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Conference: Sardinia 2011

F16Investigation of the potential health risk of collecting, transporting and handling asbestos wasteR. Moller Rosendalasbestos waste, recycling centres, health risk
B15Estimation of the aftercare period based on data from Danish landfillsR. M. Rosendal, D.G. Antonellis, N.L. Verleeaftercare period, percolate data
E08Waste Managment Practises in the small-scale Construction IndustryI.D.Williams, D.A. Turnerconstruction and demolition waste, small-scale construction, audit, composition, postal surveys
D02Numerical analyses of a leachate pumping test at a MSW landfillL. Yu, F. Batlle, J. Carrera, E. Vázquez-Suñé, J. Fontmunicipal solid waste, pumping test, hydraulic conductivity, viscosity, coupled analysis
A11Analysis of starch-polyester shopping bag biodegradation in a composting plant: comparison between pilot and industrial experiencesA. Fernando de Fuentes, R. Torrejón Gómez, J.V. López Álvarez, M. Gómez Paniagua, M.P. Arraiza Bermudez-Cañetecomposting, bioplastics, starch, EN 13432 standard, windrow
C11Packaging: part of our every dayR. Torrejón Gómez, A. Fernando de Fuentes, J.V. López Álvarez, M.P. Arraiza Bermudez-Cañetelight packaging wastes, patterns of consumption, waste, families types, social and economical factors
C02Sustainable development in the City of Sfax (Tunisia) – Taparura projectB. Callaert, R. Hentatisustainable development, phosphate landfill rehabilitation, international financing, reclamation of remediated area soil and sediment remediation, contaminated sediments, contaminated soils, disposal, remediation, rehabilitation, certified disposal facility
C15Utilization of Cast Seaweed and Waste from Pectin Production for Anaerobic DigestionA. M. Fredenslund, T.B.Christensen, T. Kjær, S. Danielsen, H.B. Møller, L.L. Kjær, K. Fafnerbiogas, algae, industrial waste, environmental assessment, eutrophication, co-digestion
A03The impact of alternative weekly collections on waste arisings: an English case studyS. Sheward, I. D. Williamsalternative weekly collections, local authority, collection, recycling, residual waste
E04Identification and recovery of rare metals in electric and electronic scrapN. Menad, J. A. van HouwelingeWEEE, rare metals, rare earth metals, identification and recovery
C01New Characterisation method of Wastes of electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)N. Menad, J.A. van HouwelingenWEEE, characterisation, plastics, metals, recovery
A07Four pillars for the treatment of biowasteW. Hauercomposting, anaerobic digestion, biomass to energy
PA02Composition and characteristics of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) in Czech RepublicL. Benešová, M. Doležalová, A. Závodskámunicipal solid waste, composition, physicochemical parameters, calorific value, biowaste, Czech Republic
PG06The effect of vegetation on the microbial methane oxidationS. Bohn, J. Gebert, J. Jagermethane oxidation, column study, vegetation, diffusivity
B08Low gas emissions of mechanically and biologically treated waste and microbial methane oxidation as an adapted method for mitigation of emissionsS. Bohn, J. Jagermechanically-biologically waste treatment, gas production, methane oxidation
D07A spreadsheet tool to calibrate LandGEMTM gas modeling prediction software for site specific MSW facilities using data from gas extraction auditsC.J. Cronin, P. Kelly, T. Ruddy, D. Smyth, S. Meylerlandfill gas balancing, landfill prediction models, calibration
C07Community based integrated solid waste management in developing countries – Green Town, Lahore (CLEAN PAKISTAN)A.B. Farouque, N. Tajcommunity, waste management, sustainable, low cost, income generation, employment, youth, recycling
B14Landfill aeration worldwide: concepts, indications and findingsM. Ritzkowski, R. Stegmannlandfill aeration, aeration concepts, low pressure, high pressure, air venting, semi-aerobic
A08Cell phone recycling experiences in the world and potential recycling options for developing countriesG.T.R. Silveiracell phone, recycling, e-waste, reverse collection, extended producer responsibility
A09Investigation into the landfill behaviour of pretreated wasteA.A. Siddiqui, D.J. Richards, W. Powrielandfill, MBT waste, leachate, biodegradation
B01A New Method for Calculating Waste Acceptance Criteria for Soil at LandfillsE. Suchomel, M. Verwiel, G. Thruppwaste acceptance criteria, dilution-attenuation, infiltration, equilibrium partitioning
D16Evaluation of the Cover Soil in Manfraq landfill-Jordan Using Hydrys-2D simulationM. Aljaradin, T. Selim, K.M. Perssonhydrus-2D, chloride concentration, landfill cover, Mafraq landfill, Jordan
G16Improving the efficiency and reducing the negative impacts of a civic amenity site in an area of high socio-economic deprivation: a case studyI. D.Williams, S. Harringtoncivic amenity site, refurbishment, waste collection, recycling, customer surveys
F12Improving the efficiency and reducing the negative impacts of a civic amenity site in an area of high socio-economic deprivation: a case studyE. Gidarakosindustrial waste management, hazardous waste
G03Ireland’s approach to measuring the diversion of biodegradable municipal waste from landfillR.Campbell, J. Moriarty, J. Derham, O. Gaillotbiodegradable municipal waste diversion, landfill directive targets, waste surveys
B08Reduction of hydrogen sulfide and methane emissions from landfills by use of biological active covers: lab and pilot scale studiesI. Pecorini, E. Carnevalecover systems, landfill gas monitoring, GHG’s mitigation, odour control
PG07Efficiency of different types of landfill covers and comparison of CH4 emission monitoring campaignsI. Pecorini, A. Cortigas monitoring, landfill covers, methane emission
D14Landfill gas generation and emission in a msw large-scale experimental cell in BrazilF.J. Maciel, J.F.T. Jucáwaste decomposition, gas and energy production, experimental cell
C08Optimization of energy and cost for municipal solid waste managementE. Shamshiry, B. Nadi, M. Bin Mokhtar, I. Komoo, H. Saadiah Hashimoptimization energy and cost, response surfaces model, municipal solid waste management
C11Modification of properties of polymeric materials from electrical and electronic wasteM. Rudowski, M. KozLowskiblends, recycyling, mechanical properties, thermal properties
E08Analysis on feasibility of using of civil construction waste as recycled aggregate in conpaction piles for soil improvementR.A. Medeiros Junior, S.P. Fucale, A.D. Gusmao, A.B. De Fariascivil contruction waste, recycling, consolidation pile
B01Cost benefit analysis to identify the most sustainable management option for landfillsT. Parker, P. Pointer, A. Childs, J. Lockhartcost benefit, closed landfill, methane oxidation
PF07Landfill of waste in Wallonia: transposition of 1999/31/EC groundwater protection plan and trigger levels based on long term monitoring resultsV. Lebrun, F. Delloye, E. Bietlot, O. Le Bussy, C. Collartlandfill directive, permit, regulation, waste management
D06Environemental monitoring on MSW landfill sites in Wallonia: overview on 10 years of field measurmentsE. Bietlot, L. Lebrun, C. Collartlandfill, groundwater monitoring, leachate, LFG fugitive emissions, odour, ambient air
A04Supporting environmentally sound decision-making for European waste management with a life cycle thinking approachS. Manfredi, R. Pant, D. PenningtonWaste hierarchy, Environmental performance, Life Cycle Thinking, Life Cycle Assessment
C02Comparative Study of Solid Waste Management Practises for Selected Cities in AfricaO.E. Taiwo, F.A.O. OtienoAfrican cities, solid waste, solid waste management, questionnaire
C07Towards sustainable waste management: households habits with respect to waste disposalF.A.O. Otieno, O.E. Taiwosustainable waste management, household habits, waste disposal, environmental awareness, education
PD11Influence of moisture content on anaerobic biodegradation of municipal solid waste in experimental reactorsL.C Lange, F.V.B. Silva, G.F. Simõesmoisture content, anaerobic biodegradation, leachate recirculation, municipal solid waste
E02Innovative process routes for a high-quality concrete recycling in the aggregates and cement industriesY. Menard, K. Bru, S. Touze, A. Lemoign, J.E. Poirier, G. Ruffie, F. Bonnaudin, F. Von Der Weidconcrete recycling, electric pulses discharge, microwave heating
A13Hydrogen production from household waste in semicontinuous reactor: selection of the optimal operating conditionsL. Tuccinardi, S. Sbaffoni, M.R. Bonibiohydrogen , semi-continuous reactor, food waste, anaerobic digestion
PF10Study of heavy metals contamination on the municipal solid waste landfill site in BrazilG.F Simões, H.M.G. Coelho, L.C. Langesoil contamination, heavy metals, landfill, transport of contaminants, groundwater contamination
PE03Updraft fixed-bed gasification of sewage sludge: mathematical modelling and comparison with experimental dataM. Seggiani, A. Bellini, M. Puccini, S. Vitologasification, fixed-bed, updraft, sewage sludge, modelling
C15Anaerobic Digestion of Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste after Pretreatment with High Temperature Microwave and Hydrogen Peroxide AdditionH. Shahriari, M. Warith, M. Hamoda, K. KennedyAnaerobic digestion; BMP; Microwave pretreatment; Biogas production
B07Comparative field measurement of greenhouse gas emissions from daily, intermediate, and final California landfill cover soilsJ.E. Bogner, K. Spokas, J. ChantonLandfill, Emissions, CH4, CO2, N2O, Methane oxidation, Modeling
F04LFG-biofilters:critical evaluation of gas mitigation effectivity after 20 years of operational experiencesF. Strakalandfill gas (LFG), biofilters, Czech Republic
A04Uncertainties in life cycle assessment of waste management systemsJ. Clavreul, T.h. ChristensenLCA, uncertainty, sensitivity analysis, Monte Carlo analysis
B07A new remote sensing method for landfill emission quantificationD. Picciaia, G. Zazzeri, M.S. Giamberini, P. Andreussimethane emission, landfill, UAV, TDLAS
A15Cogasification of sewage sludge in an updraft gasifierM. Seggiani, A. Bellini, M. Puccini, G. Raggio, S. Vitologasification, cogasification, sewage sludge, updraft gasifier
PC03Waste management assessment using an industrial solid waste destination indexH.M.G. Coelho, L.C. Lange, M.R. Sartoriwaste management, solid waste index, waste destination, industrial waste
C16A novel Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain for production of ethanol in the presence of furfuralB. Rahimian Zarifbioethanol, furfural, mutation, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, UV radiation
A15High-efficiency power production by waste gasificationV. Hankalin, V. Helanti, J. Isakssongasification, biomass, waste-derived fuel, power production
A02Environmental benefits of waste prevention: food, packaging and advertisementT.H. Christensen, E.C. Gentilwaste prevention, life cycle thinking, avoided production
B02Lessons learned from nuclear decommissioning and waste management relevant to end of responsibility for landfillsR. Sjöblom, S. Lindskog, L. Andreasnuclear waste, decommissioning of nuclear facilities
PA09Transferring local experience into regional knowledge – The new sector network in the MENA RegionM. Luecke, A. Ismail, W. Gallalanetwork, solid waste management, MENA Region, exchange of information and expertise, cooperation
PH01How can behaviour change theory contribute to a reduce, re-use and recycle approach to waste management in the NHS: a feasibility studyJ. Richardson, A. Nichols, M. Bennallick, J. Grose, S. Pahlbehaviour change, healthcare waste, reduce, re-use, recycle
C13The role of behaviour change in reducing, reusing and recycling waste in healthcare: a systematic review and thematic analysisJ. Richardson, B. Jenkin, A. Nichols, S. Pahl, G. Wallacehealthcare waste, behaviour change, systematic review
B11New and alternative barrier systems – quality assurance during construction and efficiency control in the aftercare periodA. Witzsche, J. Weißquality assurance, efficiency control, aftercare period, capillary barrier
D10Leachate quality and water balance at a new bioreactor landfillK. Sormunen, M. Valtari, J. Taskinen, M. Uusihakala, T. Laurila, M. Ettalabioreactor landfill, methane, leachate, water balance
PH02Assessing the co-benefits of a community initiative to reduce, re-use, recycle using a health impact assessment approachJ. Richardson, T. Henry, A. Nicholstransition towns, health impact assessment, reduce, re-use, recycle
C10LCA comparison of waste incineration in Denamrk and ItalyR. Turconi, S. Butera, A. Boldrin, M. Grosso, L. Rigamonti, T. AstrupLCA, incinerator system, energy recovery
PE01Applicability of a new method for municipal solid waste incineration (MSWI) fy ash inertisation: first mechanical testA. Gianoncelli, F. Marciano, A. Zacco, R. Ardesi, G. Rizzo, E. Bontempi, L.E. Deperoincenerator, fly ash, inertisation, COSMOS
PC02The role of a pilot plant in the life cycle inventory of anew technology for the inertization of MSWI fly ashesM. Alberti, D. Cantaboni, P. Cocca, M. Collotta, F. Marciano, D. Rossi, G. TomasoniCOSMOS process, LCA, Pilot Plant, MSWI fly ashes
E05RecoPhos: full-scale recovery of phosphate from sewage sludge ashH. Weigand, M. Bertau, F. Bohndick, A. Bruckertphosphate, fertilizer, sewage sludge, waste incineration
G15Determinaton of vacuum spher of influence surrounding biogas extraction wells by a low expensive in situ methodology using a tracer gasT. Pandolfi, R. Isolanilandfill gas, collection well, extraction system efficiency, tracer gas
E10Recycling pulp and paper sludge in medium denisty fiberboard productsS. Migneault, A. Koubaa, B. Riedl, H. Nadji, J. Dengtpulp and paper sludge, recycling, fiberboard, adhesion, formaldehyde emission
D05Important considerations for leakage control of exposed geomembrane-lined pondsR. Thiel, J.P. Giroudpond, exposed geomembrane, leakage
PF05Application of linear and non-linear elastic models to predict settlements during the filling of a cell in Belo Horizonte sanitary landfill, BrazilG.F. Simões, F.H.R. Silvalandfill, settlements, numerical modeling
PG11Microbial communities in the leachate from urban solid waste and hospital waste codisposed in experimental landfillJ.C. Campos, B.Quintaes, C.A.M.C. Silva, M. Hinojosa, K.R.A. Silva, M.A.L. Miguel, U.A. Silva, J.A. Ferreiraurban waste, hospital waste, codisposition, experimental landfill
PB03Incorporation of sludge from water treatment plant in cement pasteJ.C. Campos, V.C. Almeida, V.M.P. Couto, R.A. Rodrigues, F.V.F.Araujoincorporation of sludge, water treatment plant, cement
E15Chemical fixation and solidifcation treatment of solid waste generated by a natural gas purification plantM. Choura, I. Djemal, T. Mnif, A. Bendraouachemical fixation and solidification, molecular sieve, hydraulic binder, leaching, retention
D10Landfill leachate pretreatment using an air stripping packed tower and absorption unitsF.M. Ferraz, J. Povinelli, E.M. Albuquerquelandfill leachate, ammonia removal, ammonia recovery, aquammonia, ammonium sulfate
PI08Bio-degradation system for poly-chlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and dibenzofurans by using crude enzyme extracted from geobacillus sp. UZO3A. Takahashi, T. Kameyama, Y. Suzuki, M. Nakamura, Y. Otsuka, Y. Katayamadioxins, geobacillus sp. UZO3, metabolic pathway, genetic recombination, in situ bio-degradation
PD01Predicting methane generation of paper using holocellulose and lignin contentY.M. Kim, W.S. Choi, Y.C. Moon, J.Y. Kimmethane yield, anaerobic digestion, paper, holocellulose, lignin, landfill gas
PD03Effect of hydraulic retention time and organic laoding rate on anaerobic acidification of food waste from garbage disposersY.C. Moon, W.S. Choi, H.S. Cho, J.Y. Kimacidification, hydraulic retention time, organic loading rate, two-phase anaerobic digestion, disposer, food waste
PI05Phytoremediation of Cd and Pb contaminated soil around closed open dumping landfillS.J. Ban, K.K. Lee, H.S. Cho, J.Y. Kimopen dumping landfill, phytoremediation, sunflower, cadmium, lead
G09Stabilization of the biogas production from residues from the dairy industry by various pre-treatmentsC. Dornack, C. Münch, P. Gutschedisintegration, biogas production, waste water from dairy industry
E16Treatment and management of rural household solid waste in the subtropical region of ChinaJ. Zhang, P. Yue, Y. Qian, H. Yang, J.L. Chao, P.J. Herural, municipal solid waste, composting, in-situ sorting
E07Evaluation of municipal solid waste generation in neighboring Caxial do Sul/BrazilV.E. Schneider, M.D. Silva, R. Finkler, D. Peresin, E.M.T. Mottamunicipal solid waste, logistics, regional waste management, per capita generation of solid waste
B04Gas potential of old landfillsJ. Gebert, N. Hanke, S. Bohn, E. Smidt, J. Streese-Kleebergmethane generation; waste properties; landfill gas modelling
D13Effect of gas transport on fractionation of carbon stable isotopes related to the microbial oxidation of methane in landfill cover soilsJ. Gebert, C. Streblow, C. Knoblauch, E.M. Pfeiffermethane oxidation, landfill covers, quantification methods, diffusion, advection
C05Challenges to apply the new Brazilian legislation on solid waste materialM.R. Berrìos-Godoysolid waste, Brazilian national solid waste policy bill, application new waste Law
C14Assessment of soil pollution hazard by using fuzzy neural networkD. Caniani, D.S. Lioi, I.M. Mancini, S. Masiuncontrolled landfills, fuzzy neural network, sensitivity analysis, hazard landfill
D02Assessment of simple preferential flow concepts for transport through municipal solid wasteN.D. Woodman, R.P. Beavenpreferential flow, transport, tracer, model
PD07Air biofiltering systems design and management for mitigation of olfactory impact from solid waste composting and pre-selection plantsM.L. Mancini, A. Bonoli, M. Bergonzoniodours control, composting plants, air biofiltering, attached biomassess, model
PH04Correlation between chemical and olfactometric aspects in treatment plants for dangerous special wastesM.L. Mancini, M. Bergonzoni, C. Cordero, E. Maestritreatment plant, chemical and odorous issues, health risks
PI01Groundwater numerical models as tool for managing polluted sites: a test caseM.L. Mancini, M. Bergonzoni, A. Zanininumerical model, groundwater flow, pollution spread
A08Existing solid waste recycling system of Bangladesh and its futureM. Sujauddin, S.M.A. Rahman, S. Murakamisolid waste, recycling, informal sector, ship breaking, Bangladesh
I04Il problema delle discariche e dei centri di stoccaggio di amianto in ItaliaF. Paglietti, V. Di Molfetta, S. Malinconico, S. Bellagambaamianto, discariche, centri di stoccaggio, Rifiuti Contenenti Amianto (RCA)
C03Valorization of rock wool wastes, tyre cloth fabric and waste tyres for the production of an innovative thermo acoustic insulationF. Melegari, M. Bergonzoni, M. Spiga, G. Sperandei, E. Deliarecycling, rock wool, tyre cloth fabrics, waste tyres, thermo-acoustic insulation
C05Traceability of municipal solid waste as an innovative approach for proper and efficient integrated management on a regional scaleM. Bocciarelli, T. Cocciardi, G. Bodini, M. Bergonzonitraceability of waste, satellite control systems, illegal traffic and disposal
E06Anaerobical biological treatment of organic fraction from MSW and industrial waste at Benesov (CZ): experiences, results and interpretation of two years operationM. Molena, R. Göschl, M. Götzbiogas, anaerobic treatment, MSW digestion, operation results
I05Una nuova opportunità per le discariche: lo stoccaggio di energia termicaD. Biondi, G. Cesari, F. Tintigeotermia, stoccaggio di energia, fermentazione anaerobica, test di risposta termica, biogas
B08Design, implementation and operation of soil-based methane oxidation windows for the remediation of gas emission hotspots in landfill cover soilsI.U. Röwer, J. Gebert, J. Streese-Kleeberg, A. Gröngröft, S. Melchior, B. Steinert, E.M Pfeifferlandfill gas, methane emission, methane oxidation, landfill remediation
D10Landfill leachate treatment through reverse osmosis and evaporation technologies: from the sample analysis to the plant start-upD. Fatutto, C. Del Piccolo, R. Fontanalandfill leachate, reverse osmosis, evaporation
PB10Enhancement of rubber scrap for the production of innovative technological products: environmental and economic aspectsG. Bodini, P. Merighi, M. Bergonzoniscrap vulcanized rubber, mechanical grinding, cryogenic processes, electrothermal processes
PB01Reuse of PFU (tyres out use) into the football fields of the new generation of synthetic turfA. Orsetti, M. Bergonzoni, G. Bodini, A. BonoliPFU, tyres, reuse, synthetic turf
PB05Construction and demolition waste (CDW): recycling technologies and application of life cycle assessment (LCA) method in stabilized inert productionM.L. Mancini, A. Bonoli, C. Chiavetta, M. Bergonzoniconstruction and demolition waste, inert production, LCA, recycling
PC01Life cycle application in industrial waste and end-of-life tyres use for thermo acoustic panels productionM.L. Mancini, A. Bonoli, C. Chiavetta, M. BergonzoniLife Cycle Assessment, recycling, thermo-acoustic insulation
C10Life cycle assessment of capital goods related to waste incinerationL.K. Brogaard, T.H. Christensencapital goods, residual waste, incineration, life cycle assessment, EASEWASTE, simapro
I15La regolazione e il controllo delle tariffe degli impianti di trattamento e smaltimento dei rifiuti: gli impianti in Veneto e in ItaliaA. Moretto, A. Levoratocosti, regolazione, trattamento, smaltimento
A06Comparing mechanical crushing with high-voltage desintegration for designing an effective system to recover indium from obsolete LCDsG. Dodbiba, H. Nagai, L.P. Wang, T. Fujitaindium, LCD, crushing, high voltage desintegration
PG08Optimisation of the needle trap-technique for gaschromatographic analysis of odorous emissionK.K Kleeberg, J. Streese-Kleebergneedle trap, GC/MS, odorous emissions, chemical analysis
D06Landfill end point criteria for groundwater impactH. Scharff, A. Van Zomerenlandfill, aftercare, financial security
B5Evaluating landfill gas emission at the Wollert landfill, AustraliaS. Dever, T. Clingan, X. Wang, S. Batemanlandfill gas emissions
F04Longer term performance of a passive landfill gas biofiltration system in AustraliaS. Dever, X. Wang, G. Swarbrick, R. Stuetzlandfill gas, biofiltration, methane oxidation
E01A demonstration of a biomass energy system by dry anaerobic digestion for urban areas in JapanT. Takahashi, N. Osaka, H. Hosono, T. Fujiwaradry anaerobic digestion, co-firing, residue treatment, energy balance forecast
PC04LCA and optimization – A combined decision tool for the assessment of the biowaste separate collection in the municipality of Cogoleto, Northern ItalyA. Del Borghi, C. Strazza, A. De Gasperi, A. Taramasso, M. Robba, P. CinquettiLife Cycle Assessment, dynamic decision models, GIS, optimization, biowaste
I14Sistemi informatici 2.0 e flussi di informazione e conoscenza. Il sistema ambiente come parte del sistema socialeA. Atzoriinformazione, conoscenza
D08Leaching of heavy metals in high organic municipal solid waste landfillH.X. Nguyen, B. Bilitewskielectroplating sludge, heavy metals, leaching, inhibition effect
I05Riqualificazione della ex discarica per rifiuti mediante realizzazione di un parco fotovoltaico: la realizzazione e il monitoraggio ambientaleA. Levorato, A. Atzori, A. Morettofotovoltaico, discarica
PD06Native organic fractions of muincipal solid waste streams in rural areas – energetic potentialities by anaerobic digestionA. Schüch, F. Höfs, B. Lüdecke, M. Nellesnative-organic fraction, OFMSW, biodegradable fraction, anaerobic digestion, rural area, potential
E15Evaluation of pyritic tailings from a copper concentration plant for calcareous sodic soil reclamationG. Aydin, A.I. Arol, G. Cayciwaste pyrite, sodic soil, pyrite oxidation, column leaching test, remediation
D15Impact of bioreactor landfill aeration on in situ nitrification/denitrification processK. Pivnenko, E. Gidarakosbioreactor landfill, nitrogen, nitrification, denitrification, landfill aeration
E03Application of clean development mechanism to animal waste management systems (AWMS): a methane recovery project in Serbia as case studyM. Gallo, A. Del Borghi, M. Del Borghimethane recovery, greenhouse gases emissions reduction, CDM, Kyoto protocol
E04Limits of resource recovery and waste management with regard to electric and electronic equipmentH. Friegewaste electical and electronic equipment, metal recovery
D13Assessing methane oxidation under landfill covers and its contribution to the above atmospheric CO2 levels: the added value of the isotope (delta13C & delta18O CO2; delta13C & deltaD CH4) approachD. Widory, M. Blessing, E. Proust, G. Bellenfant, O. Bourisotopes, methane, oxidation, atmospheric CO2
C13Management of medical waste in a higher education institution: relationship between knowledge and the degree of segregationD. Peresin, R. Finkler, N.L. Stedile, V.E. Schneiderwaste management, medical waste, continuing education
D09Optimization of the leachate treatment technology in tropical conditions regarding energy savings by applying the deammonification process, Kuching, Sarawak, MalaysiaR. Damiecki, W. Kirchhoflandfill leachate, treatment in a tropical area, deammonification, pilot plant research
A05Feasibility of resources recovery from shredder wasteN. Ahmed, H. Wenzel, J.B. Hansenshredder waste, feasibility assessment of resource recovery, metals recovery
F14Recovery of non-ferrous metals from mixed MSW – comparison of mechanical-biological waste treatment and incinerationB. Wens, T. Pretz, R. Gillnernon-ferrous metals, MSW, MBT, resource recovery
F14Economic aspects of the resource recovery from mixed municipal solid wasteN. Schmalbein, T. PretzMMSW, MSW, recovery of secondary resources, economic feasibility
B15Feasibility study on sustainable material and energy recovery from landfills in EuropeW.J. Van Vossen, O.J. Prentrecycling, material recovery, landfill mining, sustainability
A16Characterization of ash from biomass combustion for its use as filler in asphalt mixturesR. Melotti, E. Santagata, M. Bassani, M. Salvo, S. Rizzobiomass ash, waste management, filler, asphalt mixtures
B04Uncertainties in understanding and measuring the completion of waste degradationK. Knox, K.Cheng, S. Hayward-HighamMSW, decomposition, gas generation, completion, final storage quality, gas potential
A13Stability of bio-hydrogen production by dark-fermentationR. Brunstermann, R. Widmanndark fermentation, bio-hydrogen production, stability
B11Hydraulic performance of a natural bentonite GCL in organic solutions and polymer solutions and polymer treatment proposal to prevent degradation in long term landfill conditionsS. Puma, A. Dominijanni, M. Manassero, D. Toncelli, F. Trotta, M. Zanettigeosynthetic clay liner, hydraulic conductivity, swelling ability, landfill,polymers
E07Solid waste production and treatment in Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – searching for zero wasteA. Schueler, W. Mary, W. Fernandesgravimetric characterization, waste treatment, waste management, universitary campus waste
E14Dust and bioaerosol emission from open windrow composting sites: an examination of data trendsT.L. Gladdingcomposting site, bioaerosol, dust
E12The weathering of municipal solid waste incineration bottom ash evaluated by some weathering indices for natural rock profiles suggested in the mineralogyF. Takahashi, T. Shimaokamunicipal solid waste, bottom ash, weathering index, landfill time, leachabiliyt
E07VFA and ammonia emission during separate collection of residential food waste as a measure of odour potentialN. Qamaruz-Zaman, M.W. Milkeodour, food waste, odour indicator
A01Challenges and successes in implementing alternative waste technologies in AustraliaD. Gamble, A. MontgomeryAWT, waste processing, composting, Kimbriki
E15Links between primary (extracted) and secondary (recycled) mineral resourcesD. Guyonnet, C. Hocquard, F.W. Wellemermineral resources, recycling, secondary resources
G14Monitoring of MBT material after disposal on landfillK. Münnich, J. Bauer, K. FrickeMBT, landfill, monitoring, settlement, excess pore pressure, leachate quality
C07Characterization of waste at the final disposal sites of five major cities in GhanaG.N.K. Rockson, I.B. Acheampong, P.K. Dagadu, L.N.A. Sackey, M.Y. Mensahwaste characterization, management
C12The informal sector in SWM – economic arguments and political framework for its integrationE. Gunsilius, S. Spies, S. García Cortésinformal waste sector, economic aspects, integration
D05Measurement of landfill gas emission using optical remote sensing technology to quantify methane abatement efficiencyS. Thorneloe, E. Thoma, M. Modrak, S. Aminlandfill gas, abatement efficiency, methane emissions, municipal landfills
F06Sustainable materials management using the leaching environmental assessment framework test methodsS. Thorneloe, A.C. Garrabrants, D.S. Kosson, G. Helms, M. Baldwinleaching, coal combustion residues, mercury, materials management
A08Material flow analysis of formal and informal household waste recycling systems in developing countries. Case study from PeruS. Aparcana, R. Linzner, S. Salhoferinformal sector, waste recycling, developing countries, social LCA, indicators, social impact category, labour rights, waste pickers
E06Measurement of respiration activity (AT4) – Comparison of 169 samples measured by Sapromat and OxitopE. Binner, P. Lechnerreactivity of waste, respiration activity, MBT, compost
B14Lessons learned during a three year full-scale application of in-situ landfill aeration in AustriaO. Gamperling, M. Hrad, M. Huber-Humerlandfill remediation, aftercare, stabilisation, in-situ aeration
D13Design of top covers supporting aerobic in-situ stabilisation of old landfills – an experimental simulation in lysimetersM. Hrad, M. Huber-Humer, A. Watzinger, B. Wimmertop cover, landfill aeration, in-situ stabilisation
C04Methodologies for estimating quantities of informal collected and transboundary shipped bulky wasteR. Linzner, A. Pertl, S. Scherhaufer, G. Obersteinerinformal sector, bulky waste, waste collection, transhipment
E05Evaluation of methods for determination of residual metal content in upgraded MSWI bottom ash fractionsP. Mostbauer, R. Angermeierbottom ash, metal recycling
C04Dimension of informal waste collection activities in Central Europe – An Austrian-Hungarian case studyG. Obersteiner, R. Linzner, A. Pertl, S. Scherhaufer, E. Schmiedinformal, bulky waste, waste collection, transhipment
C04Re-use – recycling – disposal: what is the best case for furniture?G. Obersteiner, A. Haider, A. Pertl, S. ScherhauferLCA, re-use, wood
B06Demonstration scale upgrading of landfill gas with the use of bottom ash – BABIU process design and preliminary resultsT. Olivieri, L. Lombardi, P. Mostbauerbiogas upgrading, mswi bottom ash, CO2 sequestration
E02Environmental assessment of waste prevention and reuse measures in the construction sectorA. Pertl, G. Obersteiner, S. Scherfhauerwaste prevention, LCA, construction and demolition waste
E04Efficiency of take back systems for waste electrical and electronic equipment in EuropeS. SalhoferWEEE, take back systems, collection, recycling
C04Environmental effects from reuse in case of informal sector activities in central EuropeS. Scherhaufer, A. Pertl, G. Obersteinerreuse, environmental effects, lca, informal sector
A02Prevention, recycling and disposal of waste bread in AustriaS. Scherhaufer, F. Schneiderwaste bread, food waste, prevention
C05Formalisation options for informal sector activities and their legal requirement in Central EuropeE. Schmied, S. Scherhaufer, G. Obersteiner, U. Kabosch, A. Kobler, S. Stixinformal sector, formalisation, legislative
B09New approach to assess the suitability of substrates for methane oxidation purposesM. Huber-Humer, K. Böhm, J. Tintner, P. Lechnerlandfill cover, biocover, methane oxidation, FTIR-spectroscopy
E06Sonolysis and ozonation as pretreatment for anaerobic digestion of organic solid wasteA. Cesaro, V. Belgiornosonolysis, ozonation, anaerobic digestion, solid organic waste
A15Assessment of a fluid bed gasification – plasma converter process for clean and efficient conversion from solid wasteS. Morrin, P. Lettieri, C. Chapman, L. Mazzeigasification, plasma, municipal waste, sulphur, composition, thermodynamic
B16A survey on household level organic waste management practice for improving accuracy of carbon accountingH. Yoshida, M. Amato, J.K ParkGHG emissions analysis, organic waste management, social survey
A05Automotive shredder residue mono-landfill: design, management and monitoringL. Bellini, F. Caminiti, G.L. SoldiASR, landfill, landfill gas, leachate, fire
F12Confinement as a sustainable route to phosphogypsum managmentM. Goudier, M. Choura, R. Halouaniphosphogypsum, depollution, confinement, sustainable waste management, radionuclide
A06What’s your phone worth? Estimating the resource value of stockpiled mobile phonesF.O. Ongondo, I.D. Williamsresource value, WEEE, mobile phones, stockpiling, resale, recovery
A06Towards reuse networks for ICT: experiences from the zerowin projectF.O. Ongondo, I.D. Williams, J. Dietrich, C. CarrollWEEE, reuse networks, value-conservation, ICT, reuse, waste reduction
C11From GFRP to GFRP recycleability of fiber reinforced plasticsA. Bartl, D. Picoglass fibers, recycling, reinforced plastics
A02Zero waste: a desirable goal or empty words?A. Bartlrecycling, waste prevention, zero waste
F03Carbon nanotube behavior in representative old leachateP. Lozano, N.D. Bergenanomaterials, carbon nanotubes, landfill, transport
F01Hydrothermal carbonization of municipal solid waste: comparison to current management techniques and associated environmental implicationsN. Bergethermal conversion, carbonization, solid waste, carbon
A04Comparative life cycle assessment of different waste management options for green wasteA. Haddad, D.R. Reinhart, M. Chopragreen waste, life cycle assessment, inventory, waste-to-energy, carbon sequestration
B05Evaluating landfill gas collection efficiency uncertaintyH.R. Amini, D.R. Reinhartlandfill gas emissions, methane oxidation, uncertainty, collection efficiency
B12Phytocapping as a sustainable cover for waste containment systems: experience of the A-ACAP studyS.T.S. Yuen, M. Salt, J. Sun, P. Benaud, G.X Zhu, M.B. Jaksa, H. Ghadiri, M. Greenway, N. Ashwath, A.B. Fouriephytocaps, final cover, hydraulic balance, Australia, native plants, A-ACAP
F03Fate of coated zinc oxide nanoparticles in municipal solid waste landfillsS.C. Bolyard, D. Reinhart, S. Santra, S. Basumallickmunicipal solid waste, leachate, nanomaterials
PG09Solar Photo-Fenton Process in the Treatment of Landfill LeachateJ.C. Campos, F.V.F. Araujo, L.Yokoyama, I.S. Cabral, L.A.C. Teixeiralandfill leachate, photo Fenton, solar irradiation, coagulation, flocculation
D10Leachate management with an evaporator using biogas and lagoons with floating cover in a Brazilian sanitary landfill – A case studyA. Ferrari, I. Pradellaleachate treatment, evaporator, floating cover
E07Waste characterization audit in Albania. Potentials for waste recovery and reductionK. Gjoka, G.J. Ikonomi, D. Shutinaintegrated solid waste management planning, waste characterisation, sample survey
A11Energy and CO2 – Balance of composting, including energy consumption and compost applicationC. Springer, W. Bidlingmaiercomposting, energy balance, greenhouse gas balance, substitution potential
D11Combined engine and ORC-process landfill gas power plantP. Kouvolandfill gas, organic Rankine cycle, ORC, power plant
F06Leaching test using samples from a modern, carbon-poor landfillH. Modin, H. Palm, M. Van Praagh, K.M. Perssonleaching test, degradability, long-term emissions, landfill leachate
D04Comprehensive evaluation of local municipal landfill leachate quality – A useful tool for appropriate treatment managementJ. Zagorc-Koncan, G. Kalcíková, A. Žgajnar Gotvajnmunicipal landfill leachate, toxicity, biodegradability, environmental impact
E12Effect of natural ageing on volume stability of MSW and wood waste incineration residuesM. Gori, B. Bergfeldt, J. Reichelt, P. Sirinibottom ash, reuse, weathering, volume stability
D11Landfill gas availability in Mexico City Bordo Poniente Stage IVL.R. Tovar, R.A. Castro, M.E. Gutiérrezlandfill gas, Bordo Poniente Stage IV landfill, first order decay, landfill gas recovery model
E10Recovery of rare-earth elements from coal fly ash particles generated from coal-fired electric power stations with the aid of Acid Washing ProcessS. Kashiwakura, Y. Kumagai, K. Wagatsumacoal fly ash, rare-earth, acid extraction
E08A process for utilization as solid fuel of comustible C&D wasteY. Park, S. Yun, J. Lee, J. Won, Y. Kimsolid fuel, construction and demolition waste, sorting, combustibles and wood
PA05Sustainability of the pneumatic waste collection system in a dense urban areaH. Punkkinen, N. Teerioja, K. Moliis, E. Merta, J. Jermakka, E. Kuvajastationary pneumatic waste collection, life cycle inventory (LCI), social life cycle costing (SLCC)
PF07Progress in the construction and rehabilitation of landfills in the Republic of Croatia for the period 2003 – 2011V. Lovincic, M. Sojcic, A. Stanic, M. Tomaseviclandfill, bottom sealing layer, cover sealing layer
C08Eco-efficiency, a path towards integrated resource managementJ. Byströmeco-efficiency, integrated resource management, European Investment Bank
PF13A methodology for predicting long-term subsidence at landfills in an arid climateM. Karakouzian, D. Rigbysubsidence prediction, landfill, arid climate, degradation mechanisms
F11e-Waste management in Ghana: a country massflow assessmentE. Mueller, M. Schluep, Y. Amoyaw-Osei, S. Prakash, T. Terekhovae-waste, second hand imports, informal sector, massflows
A01Development of municipal solid waste management systems in Estonia and Lithuania: a comparative analysisH. Moora, R. Uselytemunicipal solid waste, waste policy and legislation
E10Recovery of the components of waste ink from printing industriesA. Pineda, A. Lozano, I. Aracil, A. Fullanaink, nitrocellulose, thermal decomposition, recovery
C10The development process of municipal solid waste incineration in ChinaL. Ziyang, Z. Nanwen, L. Bing, C. Xiaoli, Z. Youcai, B. Bilitewskiincineration, environmental impact, MSW, China
E16Biodiesel production by transesterification of sludge in supercritical conditionsM.A. Pérez, I. Aracil, A. Fullanapyrolysis, sludge, transesterification, biodiesel
F06Durability and emissions from stabilised hazardous waste by field measurements, supporting the development of EU waste acceptance criteria for monolithic waste landfillsA. Van Zomeren, A. Keulen, R. Bleijerveld, H.A. Van Der Slootstabilised waste, leaching, landfill, waste, monolith
C03Implementing the extended producer responsibility for end of life tyres: the Italian caseG. Corbetta, D. Fornai, G. Rimondipneumatic tyres, End-of-Life-Tyres, Extended Producer Responsibility scheme
F08Green house gases emission from waste-to-energy incineration in ChinaN. Yang, X. He, F. Lu, M. Chen, L.M. Shao, P.J. Hegreenhouse gases (GHGs), municipal solid waste (MSW), incineration
C15Accelerate the start-up of waste anaerobic digestion at low inoculation rateF. Lu, L.M. Shao, M. Zhu, P.J. Heinoculation, vegetable waste, methanogenesis, acidogenesis, mixing
E09Experimental evaluation of the residual biogas potential for MSW organic fraction after composting treatmentF. Di Maria, A. Sordi, C. Micaleanaerobic digestion agricultural residue, biogas
PD02Experimental assessment of the energetic potential of the anaerobic co-treatment of different agricultural and agro industrial residuals and wasteF. Di Maria, A. Sordi, C. Micaleanaerobic digestion agricultural residue, biogas
PB02The use of banana fiber residue as replacement of glass fiber in polymeric compositesE.B.A.V. Pacheco, L.L.Y. Visconte, T.S. Gomesbanana fiber residue, polymer composites, glass fiber
B12Investigation of phytocap methane oxidation and emission: a full scale field trial and a controlled glasshouse experimentJ. Sun, S.T.S. Yuen, J. Bogner, D. Chenmethane, landfill emission, oxidation, vegetation, phytocap
E11Characterisation of syngas produced from MSW gasification at commercial-scale ENERGOS PlantsG. Del Alamo, A. Hart, A. Grimshaw, P. Lundstrømsyngas, gasification, ENERGOS
PI03Immobilization of heavy metals in soil using olive pomace biocharF. Pellera, E. Gidarakosbiochar, soil, heavy metals, immobilization
C09Pilot case study: application of a methodology to determine greenhouse gas emissions reduction from manure co-digestion systemsL. Gómez, M.M. García, E. Marañón, L. Castrillón, Y. Fernández-Navabiogas, greenhouse gas emissions, manure, methodology
C16Biofuel: development of a new, integrated waste treatment process to generate liquid biofuel as the final resultL. Vidal, E. Jimenez, F. Relea, L.C. Carrillo, D. Salvatierra, V.Signes, C. Collmunicipal solid waste, bioethanol, solid recovered fuel, organic fibre, active hygienization, simultaneous saccharification and fermentation
B06MICROPHILOX: Energy recovery from landfill gas using microturbines and biological removal of hydrogen sulphide and siloxanesE. González, A. Ayats, J. Cabré, F. Relea, E. Jiménez, M. Haberbauer, F. Broto, L.L. Comellas, C. Ribas, G. Gotor, N. Vallmitjanalandfill gas, microturbine, H2S, siloxane, biofilter, siloxane determination
D09Optimisation of n removal in landfill leachates treatment with membrane bioreactor: pilot plant and full scale studiesM. Galleguillos, J.L. Vasellandfill leachate treatment, membrane bioreactor
D13Effect of bio-cover equipped with a novel passive air diffusion system on methan emission reduction from landfillW.J. Lu, Z.S. Moupassive air diffusion, bio-cover, methane oxidation, landfill
D04Emerging organic contaminants in leachates – review and risk assessmentM. Van Praagh, N. Torneman, M. Johansson, L. Ingelsted Frendberg, E. Heander, A. Johanssonleachate, landfill, organic pollutants, review, risk, persistence, bioaccumulation, toxicity
PG02CO2 balance of biogas upgrading technologiesK. Starr, X. Gabarrell Durany, G. Villalba Mendez, L. Talens Peiró, L. Lombardibiogas, LCA, cleaner production, carbon mineralization
PE05Pyrolysis of rapeseed waste as a potential source of fuel componentK. Pstrowska, J. Walendziewski, M. Stolarskirapeseed waste, biomass, biofuel, pyrolysis
E05Environmental and mechanical assessment of wood fly ash used for stabilisation of gravel roadsD. Nordmark, A. Lagerkvist, J. Vestin, M. Arm, B. Lind, P. Hallgrenwood fly ash, environmental assessment, mechanical assessment, road stabilisation
F07Safety and health in mechanical-biological treatment plantsC. Capitanio, E. Voudriassafety, health, mechanical-biological treatment (MBT), municipal solid waste (MSW)
F09Upgraded waste fuel for gasification and high efficiency energy productionM. Nieminen, J. Ranta, J. Laatikainen-Luntamawaste fuel, SRF, ash, gasification, gas cleaning, energy production
PE06Pyrolysis of waste plastics and whole combustible components separated from municipal solid wastes: comparison of products and emissionsL. Zhao, D. Chen, Z. Wang, X. Ma, G. Zhoupyrolysis, waste plastics, MSW, upper siftings, products comparison
F09Pyrolysis of waste separated from municipal solid waste: products, emissions and influences caused by other waste componentsL. Zhao, D. Chen, X. Ma, G. Zhoupyrolysis, waste plastics, MSW, waste components, emissions
E01Co-digestion of thermally pretreated municipal solid wastes (MSW) with distillery effluentP.K. Pratapchandran, V.Gandhirajco-digestion, thermal pretreatment, OFMSW, COD, distillery liquid effluent
E10Identification and recovery of critical materials of secondary sourcesA. Mrotzek, H. Lohmannrecycling, scarce materials, li-ion batteries, Fraunhofer system research e-mobility
C09Greenhouse reduction methodology validation of in-situ aerobic stabilization – A guide to sampling and analyses under AM0083M. Hudgins, L. Greenbiochemical methane potential assay, greenhouse gas, sampling, aeration, bioreactor, baseline, Clean Development Mechanism, United Nations
G13Methodology to determine the service lifetime of HDPE geomembranes used in basal liner systems of municipal solid waste landfillsC. Pons, F. Farcas, E. Richuad, B. Fayolle, T.Bouchez, L. Mazeasaging, geomembrane, durability, landfill, polyethylene
D08Degradation of municipal solid wastes stored in bales: a fractional factorial field experimentD. Komilis, I. Markidis, D. Dermatas, F. Tsagasmunicipal solid wastes, baling, experimental design, factorial analysis
E13Potential of municipal solid waste in Hanoi for energy utilization – A case studyT.D.T. Nguyen, T.H.G. Nguyen, S. Schulenbrug, B. Bilitewskimunicipal solid waste, RDF, incineration, Vietnam
D04Fractal geometry: a tool for phytotoxicity assessment of landfill leachate on willowA. Bialowiec, M. Kopiklandfill leachate, toxicity, willow, fractal dimension
PB04The leca from fly ash after sewage sludge treatment – Possibilities of reuse in constructed wetlandsA. Bialowiec, W. Janczukowicz, M. Krzemieniewski, Z. Gusiatinfly ash, sewage sludge, thermal treatment, constructed wetlands, LECA
E01The influence of modification of municipal solid waste organic fraction on biogas productionA. Bialowiec, M. Templinbiogas, biowastes, fly ash, sewage sludge, stabilized waste, landfill leachate
A14Modeling and optimization of a regional waste-to-energy system: a case study in central SwedenH. Song, E. Thorin, E. Dotzauer, E. Nordlander, J. Yanwaste, sustainable energy system, fossil-fuel-free, optimization
A03Collection of household food waste – Comparison of different techniques from a systems perspectiveA. Bernstad, J. La Cour Jansensolid organic household waste, food waste, collection, life-cycle assessment
E07Need for improvements in pre-treatment of source-separated household food wasteA. Bernstad, J. La Cour Jansensolid organic household waste, food waste, pre-treatment, anaerobic digestion
B07Monitoring of methane emissions by micrometeorological method at two modern bioreactors from the initial degradation phases to methane productionT. Laurila, J. Hatakka, J.P. Tuovinen, K. Sormunen, K. Karhu, M. Uusihakala, M. Ettalaarea averaged emissions, eddy-covariance method
B13Lab-scale simulation of biological treatment of mature landfill leachateA. Žgajnar Gotvajn, G. Kalcikova, J. Zacorc-Koncanbiological treatment, mature landfill leachate, sequencing batch reactor, toxicity
B05Optimization of gas collection systems landfills, hazardous waste and abandoned waste disposal sitesW.H. Stachowitz, F. Ender, R. Hiemstralandfill gas (LFG), optimisation, gas collection system, hazardous waste, abandoned waste disposal sites, landfill, optimisation, LFG - extraction system, gas wells, booster, manifold station, condensate, knock out pots
D03Energy supply of a landfill site in the after care period by LFG, sun, oil, natural gas etc.W.H. Stachowitz, F. Enderlandfill gas, CHP units, utilisation, LFG, gas wells, micro gas turbines, engines, power from landfill, high temperature flare
E01Co-digestion of diapers organic fraction: feasibility studyM. Rouez, M. Lemunier, Y. Lessard, A. Simao, L. Galtierdiapers, organic fraction, sewage sludge, co-digestion, methane potential
G04Design of drainage systems in geosynthetic landfill capsK.A. Zamara, N. Dixon, D.R.V. Joneslandfill capping system, hydraulic performance, pore water pressure
C08Economics of sanitary landfills in BrazilC. Machline, D. Del Bel, C. Caselani, P. Sandroni, V. Machlinesanitary landfills costs, Brazilian landfills costs, waste disposal in Brazil
D01Numerical prediction of landfill post-capping waste settlement: the analytical process, calibration and remedial works implementationR.L. Thomas, S.D. Cookewaste settlement prediction, settlement model calibration, remedial waste placement
G04Performances of draining geosynthetics for applications in landfill constructionO. Del Greco, P. Lefevre, C. Oggeridraining geocomposite, landfill layers, large testing equipment, drainage efficiency
B03Progress of sustainable landfill stabilization after 3 years of leachate recirculation at the Vlagheide landfill in Schijndel (NL)W.J. Van Vossen, H. Peperkamp, D.T. Folmerlandfill, sustainability, leachate recirculation, aftercare
PD04Potential evaluation and technology comparison for anaerobic digestion of organic fraction of MSWL. Lombardi, E. Carnevale, A. Corti, D. Bacchianaerobic digestion, wet, dry, life cycle assessment
C10Lyfe cycle assessment comparison of traditional and innovative technologies of energy recovery from wasteL. Lombardi, A. Corti, G. Del BalioLCA, waste-to-energy, combustion, gasification
E03Joint implementation program of activity: agricultural waste utilization for generating of electricity and heat at the farms of UkraineM. Bereznytska, Y. PyrozhenkoKyoto Protocol, JI Program of Activity, biogas plants, emission reduction
F14Integrated material and energy recovery plant Attero (NL)H. Woelders, E. Michels, B. Nauts, M. Oostingincineration, mechanical separation, CO2 footprint, material and energy recovery
PG04Innovative processes for biogas up-gradingL. Lombardi, R. Baciocchi, E. Carnevale, A. Corti, G. Costa, X. Gabarrell, P. Mostbauer, F. Olivieri, T. Olivieri, A. Paradisi, K. Starr, G. Villalba, D. Zingarettibiogas, up-grading, carbonation
PG03Energy recovery from biogas: internal combustion engines coupled with organic Rankine cycleL. Lombardi, E. CarnevaleORC, ICE, biogas
B06Biogas up-grading through carbon dioxide absortpion with alkali solutionsL. Lombardi, E. Carnevale, A. Corti, T. Olivieribiogas, up-grading, absorption, carbon dioxide
PA08Development and evaluation of scenarios for integrated SWM systems in selected regions in BulgariaT. Lolos, G. Tavoularis, C. Tsompanidis, G. LolosBulgaria, waste policy, financial instruments, dynamic prime cost
PD09Environmental monitoring program results from the MBT plant located in the integrated solid waste management center of Ano Liosia municipality in Western AtticaT. Lolos, I. Georgiou, G. Lolos, C. Tsompanidisenvironmental monitoring, MBT plant, sound, dust, odour
A07Biomass utilization strategy aimed at regional activationR. Inaba, K. Matsuhashi, Y. Yuyama, S. Okamoto, S. Ito, H. Kurishimabiomass utilization, strategy, regional activation, causal correlation
PH15Innovative process for obtaining biopolymers from leather wastes for agricultureG.A. Zainescu, P. Voicu, R. Constantinescu, M. Arsene, O. Vizitiu, M. Mihalachebiopolymer, organic wastes, tannery, soil
B04Issues in using medium to large scale landfill data for modelling, model calibration and predictionJ. Lambornlandfill modelling, model calibration, full-scale data sets
D06Tracing solid waste leachate in groundwater using 13CK. Haarstad, T. Mæhlumlandfill, leachate, trends
D13Measurement of methane oxidation rates with gas push-pull tests (GPPT) – Applications and implicationsJ. Streese-Kleeberg, R. Stegmannlandfill gas, methane oxidation, method
A11Quality of composts from municipal biodegradable waste of different originsI. Zdanevitch, O. Bourcomposts, MBT, MSW, biowaste, quality
D16Evaluating odour reduction emissions from an experimental landfill biocoverM.A. Capanema, A.R. Cabral, H. Cabana, D. Masséodour, biogas, landfill, biocover
C05Evaluation of the implementation of the PPW and WEEE directives in island member states and member states that include islandsG. Kirkos, K. Makris, M. Vatyliotou, D. Fatta-Kassinoswaste management, recycling, islands, implementation evaluation, packaging waste, waste of electrical and electronic equipment
B13Aged refuse reuse for rural decentralized sewage treatment: the humified media filter process from laboratory study to full scale applicationJ. Wu, Z. Zhou, J. Wang, L. Cao, D. Caiaged refuse, sewage treatment, HF process, laboratory study, field application
D05Inversion software of electrical resistivity measurements to observe leachate recirculation in bioreactor landfillsS. Moreau, N. Guyomarresistivity, inversion, bioreactor, modelling, recirculation
B09Evaluating methane oxidation efficiencies of soils contaminated with heavy metalsC.D. Roncato, M.A. Capanema, A.R. Cabralbiocover, heavy metals, methane oxidation, column tests
D15Stable isotopic signatures for characterising the biological stability of landfilled municipal solid wasteB. Wimmer, M. Horacek, A. Watzinger, O. Gamperling, M. Hrad, M. Huber-Humer, T.G. Reichenauermunicipal solid waste, aeration, seepage water, d13C, carbon isotope
B09Evaluation of candidate materials for the construction of a biocoverM. Létourneau, A.R. Cabral, T. Johnsonbiocovers, methane oxidation, landfills
G11/G12IWWG-SLTG Workshop on sustainable landfill and completion criteriaH. Scharfflandfill, aftercare, completion, procedure, criteria
B15Performing and cost-effective landfill gas managment in the aftercare periodA. Åkerman, O. Bour, M. Crest, E. Senante, J.M. Audic, D. Presselandfill gas, aftercare, methane, oxidation, biocover, biowindow
B10Optimum air injection manner for the stabilization of landfill adopting the aerobic-anaerobic methodT. Shimaoka, T. Komiya, G. Jiao, Y. Hao, X. Chai, Y. Zhaoaerobic-anaerobic landfill method, air injection manner, leachate quality, greenhouse gases emission, landfill stabilization
A06Optimized solutions for recycling waste liquid crystal display (LCD) productsC. Lin, K. Fan, L. WenLCD, recycling technology, WEEE
E04The comparison study of the extended producer responsibility systems for WEEE recycling in two chinese societies: Taiwan and ChinaL. Wen, C. Lin, T. ChangExtended Producer Responsibility, WEEE
D07Verification of landfill gas production model results for Ukrainian MSW landfillsA. Pukhnyuk, M. Ritzkowski, Y. Matveevlandfill gas, methane, modeling, potential
E11Characterization of the rejects of waste packaging separation plants: pyrolysis of individual and families of componentsA. Adrados, I. De Marco, A. López, B.M. Caballero, M.F. Laresgoitipyrolysis, feedstock recycling, plastic waste
B02Improved methodology to assess modification and completion of landfill gas management in the aftercare periodJ.W.F. Morris, M. Crest, A. Åkerman, M.A. Barlaz, K.A. Spokas, L. Yuan, D. Presse, S. Hayward-Highamlandfill gas, aftercare, modification, completion, methane oxidation
G09Assessment of the aerobic preparation and bottom ash addition as pretreatment steps before landfilling of fresh municipal solid waste: impact on methanogenesis kinetics and leachate parametersA.A. Mansour, A. Motte, V. Pallier, G. Feuillade-Cathalifaud, A. Ponthieuxfresh municipal solid waste, pretreatment, bottom ash, aerobic preparation, methanogenesis, leachate
F06Using the leaching test to study the effect of different waste management schemes on the stability of MSW in semi-industrial scale pilots: application to bioreactor and biomechanical pretreatementG. Feuillade-Cathalifaud, M. Leloup, V. Pallier, A. A. Mansourmunicipal solid waste, semi-industrial scale pilots, leaching test, organic matter, fractionation
C15Impact of chemical composition and structural features on methane potential of lignocellulosic substratesF. Monlau, A. Barakat, E. Latrille, C. Dumas, J.P. Steyer, H. Carrerebiomethane, lignocellulosic substrates, anaerobic digestion, methane potential
B04Recent developments in understanding of waste degradation rates and modelling landfill gas generation and recoveryR.G. Gregory, D.M. Browelllandfill gas, modelling, methanogenesis, waste degradation
D11Developing landfill gas to energy systems in South AfricaN. Kohler, R.G. Gregory, D. CornishGas Resource Assessment, landfill gas, gas field, gas compound, GasSim, energy, South Africa
E08Evaluation of construction and demolition waste management in Viçosa Municipality, MG, BrazilA.A.P. Buselli, I.C.D. Azevedo, E.A.G. Marques, R.R. Moraes, B.N. Brito, L.C.R. Andradeconstruction and demolition (C&D) waste, disposal areas, irregular disposition
B16Quantification of greenhouse gas emissions resulting from handling of organic wasteF.C. Gross, M.A. Siebel, V.S. Rottergreenhouse gas emissions, flux chamber, composting, diffuse surface emissions
F01Production of carbonaceous materials from low value biomass by hydrothermal carbonization and low temperature conversion: a comparison of techniquesS. Stengl, C. Koch, E.A. Stadlbauer, B. Weber, K. Albert, M. Bayerlow temperature conversion, hydrothermal carbonization, biochar
C06The “Samambaia” model: a multicriteria tool for management of contaminated areasA. Magrini, D.B. Viana, M.G. Araujocontaminated areas, multicriteria analysis
PB07Lubricating oils: an analysis of the sector and recycling policies in BrazilG. Lovon-Canchumani, A. Magrini, M. Araujolubricating oils, waste oil, recycling policies, refined oil
PB08Self-compacting concrete with biomass fly ash: preliminary resultsM. Martín-Morales, J. Cuenca, P. López, J. Rodríguez, M. Zamorano, I. Valverde-Palaciosself-compacting concrete, biomass fly ash
E11Morphological characteristics of waste plastics pyrolysis process and their application for process controlH. Wang, D. Chen, Z. Wang, X. Ma, G. Zhoumorphological characteristics, waste plastics, pyrolysis, process control
A10Modernization of a Swiss MBT-plant with SCHUBIO®-process to a TSS-plantR. Schu, K. SchuSCHUBIO®-Process, TSS, transfer, stabilization, storage, MBT, mechanical-biological treatment
D03Development, construction and operation of a flexible landfill cover with an integrated photovoltaic power plantM. Kuehle-Weidemeierlandfill after use, photovoltaic power plant, surface sealing system, geomembrane, flexible thin film solar cells
A03Assessing the efficiency of solid waste collection services in BrazilR.G. Souza, M.P.E. Lins, R.A.B. Vallesolid waste management, waste collection, data envelopment analysis
A16Weathering of MSW bottom ash – results from field-scale experiments considering effects of saline solutions and internal structureD. Sager, S. Heuss-AßbichlerMSWI bottom ash, weathering, leaching processes, landfill aftercare
D05Application of geophysical methods to investigate the structure of a MSWI landfillS. Heuss-Aßbichler, D. Sager, E. Niesnerlandfill, geoelectric measurement, geomagnetic measurement, monitoring, mineral residues
E12Intrinsic properties of new materials for civil engineering works based on the reuse of MSWI bottom ashes: chemical and ecotoxicological assessmentN. Lapa, R. Barbosa, B. MendesMSWI bottom ashes, mortars, concretes, toxicity, ecotoxicity, intrinsic properties
B10Sustainable emission reduction of ammonium from a landfill body using the anammox-process at the Vlagheide landfill in Schijndel (NL)W.J. Van Vossen, A. De Vos, T. Folmerlandill, ammonium, anammox, sustainability, emission reduction
C12Local waste management strategies for integrated solutions for the biodegradable fraction of municipal solid waste in rural areasA. Schüch, F. Höfs, B. Lüdecke, S. Lösel, M. Nelleswaste management, MSW, organic waste, biodegradable fraction, separate collection, rural area
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G09Effect of MSW aerobic pre-treatment on biogas potential for bioreactor landfill: experimental analysisF. Di Maria, F. Valentinibioreactor, aerobic treatment, biogas, MSW
D08Diagnostic of a French Bioreactor Landfill after 8.5 Years of DegradationD. Rivière, V. Vigneron, N. Baffaleuf, G. Le Lay, M. Guerbois, J. Cacho Riverobioreactor landfill, diagnostic campaign, boreholes, landfill management
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D16Medical waste fly ash recycling as filler for landfill soil cover and/or linerR. Al-Faresfly ash recycling, geotechnical testing, landfill, liner, permeability
C10A life cycle assessment of recovering energy from the organic fractions of municipal wasteS.J. Burnley, R. Phillips, T. Colemanlife cycle assessment, biodegradable, municipal waste, energy recovery
C06Waste management planning based on material and substance flow analysesM.L. Mastellone, U. Arenawaste management planning, material flow analysis, life cycle assessment
F13Recycling of tannery sludge in tropical soil – A case study in BrazilE.J.B.N. Cardoso, A.S. Nakatani, A.M. Martinesammonia volatilization, soil nitrogen, DGGE, microbial activity, waste application
B11Adsorption Behavior of Fulvic Acid, Copper, and their Complex onto Clay MineralsK. Yokohata, F. Takahashi, T. Shimaokaclay minerals, adsorption, fulvic acid, copper, heavy metals complexes
E06Revamping of full scale MBT plant to biodrying plant to produce high quality solid recovered fuelG. D'Imporzano, F. Adani, A. Forte, A Giardiello, D. Richichibiodrying, SOF, RDF, IRDP
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D05Development of 3D geoelectrical resistivity for mapping of gas migration in landfillsH. Rosqvist, T. Dahlin, V. Leroux, M. Svensson3D geoelectrical resistivity, landfill gas migration, spatial and temporal variability
D14Water requirements estimates for an aerobic bioreactor landfill in ChinaJ. Law, E. Peterson, M. Hudginslandfill, bioreactor, water balance, leachate, waste degradation
E13Formation of deposits on the surfaces of superheaters and economizers of MSW incinerator plantsJ. Reichelt, G. Pfrang-Stotz, B. Bergfeldt, H. Seifert, P. Knappformation of deposits, energy efficiency, reduction of operating costs
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E11Biomass gasification residues: leaching and disposal optionsE. Allegrini, A. Boldrin, R. Pomi, A. Polettini, T. Astrupgasification, bottom ash, leaching, geochemical modelling
E09Biogas production from Mediterranean crop silagesL. Carvalho, S. Di Bernardino, E. Duarteanaerobic digestion, biogas, energy crops, renewable energies, sustainability
E15Assessing the performance of biodegradable mulch film under real field conditions: case study in muskmelon cropM. Oliveira, L. Carvalho, M. Martins, E. Duartebiodegradable mulch film, biodegradability of plastic materials, sustainability
PH13An integrated approach of winery waste managementM. Oliveira, E. Duartewinery waste, wastewater reuse, waste management, sustainability
C16Pretreatment of the organic fraction of municipal solid wastes (OFMSW) for biofuel productionE.M. Angelis, A.I. Vavouraki, M. Kornarosmunicipal solid wastes, biofuels, bioethanol, chemical pretreatment
PB11Effect of pH on the anaerobic acidogenesis of agroindustrial wastewaters for maximizing bio-hydrogen productionM. Dareioti, A.I. Vavouraki, M. Kornarosagroindustrial wastewaters; bio-hydrogen; acidogenesis; anaerobic co-digestion
C16An experimental ensilaging procedure and chemical pretreatment of sweet sorghum stalks for enhancing biofuels productionA.I. Vavouraki, M. Dareioti, M. Kornarossweet sorghum, ensilaging, chemical pretreatment, lignocellulosic material
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E03Clean Development Mechanism – Mitigating GHGs and improving sustainable development?M. Siebel, A. Nabende, J. Gupta, V.S. RotterClean Development Mechanism, GHG, Kyoto Protocol
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F14Materials and carbon flow in a waste refinery process using enzymesD. Tonini, M. Wood, T. Astrupresource recovery, waste characterization, MFA, SFA, Cfossil, Cbiogenic
D01Mechanical and biological aspects in MSW settlementsM. Conte, P. Carrubbamunicipal solid waste, settlement, biodegradation
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B07Evaluating gas emission from landfills – Which methodologies can be used?P. Kjeldsen, C. Scheutzgreenhouse gases, climate change, flux chambers, tracer dilution method
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E15Recycling of Footwear Products during the manufacture process: CASE STUDYP.A.A. Silva, J.C.O. Matias, P.N.B. Reissustainable development, footwear wastes, manufacturing process, recyclable materials, economical benefits
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PH10Biosorption characteristics of portunus sanguinolentus particles for the removal of acid red 88 (AR88) and acid blue 15 (AB15) from aqueous solutionsT.V.N. Padmeshbiosorption, crabshell, acid dyes, isotherm, kinetics, packed bed column, FTIR, SEM
C16Small scale production of biodiesel from waste vegetable oil – tarnsformation of one waste to another?P. Hadžic, M. Kutin, S. Borozanhomemade biodiesel, waste vegetable oil
G08Waste excavation and screening for reclamation and re-engineering of a landfill siteP.J. Dewaele, I.R. Fleming, S. Coulterwaste excavation, waste screening, reclamation, waste slope stability
B06Catalytic exhaust gas cleaning for power generating landfill gas enginesG. Mogensen, F. Huber, R. Ricci, A. Giordano, G. Garutilandfill gas, gas engine, emission limits, catalytic oxidation, DeNOx, engine control
E07Refilling and recycling of beverage packaging as contribution to waste reduction – New results in the old discussionC. Stiglitzwaste reduction, recycling, refillables, one way packaging, PET, glass
D12The effectiveness of nitrification and denitrification with co-treatment wastewater with landfill leachateS. Fudala-Ksiazek, A. Luczkiewicz, B. Quant, K. Olanczuk-Neymanlandfill leachate, co-treatment, nitrification, denitrification, dephosphatation
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G16Physical and human geography of the French landfill neighbourhoodsJ. Mery, M. Matias, J.M. Deleuil, F. Olivierlandfill, conflicts with neighbours, reasons for conflicts
E03Carbon emission benefits arising from reclaiming of recyclables by informal waste pickersC.J. Liebenbergwaste reclaimers, recycling, greenhouse gasses, CDM, developing countries
D02Fiber content impact on the shear strength of MSW materials in direct shear testsN. Shariatmadari, M. Karimpour-Fard, M. Keramati, H.Jafari Kolarijani, A. Naebimunicipal solid waste, fiber content, shear strength
C07Integrated treatment of the generated waste streams on the Djerdap damM. Stepanovic, M. Vlahovic, P. Jovanicsustainability, solid waste, treatment, integral
A01Technology transfer in MSW disposal to reduce the carbon footprint of ChinaT. Dorn, M. Nelles, S. Flamme, J. Caitechnology transfer, decision matrix, waste incineration, bio gas generation, carbon footprint, GHG, organic waste, China, Germany
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C11Packaging recovery in non EU European countries: SerbiaR. Bo?vic, I. Pavlovic, C. Stiglitzpackaging waste, recovery, recycling, serbia
A02Development of a set of indicators for monitoring implementation of measures to prevent MSW productionA.E. Santamaria, F.G.A. Vagliasindiprevention, production, indicators
PI04Remediation of radionuclides polluted soil by stabilisation/soilidificationP.P. Falciglia, S. Cannata, S. Romano, F.G.A. Vagliasindipolluted soil, radionuclides, remediation, stabilisation/solidification, thorium
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C13Innovative strategies for the disposal of hazardous infectious health care wasteR. Lacroce, D. Napolihazardous infectious health care waste, sterilization, calculation model
E09Application of respirometric tests and organic matter fractionation as indicators of waste stabilizationT. Chantou, G. Feuillade-Cathalifaud, D. Mausset, J. Bouzid, G. Matejkasolid waste, PTMB, organic matter, leaching test, respirometric test
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C12LCA of integrated municipal solid waste management systems: case studies of Torino & Cuneo (Italy)G.A. Blengini, G. Genon, M. Fantoniattributional life cycle assessment, municipal solid waste, participatory approach
B13Application of biological and chemical treatment for removal of organic matter from leachateA. Butkovskyi, K. Jönssonleachate, COD, sequencing batch reactor, ozonation, Fenton’s oxidation
E14The value of composting in the context of economy, ecology and legislationD. Meyer, G. Hädrich, W. Bidlingmaier, E. Kraftcomposting, assessment, system boundaries, compost price
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F07Diarrhoea morbidity associated with residence near a municipal solid waste landfillM.A. Azevedodiarrohea morbidity, MSW landfill, human health
E16Forming public consortiums for final solid waste disposal and treatment in BrazilM. Azevedo, M. Cruz, T. Novaispublic consortium, solid waste disposal, Brazil
B09Evaluation of perlite-based material as a potential bed of methanotophic biofilterW. Stepniewski, M. Pawlowskamethane, bio-oxidation, methanotrophs, aerated biofilters, landfill
F04Enhancement of methane oxidation capacity in biofilter due to aeration – a laboratory studyM. Pawlowska, W. Stepniewskimethane, bio-oxidation, methanotrophic capacity, aerated biofilters, landfill
C14Growth inhibition by soil components for degradation of dioxins using white rot fungusS. Suzuki, A. Tachifuji, Y. Matsufujibiodegradation, organic-rich soil, Phlebia brevispora, growth inhibition, 2,7-DCDD
G09Effect of aerobic pretreatment degree of municipal solid waste on gas generation during landfillingD. Yue, Y. Zhang, Z. Yu, J. Liu, Y. Niemunicipal solid waste, landfilling, aerobic pretreatment, landfill gas, lag phase
G15The influence of landfill features and side slopes on methane emission ratesG. Di Bella, D. Di Trapani, M. Capodici, G. Vivianilandfill, methane, emission
PD11Biological stability analysis of the MSW matrix treated in a composting plantG. Di Bella, A. Cosenza, P.A. Lanza, S. Nicosia, M. Torregrossa, G. Vivianicomposting, biological stability, Dynamic Respiration Index (DRI), organic fraction municipal solid wastes (OFMSWs)
PE02Quality and biodegradation of residual organic matter in relation to management in MSWI bottom ashA. Ilyas, H. Modin, K.M. Persson, M. Perssonbiodegradation, carbonation, DOC, metals, bottom ash
PA03GPS/GIS application for monitoring and managing segregate waste collection in Hanoi, VietnamN.P. Thanh, Y. Matsui, D.T.T. Trang, N.T.K. ThaiGIS, GPS, waste collection, waste separation at source, segregate bin collection
A04Life cycle analysis of waste management focused on waste categories and treatment methodsJ. Yano, Y. Hirai, S. Sakaigreenhouse gas, household waste, food waste, recycling, life cycle analysis
CC01Establishment of procedure for quantitative assessing of disaster debris impact on landfill systemN. Hirayama, T. Shimaoka, T. Fujiwara, T. Okayama, Y. Kawatadisaster debris, impact assessing on landfill system, time to expiration, reservation of landfill capacity, recycling and/or reuse of disaster debris
E01Co-digestion of cattle manure with food waste and sludge to increase biogas productionE. Marañon, L. Castrillón, G. Quiroga, Y. Fernández-Nava, L. Gómez, M. M. GarcÍaco-digestion, manure, biogas, glycerine, ultrasounds
D06Evaluation of contamination potential of sanitary landfill lysimeter using leachate pollution indexI.M. Rafizul, M. Alamgir, M.M. Islamsanitary landfill lysimeter, contamination potential, leachate pollution index, sub-index curve
C02Sitting and design of transfer station in Khulna City of BangladeshI. Jahan, M. Alamgir, B. Khadiza, M.A.K. Salimsiting, design, transfer station, municipal solid waste, Khulna
C07Waste generation in cities of Bangladesh: a review and further estimationQ.H. Bari, M. Alamgirsolid waste, income group, population, prediction
A16Stabilization of apc residue by combined carbonation and washing treatmentG. Cappai, A. Carucci, A. Muntoni, M. Pireddametal leaching, chloride release, carbonation, washing
PE07CO2 uptake capacity and metal release capacity of carbonated sulcis coal ashR. Ciccu, A. Mazzella, C. Tilocca, G. Meicoal ash, CO2 uptake capacity, CO2 treatment influence on metal release
PH16Reuse of products from waste anodes of aluminium smelterR. Ciccu, G. Mei, C. Tilocca, M. Figusindustrial wastes, reuse, flotation
C16Low-power sonification for enhancing food waste hydrolysis in view of hydrogen bio-productionG. De Gioannisultrasonication, anaerobic digestion, hydrogen
C08Behavior modification mechanism of discharge fee system on household solid wasteY. Matsui, D.T.T. Tranghousehold solid waste, waste separation, behavior modification, discharge fee system, effect measurement
E09Biochemical methane potential of organic municipal solid waste components in order to determine gas production in an industrial scale of anaerobic digestersI. Pecorini, T. Olivieri, A. Paradisi, D. Bacchi, G. Cenni, L. Burberi, L. Lombardi, A. Cortibiochemical methane potential, anaerobic digestion, gas production
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A08Scenario of solid waste reuses in Khulna City of BangladeshQ.H. Bari, K.M. Hassan, R. Haque, M. AlamgirKhulna city, private initiative, reuse, sustainability, waste materials
A15A critical assessment of municipal solid waste gasificationU. Arenagasification, thermal treatment, waste-to-energy, waste management
D14Waste composition and surficial methane concentration at the Quezon City controlled dumping facility (QCCDF), PhilippinesM.N. Tanchuling, T. Soe, A. Resurreccionmethane extraction, methane emission estimation, waste reduction
I10Proposta metodologica per la definizione di valori di fondo nelle acque sotterranee in prossimità della discarica di San Donà di PiaveA. Scalabrin, S. Cestaro, M. Zanella, M. Bellardi, B. Montebovi, L. Schiavon, M. Ostoichvalori di fondo, ferro, manganese, arsenico, cloruri, solfati, ione ammonio
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B15Environmental recovery of a landfill. Returning land to the local community – Terenzano, Castrezzato (Brescia), ItalyG. Delbarba, S. QuerciMSW landfill, environmental recovery, post closure management
PA04Cogeme Gestioni and global seletive waste collection. The success of a system three years after its introductionG. Delbarba, S. Querciwaste management, global selective waste collection
I10Mitigazione dell’esposizione a sostanze odorose per una discarica di rifiuti inserita in un territorio ad elevata urbanizzazioneI. Bortone, S. Carrillo, A. Di Nardo, M. Di Natale, D. Musmarraemissioni di odori, discarica, modellazione, mitigazione del rischio
C15Effect of inoculum to substrate ratio on municipal solid waste methanization potentialA. Boulanger, E. Pinet, A.A. Mansour, M. Bouix, T. Bouchezinoculation, MSW, methanization, Gompertz equation
B11Feedback notes to assist landfill designersV. Hruby, S. Barrielandfill design, landfill liner performance, geomembrane failures, feedback information
D07Comparison of four landfill gas models using data from four Danish landfillsJ. Mønster, Z. Mou, P. Kjeldsen, C. Scheutzlandfill gas modelling, methane, greenhouse gas
B16Quantification of greenhouse gases from home composting of organic household wasteC. Scheutz, J.K. Andersen, A. Boldrin , T.H. Christensenclimate change, gas emissions, methane, nitrous oxide, emission factors
F02The use of an industrial by-product as a sorbent to remove CO2 and H2S from biogasL. Sarperi, M. Pellerano, A. Subrenat, A. Kerihuel, F. Chazarencanaerobic fermentation, biogas production, removal of CO2 and H2S
C01Characterization of food solid wastes for predicting methane potential and degradabilityC. Dumas, V. Prabhudessai, S. Mutnuri, J-P. Steyer, M. Torrijosmethane potential, solid waste, cooked rice, cooked dals, cooked vegetables
PI06Environmental human health risk analysis as a tool for remediation of contaminated sitesM.F. Milazzo, R. Lisi, V. Bartolozzienvironmental human health risk assessment, major accident, contaminant, exposure, environment
B14Aerobic in situ Stabilization of Landfill Konstanz Dorfweiher – Leachate quality after one year of operationG. Öncü, M. Reiser, M. Kranertlandfill aeration, leachate quality, aerobic landfill stabilization
F02Pilot-scale carbonation of APC residues for CO2 storage and alkali regeneration downstream. An absorption column for biogas upgradingR. Baciocchi, G. Costa, G. Faraoni, L. Lombardi, T. Olivieri, D. ZingarettiAPC residues, biogas upgrading, carbonation, CO2 uptake, leaching behaviour
D11Leaching behaviour of steel slag treated by accelerated carbonationR. Baciocchi, G. Costa, A. Polettini, R. Pomicarbonation, CO2 uptake, leaching behaviour, mineralogy, steel slag
G15Diagnostics of landfill gas extraction system efficiency by instant sampling of methane emissions from landfill surface by Flux-Fox technologyP. Novak, L. Kovarmethane emissions, landfill gas, flux-box, flux-fox
PH09Remediation of TNT using pine bark in a batch study: cometabolic reduction and sorptionO. Ashihmina, E. Nehrenheim, M. Odlare, N.Hajemadsorption, co-metabolic reduction, pine bark, 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene, TNT, 2-amino-4,6-dinitrotoluene, 4-amino-2,6-dinitrotoluene
C02Recirculation of biogas residue to agricultural land in Namibia – risks and potentials in full utilization of organic wasteE. Nehrenheim, P. Klintenberg, M. Odlarebiogas, organic waste, fertilization with biogas residue
PH14The use of steel slag as a substrate to treat wastewater: an integrated approachC. Barca, D. Meyer, C. Gérente, Y. Andrès, S. troesch, F. Chazarencwaste water treatment, filtration, steel slag
B05Landfill gas well performance under short-term and long-term testingI. Fleming, D. Stevenslandfill gas well, pumping test, landfill gas production rate, well performance
A03A proposal for selective collection guidelines for institutional buildingsM. Ragazzi, E. Girelli, E.C. Radaselective collection, guidelines, institutional buildings, environmental communication
C14The application of DCT technologies at laboratory scaleG. Andreottola, I.A. Istrate, A. Badea, E.C. Rada, M. Ragazzipolluted soils, electrochemical treatment, diesel, site remediation
A12Innovative biogas multi-stage R&D plant – Preliminary project experiencesF. Moedinger, F. Ast, M. Ragazzi, P. Foladori, E.C. Rada, R. Binnigbiogas, bio-energy, multi-stage, flow cytometry, FCM, respirometry
A14Consequences of regulation evolution on the sector of RDF/SRFE.C. Rada, E. Girelli, E. Malloci, G. AndreottolaMSW, SRF, RDF, legislation
D03An aftercare and monitoring plan of a MSW landfill: a way to use unusable spaceR. Meoni, I. Pecoriniaftercare plan, GHG’s emission, LFG emissions, landfill monitoring
PE08Evaluation of the carbon dioxide sequestration potential of several indiustrial residuesG. Cappai, A. Mazzella, S. Milia, M. PireddaCO2 sequestration capacity, alkaline residues, accelerated carbonation
PG10Eco-technology for effluent purification from leaching liquid treatment plantsP. Valenzuela, J.H. Palma, R. Espinace, R. Bernstein, P. Rivas, M. Mejiasleachate, effluent treatment, green filter, superficial runoff, landfill
A14High-efficiency waste-to-energy: Amsterdam’s experiences after 4 years of operationM.A.J. Van Berlo, P. Simoeswaste-to-energy, high-efficiency, steam parameters, corrosion, availability
D16The use of compost as an alternative landfill coverJ.R. Almeida, R.L.S. Izzo, C.F. Mahler, E.L.S.F. Soarescompost, landfill cover, capillary barrier, leachate
C02Study of the integrated management of construction and demolition wastes from Sao Carlos – SPV. Schalch, R.E. Cordobasolid wastes, construction and demolition wastes, civil construction, integrated management of construction and demolition wastes, points of delivery of small volumes of C&D wastes
F07Use of odor perception to assess the environmental effect of improvements on a garbage transfer station in Sao Paulo, BrazilM.F.S. Pinheiro, Y.D.B. Almeida, C.B. Junior, J. Feinodor, waste transfer station, odor classification
C01Biomass fraction of Municipal Solid Waste determined by 14C methodY. Hirai, S. Sakai, Y. Matsudabiomass fraction, accelerator mass spectrometry, fossil carbon
D02Cyclic loading of waste for design of a wind turbine foundation on a landfillI. Fleming, M.A. Fleming, J.S. Sharmawaste mechanics, plate loading, cyclic loading, subgrade modulus
PB06Ceramic design to include several wastes from steel plantsN. Quaranta, M. Caligaris, H. Lopez, M. Unsen, N. Lalla, G. Pelozo, A. Cristobalceramic materials, wastes, steel industries
PH07Environmental aptitude analysis of residues from metalurgical industries for their reutilization in diverse usesN. Quaranta, M. Caligaris, H. Lopez, M. Unsen, N. Lalla, G. Pelozo, A. Cristobalindustrial residues, environmental aptitude, metallurgical industries
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PD08Dairy cow slurry management by screw press: composting solid component and aerobic digestion of liquid componentY. Yamashita, K. Iwata, K. Ohmiyascrew press, solid-liquid separation, aeration, purification, compost
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B10Analysis of in situ passive aeration of a closed landfill for reduction of methane gas emissionH. Yoshidatemperature, passive aeration, aerobic biodegradation, landfill gas, methane gas
B13Treatment of leachate at an old landfill in Sussex, UKH. Robinson, K. Wilson, M. Carville, R. Sibleyold leachate, wastewater treatment plant
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D16Ageing of ashes in a landfill top coverE. Branvall, L. Andreas, R. Sjoblom, I. Travar, J. Kumpiene, A. Lagerkvistfly ashes, stability of RDF fly ashes, landfill liner
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E08Thermal recycling of waste glass wool insulation materialsR. Bezjak, V. Grilcflue gas, glass wool, thermal recycling
D15Policy process of allowing research pilots for sustainable emission reduction at landfills in The NetherlandsW. Kattenberg, T. Heimovaarasustainable landfill management, after-care concepts, natural biodegradation and immobilization
G08Mining of waste from landfill in a developing country for beneficiation (re-use/recycling): is it a viable and sustainable opportunity? Insight to a trial study in South AfricaR. Emerycity of Cape Town, Jeffares and Green, coastal park landfill, Muizenberg, waste disposal, mining, re-use, recycling, waste minimisation, reduction and diversion, sustainable waste management
PF08Evaluation for effectiveness of groundwater remediation in an illegal dumping siteN. Nishida, T. Furuichi, K. Ishiiillegal dumping site, groundwater, on-site remediation, flushing process, evaluation
PG01Estimation of change in methane generation rate by analysis of age-defined wastes in a landfill siteK. Ishii, T. Furuichi, H. Kamiomethane emission, age-defined wastes, change in methane generation rate
G07Field studies of stabilizing the waste in closed system disposal facilitiesK. Ishii, T. Furuichistabilization of landfilled waste, watering, closed system disposal facilities
D12Phytoremediation and renewable energy production in landfill in Caximba landfill, Curitiba, Parana, BrazilK.H. Preussler, L.T. Maranho, C.F. Mahlerphytoremediation, renewable energy, wetlands, leachate, macrophyte
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C06Proposal of cleanup program incorporated with follow-up plan for illegal dumping sitesS.Y. Kim, T. Furuichi, K. Ishii, K. Kuranoillegal dumping, on-site treatment, remediation, follow-up
D10Volume minimization for improving leachate management using seeding technology, nanofiltration and hydro cyclon classificationT. Peterslandfill leachate, leachate purification, leachate volume minimization, nanofiltration, RO
PF12Laboratory and in situ tests of a landfillE. Imre, T. Firgi, K. Rajkai, G. Telekes, G. Mile, J. Módos, I. Subertlaboratory in situ measurements, settlement, strength, permeability, water content
C06Assessment of municipal waste operators: adapting the assessment framework to a new regulatory contextJ. Silva, M. Nunes, D. Alvesregulation of waste services, quality of service, performance indicators, benchmarking
E12Leaching modelling of activated incinerator bottom ash in cement blendsR. Onori, A. Polettini, R. Pomiincinerator bottom ash, leaching, geochemical modelling, chemical activation, cement
D04Modern Norwegian leachate (2005-2010) compared to older (1998-2002)K. Haarstad, T. Mæhlumlandfill, leachate, trends
B03Minimum leachate recirculation rates for aerobic and anaerobic degradation in pilot scale waste landfill cellsS. Reyes, W. Powrie, M. Darquileachate recirculation, air injection, organic degradation, permeability
D02Large-scale oedometers (CICLADES) for monitoring the long-term hydro-mechanics of MSWN. Drut, J.P. Gourc, M. Staub, G. Stoltz, A. Mansourbioreactor, experimental setup, settlement, moisture, permeability
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E03Reduce carbon emissions from improved waste management in AfricaC. Trois, R. Couthwaste management, waste hierarchy, sustainability, Clean Development Mechanism, Africa
D09Bio-denitrification of high strength leachate using garden refuse and pine bark as a carbon sourceR. Frank, C. Trois, F. Coulonbio-denitrification, landfill leachate, compost, pine bark, microbiology
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A12Characterization of organic wastes with a mass balance based steady state model for anaerobic digestionG. Ekamaanaerobic digestion, biodegradable organics characterization, mass balances, modelling
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I04Criteri metodologici per la valutazione dell’efficienza del processo di stabilizzazione dei rifiutiG. Valentini, L. Ammannati, F. Braca, A. Cecchi, M. Franceschicontrollo di processo, trattamento rifiuti, stabilizzazione di rifiuti, analisi di rifiuti
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G16Children participate design on Vergomasco landfill of Odolo, Brescia ProvinceP. Simone, L. Nettuno, C. Zaninelli, M. Vercesiparticipate design, environmental recovery
PF01Bioreactor: state of the art and development in ItalyP. Simone, A. Bracci, L. Nettunobioreactor, waste
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F07Occupational health risk in landfillingE. Davoli, G. Bianchi, A.N. Rossi, M. Il Grande, M. Facchetti, M. Giorgilandfilling, occupational health
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PD16Investigating cultivable and uncultivable airborne microfungi from waste treatment plantsD. Davolos, B. Pietrangelibioaerosol, penicillium, aspergillus, beta tubulin, calmodulin, ITS, 5.8S rDNA, 28S rDNA
PD13Does inoculum really affect bio-hydrogen production from OFMSW?L. Alibardi, L. Favaro, M.C. Lavagnolo, R. Raga, M. Basaglia, S. Casella, R. Cossudark fermentation, hydrogen, organic waste, industrial inoculum
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C03End of life tyres: crumb rubber physical and chemical characterization for reuse in paving applicationsS. Fiore, M.C. Zanetti, B. Ruffino, E. Santagatacrumb rubber, tyres, road pavements, wet process
C01Quality assurance and standardization of solid recovered fuelsS. Flamme, J. Geipingsolid rwecovered fuel, quality standards
PH12A coupled reactive transport model for contaminant leaching from cementitious waste matrices accounting for solid phase alterationsD. Jacques, J. Šimunek, D. Mallants, M.T. Van Genuchten, L. Yucoupled reactive transport modelling, cementitious waste, cement degradation, cement-barrier interaction
C04Economic assessment of informal sector activities in the waste managementU. Lange, B. Bilitewski, G. Obersteinerinformal sector activities, economic assessment, central and eastern Europe
A09Biological filtering of organosilicon compounds in exhaust gas streams of mechanical-biological treatment plantsL. Brunn, S. Mattersteig, B. Bilitewski, M. Frieseorganosilicon compounds, siloxane, MBT, biological filter, exhaust gas treatment
F07Environmental and health risks of chemical additives and recycling materialsV. Grundmann, B. Bilitewski, D. Barcelórisk assessment, chemicals, circular economy, health risk, additives
F08Comparison of greenhouse balances between dumping, sanitary landfilling and incineration of residual wasteC. Wünsch, B. Bilitewskigreenhouse gas emissions, dumping, sanitary landfill, waste incineration
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D12Effect of nitrate and nitrite addition on leachate characteristics in a simulated landfill bioreactorsA. Spagni, S. Grilli, F. Piccinelli, S. Casu, R. Farinalandfill bioreactor, nitrogen removal, Anammox
I02Linee guida per la caratterizzazione e la bonifica delle aree minerarie dismesseS. Demuru, R. Dessì, A. Murgia, S. Pilurzuarea mineraria, bonifica, sito di raccolta, comunicazione del rischio
PH11Analysis of the use of civil construction waste (CCW) in soil improvementA.B. De Farias, S.P. Fucale, R.A. Medeiros Junior, A.D. Gusmãocivil construction waste, recycling, compaction piles
D15Lab scale tests before in situ aerobic stabilization of an old landfillR. Raga, R. Cossuin situ aeration, aerobic stabilisation, landfill remediation
A09Washing treatment of waste before landfillingR. Cossu, T. Laiwaste washing, plastic residues, mechanically-biologically treated waste, automotive shredder residues
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G04When wrong design is the main problem in landfilling – A case studyR. Cossu, P. Carrubba, M. Conte,R. Raga, V. Salierilandfill design, uncontrolled emissions, differential settlements
G08Landfill mining: a multi-actor approach on policy preparationL. Umanslandfill mining, enhanced landfill mining, opportunities, risks
CC02C&D waste management for sustainable reconstruction after catastrophic eventsC. Furcas, G. Ballettorecycling, aggregates, construction and demolition waste, post-earthquake reconstruction, debris
C01Standardization of BOD5/COD ratio as a biological stability index for MSWR. Cossu, T. Lai, L. Salin, A. Sandonbiological stability index, BOD5, COD, COD fractioning method
PH18How hazardous metals are stabilized through the thermal reaction with clay materials?K. Shih, Y. Tang, C. Liaosludge, spinel, ceramic, stabilization
B14Landfill aeration experience in ItalyR. Cossu, R. Raga, G. Testolinin situ aeration, aerobic stabilisation, landfill remediation
C12Strategies to enhance livelihood as precondition for informal sector integration into the municipal waste management program at the Calahunan dumpsite in Iloilo City, PhilippinesJ.G. Paul, J. Jaque, N. Ravena, S.P. Villamormaterial recovery, waste pickers, informal sector integration, capacity development
C07Status of environmental education at elementary schools in Iloilo City, Philippines and options to enhance solid waste management habits at microlevelJ.G. Paul, M.A. Bandiezwaste minimization, SWM program, elementary school education, outdoor activities
I04La gestione dei fanghi di dragaggio nell’implementazione italiana della direttiva 2008/98/CEF. Peressedimenti, dragati, rifiuti, spostati, immersione in mare, materiali di escavo, risorsa
B02Do we have to take care of landfills forever?R. Stegmann, K.U. Heyer, K. Hupesite closure, aftercare period, operational tasks, release from aftercare, target values, in situ aeration, infiltration
F10Leaching and composition database for waste managementH.A. Van Der Sloot, D.S. Kosson, O. Hjelmar, R.N.J. Comans, A. Van Zomerendatabase, leaching test results, leachate, unified data structure, benchmarks, ph dependence, column, lysimeter, pilot studies
G06How does landfill aeration impact on leachate composition?M. Ritzkowskilandfill aeration, leachate quality, laboratory tests, full scale tests, processes
G01/G02Performance of methane oxidation systems – the need of proper evaluation criteriaM. Huber-Humermethane oxidation, biocover, construction criteria, evaluation criteria, material selection
G10Advanced aspects of combustion and gasification processes for thermal treatment of municipal solid wasteU. Arenasustainable waste management, thermal treatment, waste to energy
D13Experiences with full scale methane oxidation layersG. Rettenbergermethane oxidation, recultivation layer, gas distribution layer, maintenance, aftercare concept
F12Waste management in an industrial park- industrial ecology benefitsA. Mattiussi, M. Rosano, P. Simeoniindustrial ecology, eco-industrial park, sustainability indicators, reuse opportunities
PA10Exhausted poultry beddings: from environmental issues to resourcesG. Nardin, P. Simeoni, A. Mattiussipoultry beddings, nitrogen, energy conversion, best available technologies, small size plants
F11Recovery of small size electric and electronic waste and durable goods for the second-hand market: a case study in the Municipality of UdineM. Fuccaro, P.Simeoni, G. NardinWEEE, reuse, equipment evaluation centre, sustainable development, eco-park
C14Innovation in drilling and grouting for the rehabilitation of contaminated areas. Manfredonia landfills: a case historyR. Granata, D. Vanni, V. Specchio, M. Crocecontaminated area, rehabilitation, directional drilling, grouting
PH17Exhausted grape marc bio-drying: a pilot scale experimentationF. Moedinger, F. Ast, M. Ragazzi, E.C. Rada, C. Campostrini, S. Ciuta, A. Badea, G. Ionescubiomass, biodrying, energy, exhausted grape marc
F12A mixed methods design to assess corporate attitudes towards industrial ecology: advancing sustainable waste managementK.D. Govender, J.K. Filitzintegrated waste management, industrial ecology, mixed methodology
C15Anaerobic digestion of the organic solid waste soluble fraction in biofilm reactorsA. Alvarado-Lassman, J.M. Méndez-Contreras, R. Alvarado-García, J.M. Hernández-Martinez, N.A. Vallejo-Cantúanaerobic digestion, stirred biofilm rector
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I15La valutazione economica reale, al netto degli incentivi e delle penalizzazioni, della gestione dei rifiuti in ItaliaR. Cossu, S. Masicosti di gestione rifiuti urbani, sistemi di raccolta e trattamento rifiuti
D03Energy crops cover in landfillsM.C. Lavagnolo, R. Cossu, M. Malagoli, L. Alibardileachate, wastewater, energy crops, contaminated sites
I01Bonifica e riqualificazione delle discariche: criteri ed esempiA. Artuso, E. Cossudestinazione d’uso, ricomposizione ambientale, architettura, parco, attività, ricerca
I01Fattibilità e prospettive per il Landfill Mining in ItaliaR. Raga, R. Repettibonifica, discarica
I13Numerosità e complessità delle cause ambientali connesse alla realizzazione ed esercizio delle discariche controllateF. Peresdiscarica, consulenza tecnica, inibitorio, contenzioso civile, contenzioso amministrativo, sequestro preventivo
F15IWWG WORKSHOP – Prevention of food waste – definitions of food wasteF. Schneiderfood waste, task group, prevention, definition
PD17Overcoming ammonia inhibition in the leach bed digestion of a chicken litter and organic waste blendW.P. Clarke, A. D'Agostino, R. Cossuammonia inhibition, C:N, chicken litter, organic waste, anaerobic digestion
A10Preparation of biological waste and municipal solid waste using the press-extrusion processC. Gonellabiodegradable waste, municipal waste, organic fraction, wet fraction, dry fraction, refuse derived fuel, recyclables, energy from waste
E13Energy from Waste – Clean, efficient, renewableA. Sigg, M. Waldner, R. Halter, B. Brosch, H.J. Gehrmannenergy from waste, combustion process, nox reduction
A10Nord engineering: new waste collection systemM. D'Aquinocollection, waste container
C03Energy valorization of tyres wasteE.C. Rada, R. Dal Maschio, M. Ischia, M. Ragazzityres, pyrolysis, co-combustion
F05Landfill gas and leachate in Asia: co-beneficial approach on management of waste landfillT. Ishigakiwaste landfill, NAMA, greenhouse gas emission, leachate, co-benefit CDM
PI07Reclamation of a polluted site within an urban center and concurrent management of a cement asbestos landfill: a best practiceS. Testacavriana, quarry, reclamation, cement asbestos
E13Evaluation of the air quality impact of an incineration plant by means of the CALPUFF model. a sensitivity analysis based on what-if emission scenariosA. Mantovani, R. Artoni, L. Palmeriincineration, atmospheric pollution, dispersion model, sensitivity analysis
I03Valutazione dell’impatto odorigeno di un impianto di digestione anaerobica: confronto tra una tecnica sensoriale (odour field inspection) e un modello di dispersione in atmosfera (CALPUFF)A. Mantovani, A. Pittarello, M. Benzo, L. Palmeri, L. Ranzatoodore, campagna di misura, Field Inspection, modello di dispersione, rifiuti
G10High efficiency WtE power plant using high-temperature gasifying and direct melting furnaceA. Suzuki, S. Nagayamathermal WtE plant, gasifying and direct melting, power generation, vitrified slag, RDF
G10Projections of methane emission and mitigation, 2000-2030A. Wohllebenthermal waste treatment, waste-to-energy, MSW combustion, reverse-acting grate
C09Projections of methane emission and mitigation, 2000-2030E. Matthews, E. Baummethane, projections, mitigation
G10Waste gasification and energy efficiencyS. Consonniwaste gasification, energy efficiency, performance evaluation, Waste-To-Energy
F05Evaluation of semi-aerobic landfill system as a co-benefit GHG mitigation technologyM. Yamada, T. Ishigaki, K. Endo, A. Tanaka, Y. Matsufujisemi-aerobic landfill system, tropical Region, mitigation, IPCC waste model, co-benefit
F05Biological leachate treatment technology by simple and low-cost methodA. Tanaka, Y. Matsufuji, T. Fukushige, A. Nakamuraleachate management, developing countries, low cost technology, tornado method