, crumb rubber, road, gaseous emissions, workers risk assessment
E05 - Thermal Sewage Sludge TreatmentThree products from sewage sludge hydrothermal process under different temperaturesX.Y. Xue, X.M. Dou, X.H. Dai, D.Z. Chen, T.W. Wan, Z.Y. Wangsewage sludge, hydrothermal treatment, three products, heavy metals
E16 - Bottom Ashes from Different WastesLeaching characteristics of chars from five wastes pyrolysis processX.Y. Xue, H. Wang, X.D. Song, G.M. Zhou, D.Z. Chenleaching characteristics, char from sewage sludge, char from MSW, char from paper mill sludge, char from mixed waste plastics
E09 - Composting of Special OrganicsAll-season composting of hunted and road-killed ezo deer carcasses in northernmost JapanS. Shibata, K. Abe, S. Takahashi, T. Takase, M. Iwaya, M. Endo, Y. Kitani, J. Matsudaezo deer, carcass, composting, hunted, road-killed
F14 - IWWG Workshop: Integrated Solid Waste Management in AsiaIntegrated solid waste management in AsiaT. Matsuto, P.J. He, J.Y. KimAsia, status-quo, future research needs, cooperation
PG - Landfilling GeneralAssessment of leachate accumulation in a Italian MSW landfillA.G. Borsetti, S. Colombo, M. Favaretti, R. Ragalandfill, MSW, leachate, well, pumping test
B14 - Landfill Aeration: Case StudiesLandfill stabilization by installing passive landfill gas extraction wells in a closed landfillH. Yoshidapassive aeration, aerobic biodegradation, landfill gas, temperature, stabilization
B12 - Aftercare Assessment and MonitoringTen years of experience with aftercare of the former Stige Island dumpsiteM. Mohraftercare, leachate recovery, surface water collection, infiltration plant
A13 - Bottom Ash Analysis EvaluationScreening analysis of bottom ashes from waste incinerationM. Nilsson, L. Andreas, A. Lagerkvistbottom ash, MSW, XRF, chemical composition, MVDA
B02 - Landfilling of Pretreated WasteRapid digestion of shredded MSW by sequentially flooding and draining small landfill cellsW.P. Clarke, S. Xiedigestion, MSW, landfill cells, trickle flow, flood and drain
D07 - Methane Oxidation: Landfill Biocovers Materials and DesignMethane oxidation activities on graphite granules: effect of biomass concentrationS. Xie, T. Odwier, Y. Shen, S. Freguia, W.P. Clarkemethane oxidation activity, compost, graphite granules, biomass specific methane oxidation rate
G07 - IWWG Workshop: Biological Hydrogen ProductionBiological hydrogen productionA. Muntoni, A. Polettinibiological hydrogen production, biodegradable wastes, anaerobic digestion
PB - Collection and RecyclingUse of formaldehyde, xylenes and glutaraldehyde in health care institutionsK.L. Manfredini, I. Nascimento Filho, V.E. Schneiderchemical waste, management of chemical waste, health care institutions
G12 - IWWG Workshop: Waste Resource and Management in AfricaWaste and resources management in AfricaC. Troissustainability, Africa, waste management, waste to energy, scenario analysis
G05/G06 Workshop: EASETECH - a dedicated waste management LCA-model (I)EASETECH – A dedicated waste management LCA-modelT. Christensen, A. Damgaard, T. F. Astrup, S. ButeraEASETECH, LCA, uncertainty, energy
PG - Landfilling GeneralComprehensive evaluation of the degradation rate of municipal solid waste in landfillsA.-Y. Jiao, Z.-S. Li, M.-J. Xia, Y.-P. Bin, Q. Deng, S.L. Xia, L. Wang, X.X. Wangcomprehensive evaluation, landfill, waste decomposition, degradation rate
C12 - WEEE: Life Cycle Assessment and Reversal LogisticsEvaluating a Brazilian university WEEE generation and operational logisticsT. Panizzon, V.E. Schneider, G.A. ReichertWEEE, medical WEEE, university waste management
F10 - Workshop: Waste Management in Developing Countries - The Role of the Informal SectorThe role of the informal sector in waste management: challenges and opportunities of working with private enterprisesA. Scheinberg, D.C. Wilson, S. García Cortésinformal sector, product stewardship, partnerships, extended producer responsibility
PC - Biological TreatmentPost-treatment of anaerobic digester effluents by simultaneous partial Nitritation, Anammox and Denitrification processM. Langone, G. Andreottolaanaerobic digester effluent, Anammox, SNAD, Sequencing Batch Reactor
E14 - Anaerobic Digestion: Case StudiesBiological treatment for energy and compost generation from winery industry wastesG. Ionescu, S. Ciută, E.C. Rada, M. Ragazzi, S. Antognoniwinery waste, compost, RI24, biogas, aerobic and anaerobic treatment
H07 - Compostaggio e digestione anaerobicaTrattamento biologico applicato ai rifiuti dell’industria vitivinicola per produrre energia e compostG. Ionescu, S. Ciută, E.C. Rada, M. Ragazzi, S. Antognonirifiuti vitivinicoli, compost, IR24, trattamento aerobico e anaerobico
PB - Collection and RecyclingEvolution of the emission performances of MSW collection trucksG. Ionescu, M. Schiavon, E.C. Rada, M. Ragazzi, C. Stroe, I. Cioranu, V. Panaitescu. P. StefaniCOPERT model, emissions, MSW, transport, truck
F12 - IWWG Workshop: Energy Recovery from MSW and SRF: Case Studies2020 Waste targets through SRF production and valorization: an Italian case-studyE.C. Rada, M. Ragazzi, G. Ionescubio-drying, MSW, selective collection, SRF, thermal treatments, valorization, waste targets
H03 - Trattamento termicoObiettivi 2020 per la gestione dei rifiuti urbani attraverso la produzione e valorizzazione del css: un caso di studio italianoE.C. Rada, M. Ragazzi, G. Ionescubio-essiccazione, RU, raccolta differenziata, CSS, trattamenti termici, valorizzazione, obiettivi
E09 - Composting of Special OrganicsEnergy recovery from OFMSW composting for sewage sludge dryingM. Ragazzi, E.C. Rada, S. Villotticomposting, drying, energy recovery, OFMSW, sewage sludge
PB - Collection and RecyclingSelective collection experiences in school buildingsM. Ragazzi, C. Bresciani, E. Girelli, E.C. Radaselective collection, guidelines, school building
A08 - MBT: Material and Energy Recovery (II)New design criteria for biostabilization plant based on an unconventional parameterM. Schiavon, M. Ragazzi, E.C. Rada, V. Torrettaplasma, dielectric barrier discharge, VOCs, MBTs
PD - Thermal TreatmentPlasma technology for the abatement of pollutants emitted by mechanical-biological treatment plantsM. Ragazzi, E.C. Rada, V. Torretta, M. Schiavonplasma, dielectric barrier discharge, VOCs, MBTs
F03 - Workshop: EU Commission DG Research and Innovation - Making Better Use of WasteMaking better use of waste: in search of the right solutionV. Gentewaste materials, waste as resources, recycling, eco-innovation
F05 - IWWG Workshop: Comparison of Waste Management Strategies in Europe and BRICS CountriesKey issues on WEEE management strategies in BRICS countries and EuropeS. Salhofer, R. Linzner, B. Steuer, R.G. de SouzaWEEE, EU, BRICS, formal, informal
A03 - Anaerobic DigestionBiological hydrogen and methane productions from organic fractions of MSW with different compositionL. Alibardi, R. Cossuhydrogen, fermentation, methane, anaerobic digestion, organic waste
H05 - Scarti alimentariProduzione biologica di idrogeno e metano da frazioni organiche di rifiuti solidi urbani a diversa composizioneL. Alibardi, R. Cossuidrogeno, fermentazione, metano, digestione anaerobica, rifiuto organico
G12 - IWWG Workshop: Waste Resource and Management in AfricaA close view of waste management in Africa: the ‘Africa and its derivatives’ projectM.C. Lavagnolo, S. Failliwaste, separate collection, recycling, developing countries, Ivory Coast
E11 - Anaerobic Digestion: Organic Wastes from Different Sources (II)Upgrading of biomethane production in an inclined plug-flow type anaerobic digestor fed with biomass and agroresiduesA. Molino, F. Nanna, P. Iovane, G. Braccio, S. Chianese, D. Musmarrabiomethane, biogas upgrading, membrane, agricultural wastes
F11 - Workshop: Landfill Energy ParksLeachate irrigation of energy cropsM.A. Leigue F., M.C. Lavagnolo, M. Malagoli, R. Cossuenergy crops, leachate treatment, phytotreatment
H04 - Gestione del percolatoIrrigazione di colture energetiche con il percolatoM.A. Leigue F., M.C. Lavagnolo, M. Malagoli, R. Cossucolture energetiche, soia, girasole, percolato, fitodepurazione
G10 - IWWG Workshop: Aftercare CompletionEnding post closure careM.A. Barlazlandfills, post-closure, stability, end-of-life
G10 - IWWG Workshop: Aftercare CompletionRelevant questions for completion proceduresT.J. Heimovaara, H. Scharffaftercare, closure, sustainable landfill management
PF - Industrial WastesBAT for cost saving sludge dewateringW. Krauss, M. LangoneBAT, dewatering, maximum DS, sludge treatment
F16 - IWWG Workshop: Landfill Aeration: Fate of NitrogenFate of Nitrogen in landfill aerationM. Ritzkowskilandfill, aeration, nitrogen, temperature, bioconversion, stabilisation
H11 - Residui di combustioneImpatti generati dall’aggiunta di fango terziario e cellulosa sulla carbonatazione delle ceneri pesanti appena raffreddateE. Lovat, A. Ilyas, K.M. Perssonceneri pesanti, metalli pesanti, copertura discariche
G12 - IWWG Workshop: Waste Resource and Management in AfricaSuitable Waste to Energy technologies in South Africa – Waiting for launchL.J. Strachan, G. CsepanyAnaerobic Digestion (AD), Bankability, Composting, Energy from Waste (EfW), Job Creation, Landfill gas utilisation, Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)
PI - Environmental ContaminationSample preparation for heavy metal analysis and leachate polluted groundwaterK. Haarstadlandfill leachate, groundwater, sampling preparation, heavy metals
F15 - IWWG Workshop: Landfill AerationBehaviour of heavy metals during aerobic in-situ stabilizationG. Öncü, M. Reiser, M. Kranertaerobic landfill stabilization, leachate quality, heavy metals
F15 - IWWG Workshop: Landfill AerationLandfill Aeration Database – Status quo and future aimsC. Brandstätter, D. Laner, R. Prantl, M. Ritzkowski, J. Fellnercarbon balance, database, in-situ aeration, landfill, leachate
F16 - IWWG Workshop: Landfill Aeration - Fate of NitrogenN-dynamics during landfill aeration – Experiences gained in different aeration projectsM. Hradin situ landfill aeration, nitrogen balance, nitrogen dynamics
F16 - IWWG Workshop: Landfill Aeration - Fate of NitrogenTemperature development in aerated landfills and control possibilitiesT. Wohlhuter, M. Ritzkowskilandfill, aeration, temperature, control, heat generation
G15 - IWWG Workshop: Asbestos Waste ManagementSimple methods to analyse vinyl tile, bituminous sheath and mastic with PCOMP. Marini, G. Zanettiasbestos, PCOM, vinyl tile, bituminous sheath and mastic
G08/G09 - IWWG Workshop: Solid Waste Management Sustainability in Developing Countries - Lesson learned from Latin AmericaSolid Waste Management Sustainability in Developing Countries – Lesson learned from Latin AmericaM.A. Gandini, L.F. Diazsustainability, solid waste management, developing countries
PG - Landfilling GeneralDensity and rebound of shredded municipal solid wasteT. Christensen, A. Alvaro, M. Hooyer, J. Ioannou, W. Stinsen, L. Reaveley, O. Conroy-Benmunicipal solid waste, density, rebound, landfill capacity, shredded MSW
E01 - Biomass to EnergyWaste to biocoal and biochar using hydrothermal carbonizationT. Dolden, B. Hilberhydrothermal carbonization, HTC, biomass, sewage sludge, slurry, energy, biocoal, biochar, carbon neutral, carbon negative, carbon sequestration
F14 - IWWG Workshop: Integrated Solid Waste Management in AsiaLandfill and incineration – Unbeknown problem in JapanT. Matsutosemi-aerobic landfill, ash melting, gasification melting
F14 - IWWG Workshop: Integrated Solid Waste Management in AsiaWaste management and its problems in ChinaP.J. Hemunicipal solid waste, industrial waste, rural areas, urbanization
F14 - IWWG Workshop: Integrated Solid Waste Management in AsiaManagement of municipal solid waste (MSW) in KoreaY.M. Kim, J.Y. Kimwaste management, municipal solid waste, Korea, policy
PG - Landfilling GeneralEffects of leachate mounding on in situ aerationH-H. Tong, K. Yin, J-Y. Wanglandfill, leachate mounding, in situ aeration, stabilization
E15 - Latest on Hazard Property ClassificationEU waste hazardousness assessment – Proposition of methodsP. Hennebert, F. Rebischung, P. Langeronhazard, hazard properties, tests, analysis, speciation surrogates
G13 - IWWG workshop: Methane OxidationNew German guidelines on methane oxidation (work in progress)J. Gebertmethane fluxes, measurement methods, design and dimensioning
G13 - Methane OxidationImplementation of biocovers and biofilters for landfill methane oxidation in AustraliaS. Dever, M. Welsh, R. Stuetzbiocover, biofilter, methane oxidation, Australia
PD - Thermal TreatmentSeasonal character of heavy metals emissions partitioning in municipal solid waste incineration process: case study for Kaunas, LithuaniaG. Denafas, E. Kamarevcevas, D. Martuzevičius, Ch. LudwigMSW seasonal generation and composition, MSW incineration, Belevi distribution, heavy metals emissions
G08/G09 - IWWG Workshop: Solid Waste Management Sustainability in Developing Countries - Lesson learned from Latin AmericaMain obstacles that undermine a sustainable management of solid waste in Latin AmericaM.A. Gandini, L.F. Diazsustainability obstacles, solid waste management, Latin America
G08/G09 - IWWG Workshop: Solid Waste Management Sustainability in Developing Countries - Lesson learned from Latin AmericaTowards a sustainable management of solid waste in developing countries: contributions for a new waste management hierarchy from Latin AmericaM.A. Gandini, L.F. Diazsustainability, developing countries, solid waste hierarchy
H11 - Residui di combustioneValutazione del comportamento ambientale di scorie da trattamento termico di CDR mediante diversi test di lisciviazioneM. Di Gianfilippo, G. Costa, F. Lombardi, R. Gavasciscorie di fondo, combustibile derivato da rifiuti (CDR), lisciviazione, pH, rapporto L/S
G03 - Re-Use of Waste MaterialsExcavated materials as by-products in the Italian legislationF. Peresexcavated materials, waste, by-product, law, Italy
G07 - Biological Hydrogen ProductionThermophilic 2-stage fermentation of micro-algae for hydrogen and methan productionN. Wieczorek, K. Kuchta, D. Rechtenbach, J. Heerenklage, M.A. Küçüker, K. Kuchtamicroalgae, biohydrogen, biomethane, dark fermentation, enzymatic pre-treatment
G07 - Biological Hydrogen ProductionChallenges of double phase digestion for H2 and CH4 productionL. Alibardi, R. Cossuhydrogen, fermentation, methane, anaerobic digestion
H13 - Peer-review Process in Scientific Journals: Lights & ShadowPeer-review process in scientific journals: Lights & shadowsR. Cossupaper submission, peer-review process, reviewers duties, award system
H14 - Peer-review Process in Scientific Journals: How to Get Acceptedfor PublicationsPeer-review process in scientific journals: How to get accepted for publicationR. CossuWaste Management Journal, paper submission, acceptance criteria, article type, journal scope, paper quality and relevance
E15 - Latest on Hazard Property ClassificationIntroduction to the special session on latest developments in hazard property classificationH.A. van der Slootwaste, hazard properties, tests, analysis, chemical speciation
G16 - IWWG Workshop: Construction and Demolition WasteGeneral aspects of the management of solid waste generated by the demolition works of the Arena Palestra Italia, a soccer stadium, in the city of São Paulo, BrazilJ.A. Paschoalin Filho, A.J. Guernen Dias, E.B.L. Duarte, P.L. Cortescivil construction, solid waste, sustainability
A11 - WEEE: Quantification and Recovery of Rare ElementsMobile hydrometallurgy to recover rare and precious metals from WEEEB. Kopacekelectronic waste, recycling, precious metals, material scarcity, rare earth, hydro-metallurgy
D15 - Landfill MiningLandfill Mining – Waste for re-use and incineration with energy recovery – Gerringe Landfill, DenmarkR.M. Rosendallandfill mining, excavation of waste, resources
PD - Thermal TreatmentExperimental study on oil separation from fry-dried sludge and low-rank coal for solid fuelT. Ohm, S. Chae, J. Park, S. Moonsludge, low-rank coal, fry-dried, oil separation, solid refuse fuel
E10 - Quality of Biological Treatment OutputsA critique of regulatory compost and digestate quality limitsA. Godley, D. Lerpiniere, A. Read, R. Smithcompost, digestate, agriculture, contamination, anaerobic digestion
PD - Thermal TreatmentMechanistic study on DeN2O reaction in sewage sludge incinerationS. Moon, S. Lee, T. Ohmnitrous oxide, sewage sludge, fluidized bed combustor, catalytic decomposition
PE - Construction and Demolition WasteThe use of polymer slurry as stabilizer to build diaphragm walls – A case study of a construction work in São Paulo- BrazilJ.A. Paschoalin Filho, A.J. Guerner Dias, R. Rodrigues, E.B.L. Duarte, P.L. Cortescivil construction, solid waste, polymer slurry, diaphragm walls
E11 - Anaerobic Digestion: Organic Wastes from Different Sources (II)Enhancement of methane generation from kitchen waste under solid phase anaerobic digestion using acetogenic bacteriaS. Jayalakshmikitchen waste, high solid anaerobic digestion, acetogenic bacteria, and methane
F12 - IWWG Workshop: Energy Recovery from MSW and SRF: Case StudiesOn-line boiler corrosion monitoring in RDF-coal co-firing and WTE plantsV. Fantinicorrosion, co-firing, RDF, coal, WTE
F03 - EU Commission DG Research and Innovation: making better use of wasteBURBA (Bottom Up selection, collection and management of URBAn waste)C. LAUNO, I. M. CASSISSA, S. BRUNA, E. LOPEZ CASARIEGO, S. MIER, P. ANTONIO, P. BARATTINI, M. BONASSO, A. ROVETTABURBA, selection, collection, urban solid waste
PD - Thermal TreatmentPre-treatment and reuse of municipal solid waste incineration (MSWI) residuesR. Cossu, T. LaiMSWI, bottom ash, fly ash, APC residues
PG - Landfilling GeneralHealth risk assessment in waste management: temporal evolution in a solid waste landfillE. Davoli, E. Fattore, M. Palmiotto, V. Paiano, A.N. Rossi, M. Il Grande, M. Giorgi, B. Burgio, G. Schembre, R. Varsalonahealth, risk assessment, waste management, solid waste landfill, temporal evolution
AA - Opening SessionEvolutionary & revolutionary thinking about landfill processesJ. Bognerwaste data, methanogenesis, methane emissions, methane oxidation, landfill policy, carbon tax
PB - Collection and RecyclingEcoPaperLoop – ambitious project for more efficient paper recyclingJ. Zule, M. Sežun, D.G. Svetecpaper, recycling, waste management
PH - Landfilling EmissionsDesulfurization of biogas from anaerobic digestion: a case studiedS. Gallo, M. Giomo, M. Scagliotti, C. Valli, G. Cicchiello, A.M. Maragninanaerobic digestion, hydrogen sulphide, biotrickling filter, activated carbons
H07 - Compostaggio e digestione anaerobicaCaratterizzazione odorigena delle emissioni provenienti da impianti di compostaggioI. Minardi, B. Raco, E. Giovenali, F. Tassicaratterizzazione odorigena, compostaggio, qualità dell’aria, Porto Azzurro
H05 - Scarti alimentariTest in batch e in semi-continuo per la produzione di idrogeno e metano da rifiuti alimentariG. Cappai, G. De Gioannis, M. Friargiu, E. Massi, A. Muntoni, A. Polettini, R. Pomi, D. Spigarifiuti organici, produzione fermentative di idrogeno, produzione di metano, test in semicontinuo
H11 - Residui di combustioneSequestro di anidride carbonica mediante carbonatazione accelerata di polveri da cementificioG. Cappai, A. Carucci, G. De Giudici, D. Medas, A. Muntoni, G. Orru, M. Pireddaresidui da cementificio, sequestro della CO2, carbonatazione minerale
H07 - Compostaggio e digestione anaerobicaTrattamento biologico applicato ai rifiuti dell’industria vitivinicola per produrre energia e compostG. Ionescu, S. Ciută, E.C. Rada, M. Ragazzi, S. Antognonirifiuti vitivinicoli, compost, IR24, trattamento aerobico e anaerobico
H03 - Trattamento termicoObiettivi 2020 per la gestione dei rifiuti urbani attraverso la produzione e valorizzazione del css: un caso di studio italianoE.C. Rada, M. Ragazzi, G. Ionescubio-essiccazione, RU, raccolta differenziata, CSS, trattamenti termici, valorizzazione, obiettivi
H05 - Scarti alimentariProduzione biologica di idrogeno e metano da frazioni organiche di rifiuti solidi urbani a diversa composizioneL. Alibardi, R. Cossuidrogeno, fermentazione, metano, digestione anaerobica, rifiuto organico
H04 - Gestione del percolatoIrrigazione di colture energetiche con il percolatoM.A. Leigue F., M.C. Lavagnolo, M. Malagoli, R. Cossucolture energetiche, soia, girasole, percolato, fitodepurazione
F12 - IWWG Workshop: Energy Recovery from MSW and SRF: Case StudiesEnergy recovery from municipal solid wastes and secondary recovered fuels: case studiesU. Arenamunicipal solid waste, secondary recovered fuels, energy recovery
F12 - Energy Recovery from MSW and SRF: Case StudiesEnergy recovery from MSW and SRF: case studiesU. Arenamunicipal solid waste, secondary recovered fuels, energy recovery
H06 - Concetti innovativi di discarica“Discarica S.An.A.®”: un sistema innovativo per la sostenibilità ambientale delle discaricheR. Repetti, G. Testolin, R. Cossu, R. Ragadiscarica semi-aerobica, aerazione in-situ, gas da discarica
F07 - Science of Semiaerobic LandfillingEffect of waste compaction and convective aeration on pollutant reduction from semi-aerobic landfill operated in the tropicsN. Sutthasil, C. Suethep, C. Chiemchaisri, K. Wangyao, K. Endo, T. Ishigaki, M. Yamadaaeration, greenhouse gas, semi-aerobic landfill, tropical climate
F12 - IWWG Workshop: Energy Recovery from MSW and SRF: Case StudiesThe first years of activity of the large-scale WtE unit in Acerra, ItalyS. Malvezzi, L. Zaniboniwaste to energy, electric efficiency, gas emissions, Campania region, Acerra
F07 - Science of Semiaerobic LandfillingTechnical guidance for semiaerobic management of landfills in tropical regionK. Wangyao, T. Ishigaki, K. Endo, N. Sutthasil, C. Chiemchaisri, M. Yamadasemi-aerobic landfill, tropical region, technical guidance, waste management