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Conference: Sardinia 2003

00Eco-Efficiency in Integrated Waste Management Systems Environmental and Economical Assessment of Packing RecyclingA. Detzel, J. Giegrich, H. Weber and Christiani
A01/1Analysis of Temperatures at a Municipal Solid Waste LandfillN. Yesiller and J. L. Hanson
A01/2Cellulose Enzymatic Availability in Municipal Solid WasteC. Rodriguez, S. Hiligsmann, M. Ongena, S. Awono, J. Destain, R. Charlier and P. Thonart
A01/3Release and Attenuation of Fluorocarbons in LandfillsP. Kjeldsen, C. Scheutz, A. M. Fredenslund and H. Poulsen
A01/4Intermediate Soil Cover in Landfills: Effects on Anaerobic Biodegradation Performance ParametersL. Marquez-Benavides and I. Watson-Craik
A02/1Hydraulics of MSW Landfills and Implications for Water Flow ModellingJ. Fellner, R. Huber, G. Doeberl and P. H. Brunner
A02/2Assessing the Quantity of Leachate:A Simple Tool for Short and Long Term Prediction and Its Evaluation on Real Size Landfill SitesT. Gisbert, C. Bloquet, G. Barina and C. Petitpas
A02/3Three Hydrological Landfill Models (Moduelo 1.0 Help and Moduelo 2.0) Through a Practical ApplicationA.L.Garcia de Cortazar, J. M. Jofre, I. T. Monzon and M.S. Roman
A02/4Verification and Application of Coupled Models for Transport and Reaction Processes in Sanitary LandfillsJ. Kindlein, D. Dinkler and H. Ahrens
A03/1Material Flux Management of Waste by Mechanical-Biological Pre-TreatmentK. Soyez and S. Plickert
A03/2Optimized Mechanical Treatment and Material Segregation Through Ballistic Separation within Mechanical Biological Waste TreatmentW. Muller, M. Niesar and T. Turk
A03/3Two Years Experiences with a Full Scale two Step Anaerobic Pretreatment Process Including a Leaching out ReactorG. Rettenberger
A03/4Anaerobic treatment and Downstream wet Oxidation of RMSWR. Stegmann and J. Heerenklage
A04/1Air Management and Emission Control at Mechanical Biological Waste Treatment Plants (MBT)J. Stockinger and H. Doedens
A04/2The Effect of Mechanical and Biological Pretreatment on Landfill Leachate QualityB.D. Bone, K. Knox, A. Picken and H. Robinson
A04/3Landfilling and Properties of MBP WasteM. Kuehle-Weidemeier and H. Doedens
A04/4Deposition of Mechanical-Biologically Treated Municipal Solid WasteG. Ziehmann, K. Munnich and K. Fricke
A05/1Leachate Drainage, Collection and Extraction Systems: UK Best PracticeD.R.V. Jones and R.W. Marshall
A05/2Experimental and Modeling Study into Clogging of Leachate Collection SystemsR.K.rowe and J.F. VanGulck
A05/3Hydraulic Estimation of Landfill Leachate Rate at the Bottom of Sanitary Landfill of Domestic Waste in Osecna Location (Northern Bohemia, Czech Republic)J. Stibinger
A05/4Clogging of MSW Landfill Leachate Collection Systems: Prediction Methods and in Situ DiagnosisT. Bouchez, M-L. Munoz, S. Vessigaud, C. Bordier, C. Aran and C. Duquennoi
A06/1Prediction of Long Term Leachate Quality and Chemical Speciation for a Predominantly Inorganic Waste LandfillH.A van der Sloot, A. van Zomern, J.J. Dijkstra , D. Hoede, J. Jacobs and H. Scharff
A06/2Effects of Landfill Development on Leachate CharacteristicsE.D.Yildiz and K.Unlu
A06/3Fractionation of Organic Matter from a Stabilised MSW Landfill LeachateJ.P. Labanowski, C. Gauthier and G. Feuillade-Cathalifaud
A06/4Integrated Study of Waste Characteristics, Effluents and Waste Mass Evolution after 4 Years of Large Scale RecirculationG. Barina, T. Gisbert, L. Puglierin, B. Boin , X. Lefebvre and A. Gemignani
A07/1Landfill Leachate Recirculation: Technical-Economic Evaluation of Intermediate NitrificationG. Bertanza
A07/2Leachate Thermal Treatment Using Landfill BiogasE. Cornu, J. Ballot, N. Bentounes, H. Pernot and S. Hercule
A07/3Remediation of Leachate Problems at Arpley Landfill Site, Warrington, Cheshire, UKH. Robinson, S. Farrow, S. Last and D. Jones
A07/4Treatment Systems for Landfill Aftercare Using Nitrification and DenitrificationU. Witz and H.-J. Ehrig
A08/120 Years Experience with Reverse Osmosis in Leachate TreatmentT.A. Peters
A08/2Leachate Treatment by Direct Capillary NanofiltrationH. Woelders and H. Schonewille
A08/3Ozonation with Hydrogen Peroxide for a Leachate Pre-treated with UASB and Fenton CoagulationH.H.P. Fang, I. W. C. Lau and P. Wang
A08/4Review of In-Situ Leachate Treatment Plant: Three Case Studies in FranceS. Hercule, E. Cornu, J. Ballot, C. Coquant, C. Dumesnil and D. Lebourhis
A09/1Investigations of Alternative Landfill Surface sealing Systems in Test FieldsK. Hupe, K.-U. Heyer, J.F. Becker, O. Traore, S. Noetzel and R. Stegmann
A09/2Cost and Performance Evaluation of Alternative Final CoversE. Kavazanjian and J.G. Dobrowolski
A09/3Excavation Results of a Four Year Test Field Study on Cover Sealing SystemsJ.F. Wagner and C. Schnatmeyer
A09/4‘Store and Release’ Landfill Covers in Semi-arid Climates: Experiments in South AfricaG.E. Blight, A. B. Fourie, P. Novella and T. Pieterse
A10/1Control of an Area at Potential Risk from Incineration Plants before their Start Up and During the OperationR.M. Cenci, L. Musmeci, F. Sena, G. Lodigiani, P. Anelli and A. Soresini
A10/2The Effect of Carbonation on Leachate Quality from Landfilled Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Incinerator ResiduesB.D. Bone, K. Knox, A. Picken and H.D. Robinson
A10/3Seepage Water Emission of Inorganic Contaminants from MSWI Bottom Ash: Results from lab-, Pilot-, and Field -Scale ExperimentsH. Weigand, S. Muller and C. Marb
A10/4Estimating Long-Term Leaching of Heavy Metals from MSWI APC ResiduesT. Astrup and T. H. Christensen
A11/1Conditions/Parameters Characterising the Composting ProcessE. Binner and K. Kitzberger
A11/2Evaluation of biological stability of quality compost though static and dinamic methodsS. Silvestri,L. Dallago, V. Guzzo, G. Andreottola, P. Giandon and G. Zorzi,
A11/3Humic Acids, a Parameter for Compost Quality – A New Approach for a Sustainable Soil MangementP. Lechner and E. Smidt
A11/4Heavy Metals and Impurities in the Compost which is produced in Veneto Region , ItalyP. Giandon, L. Clamor, F. Germani and V. Guzzo
A12/1Economic Advantages of the Energetic Recovery of Refuse Derived Fuels from Domestic Waste by the Implementation of Emission TradeM. Schirmer, S. Eckardt and B. Bilitewski
A12/2Specifying Criteria for the Utilisation of Refuse Derived Fuels (RDF) in Industrial Combustion PlantsS. Eckardt and H. Albers
A12/3Mechanical Processing of Municipal Solid Waste with Modern Sorting TechnologiesT. Pretz and K.-J. Onasch
A12/4An “Alternative” Disposal for Refuse Derived FuelV. Belgiorno, G. De Feo, D. Panza and R.M.A. Napoli
A13/1Wastes Management and Recovery in Developing CountiresC. Collivignarelli, S. Sorlini, S. Cavallari and M. Vaccari
A13/2The Role of Formal and Informal Sectors in Solid Waste Management of Developing CountriesP. Suchada, J. Trankler, K. Cholada and W. Scholl
A13/3From Dump to Sanitary Landfill and what next – A Case Study from the Lebanese Capital BeirutD.R. Greedy
A13/4Institutional Structure of the Solid Waste and Landfill Management in Developing CountriesG.Kocasoy
A14/1Sustainable But Low-Cost Emission Prevention Options in LandfillingP. Erol and U. Boeschen
A14/2A South African Project to Remediate DumpsitesJ.M. Ball and L. Bredenhann
A14/3Landfill Management in Asia- Notions about Future Approaches to Appropriate and Sustainable SolutionsC. Visvanathan, J. Trankler, B.F.A. Basnayake, C. Chiemchaisri, K. Joseph and Z. Gonming
A14/4Viable Landfill Gas to Electricity Generation Projects Through a CDM – a First for AfricaL.J. Strachan, R. Rampersad, R. Wienand, K.S. Moroka, B. Couth, N. Beg and R. Chronowski
A15/1Analysis of People’s Concerns About Impacts of SWM FacilitiesT. Matsuto, B. Rahardyan, N. Tanaka and Y. Kakuta
A15/2Public Consultation on Hazardous Waste Management – The Gap between Perception and ScienceS. Hancock, D. Ife and R. Parker
A15/3Effective Consumer Communication- Key Success Factor for Municipal Solid Waste Management StrategiesC. Stiglitz
A15/4Effective Household Communication Campaigns: Recycling Lessons from the UKA.Read
A16/1Air Quality and Worker Health Effects in Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs) in England and WalesT.L. Gladding, J. Thorn and R. Smith
A16/2Municipal Waste Collectors and Paper Bins: Microbial Assessment of Surfaces and Bioaerosol ContaminationA.M. Coccia, P. M. B. Gucci and E. Stacul
A16/3Survival of Salmonella in the Anaerobic Digestion of Kitchen WasteA. Stringfellow, C. Banks, L. Pritchard and M. Chesshire
A16/4The Use of Chemical Composition Data in Assessing the Environmental Impact of Municipal Waste Management OptionsS. Burnley
B01/1Tendences in Future Waste ManagementR. Stegmann, R. Cossu and J. Heerenklage
B01/2Environmental Impact Assessments: A Help or a Hindrance to Waste Facility Siting?N. Mair and M. Kitcher
B01/3Socio-Economical Evaluation of WasteK. Hillebrecht and A. Behnsen
B01/4Integrated Organic Waste Recycling Program: A sustainable Approach for Turning Problems into ProfitF. Soroushian
B02/1Municipal Waste Generation Trends in European Countries and CitiesP. Beigl, G. Wassermann, F. Schneider and St. Salhofer
B02/2Composition and Contaminant Loads of Household Waste in Bavaria, Germany: Investigating Effects of Settlement Structure and Waste Management PracticeH. Weigand, J. Fripan, I. Przybilla and C. Marb
B02/3Waste Generation in Households – Models in Theory and Practical Experience from a Case Study in Multi-Family Dwellings in ViennaS. Lebersorger, F. Schneider and W. Hauer
B02/4Fee based on ” pay as you throw” principle as a Tool for Waste Generation Control in ItalyS. Tommasini, M. Ricci, G.P. Bozzo, P. Conto', L. Franz, W. Giacetti, M. Santi and G. Vendrame
B03/1How do Modern Landfills Leak?K.H. Johnson and J.L. Panders
B03/2Lessons Learnt from UK Landfill Lining FailuresD.R.V. Jones, N. Dixon, and S. Storey
B03/3An Assessment of the Sorptive and Mechanical Properties of Amendments for Earthen Landfill LinersS.L. Bartelt-Hunt, J.A. Smith and S.E. Burns
B03/4Critical Ratio of Bentonite Addition into Sandy Soil to make a Impermeable Compacted Soil LinerM. Iizuka, S. Imaizumi, A. Toryuu and Y. Doi
B04/1Measurement of Horizontal Deformation of LandfillH. Goedecke, G. Ziehmann and K. Fricke
B04/2Mechanical Behaviour of Solid Waste in a Fully Instrumented Prototype Compression BoxF. Olivier, J.P. Gourc, S. Lopez, S. Benhamida and D. Van Wyck
B04/3Geotechnical Behaviour of Mechanically – Biologically Pre-Treated Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)C. Heiss-Ziegler and K.Fehrer
B04/4Settlement Characteristics of Incineration Residue and the Behaviour of the Pollutant in a Sea Area Landfill SiteD. Koga, T. Shimaoka, S. Sakita, M. Hanashima and H. Kokubo
B05/1State-of-the-Art of Anaerobic Digestion of Municipal Solid WasteL. De Baere
B05/2New Approaches in Anaerobic Waste Treatment -The Percolation -TechnologyH. Santen
B05/3Anaerobic Treatment of Biowaste in Agricultural Co-Fermentation Plants-Technical Requirements, Problems, and ChancesM. Kranert, K. Hillebrecht, F. Fruth, A. Sihler
B05/4A Rapid Method for Indicating Anaerobic Degradability using the Example of Carbohydrate-Rich Organic SolidsA. Ochs and R. Widmann
B06/1Gas Potential and the State of Decay of MSWL.H. Rohrs, A. B. Fourie and J.W.F. Morris
B06/2Methane Production, Emission and Control during MSW LandfillingD.L. Barry, R. Smith, R.G. Gregory and C. Harries
B06/3Development of a Method for the Measurement of Net Methane Emissions from MSW LandfillsB. Fécil, M. Héroux and C. Guy
B06/4Methane Mass Balance: a Review of Field Results from Three French Landfill Case StudiesM. Morcet, C. Aran, J. Bogner, J. Chanton, K. Spokas and I. Hebe
B07/1A Strategy for Emissions Based Regulation of Landfill GasC. Deed, J. Gronow, A. Rosevear, R. Smith and P. Braithwaite
B07/2U.S. EPA’s Field Test Programs for Update Landfill Gas Emissions DataS. Thorneloe
B07/3Assessment of Landfill Gas Emissions through Different Types of CoversV. Taramini, A. Budka, D. Poitel, L. Puglierin and O. Bour
B07/4Evaluation of Chemical Analysis Techniques for Trace Components of Landfill GasT. Parker ,G. Apps and A. Rosevear
B08/1The Performance of Passive Biofilter Landfill Gas Vents at Ballymacvea Landfill, Ballymena, Northern IrelandM. Kelly, B. Latham and J. Ramsay
B08/2Design of Biofilters for Methane OxidationJ. Streese and R. Stegmann
B08/3Combustion of Low Methane Landfill GasH.Scharff and J. Jacobs
B08/4Treatment of Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Generated in Landfill SitesT. Takeshita, S. Higuchi and M. Hanashima
B09/1Microturbines – a New Way of Landfill Gas Utilisation in EuropeS. Waerdt and B. Willenbrink
B09/2Landfill Gas Plants – Number and Types WorldwideH. Willumsen
B09/3Low Pressure Separation Membrane : Purification of Landfill GasR. Lewicki , I. Gadsby and P. Paquier
B09/4Methane Oxidation in a Biofilter System – Influence of Water Content, Temperature and Salt ConcentrationJ. Gebert, A. Groengroeft and G. Miehlich
B10/1Application of Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells in the Exploitation of Landfill Gas. A Case Study in Southern ItalyR.Iannelli, M. Galea and A. Moreno
B10/2Utilization of Lean LFG Using Membrane ProcessesP. Sporer and T. Lohr
B10/3Trace Organics Atmospheric Emissions from Landfill Gas Production and FlaringS. Cernuschi, M. Giugliano, M. Grosso and G. Lonati
B10/4UK Landfill Gas Generating Set EmissionsR.G. Gregory, A.G. Gillett and J.H. Blowes
B11/1Field Measurement of Non-methane Organic Compound Emissions From Landfill Cover SoilsJ. Bogner, C. Scheutz, J. Chanton, D. Blake, M. Morcet, C. Aran and P. Kjeldsen
B11/2Aerobic Degradation of Non-methane Organic Compounds in Landfill Cover SoilsC. Scheutz, J. Bogner, M. Morcet and P. Kjeldsen
B11/3Development of a Landfill Cover with Capillary Barrier for Methane Oxidation – Methane Oxidation in a Compost LayerL Fornes, C. Ott and J. Jager
B11/4A New Approach to Quantify Methane Oxidation in a Landfill Bio-Cover Experience with a Pilot Scale Landfill Test CellP. Hettiaratchi and D. Pokhrel
B12/1Predicting the Groundwater Impact of Modern Landfills: Major Developments of the Approach to Landfill Risk Assessment in the UK (Landsim 2.5)D.H. Hall, D. Drury, J. Smith, H. Potter and J. Gronow
B12/2Groundwater Risk Assessment for Different Waste Stream Disposal:Spillepeng Landfill, SwedenM. Marques and W. Hogland
B12/3Tha Validation and Development of an Integrated Landfill Gas Risk Assessment Model : GassimR.G. Gregory, G.M. Attenborough, D.H.Hall and C. Deed
B12/4Danish Guidelines for Investigation and Risk Assessment of Gas Producing LandfillsT.V. Bote, L. Nilausen, P. Kjeldsen, K.E. Andersen and L. Andersen
B13/1In Situ Aeration Of Old Landfills: Carbon balances, Temperatures and SettlementsM. Ritkowski, K.-U. Heyer and R. Stegmann
B13/2Different Intensities of Aeration and their Effect on Contaminant Emission Via The Leachate Pathway From Old Landfill Waste – A Laboratory Scale StudyS. Hantsch, B. Michalzik and B. Bilitewski
B13/3Full Scale Application of in Situ Aerobic Stabilization of old LandfillsR.Cossu, R. Raga and D. Rossetti
B13/4The Low Pressure Aeration of Landfills:Experience,Operation and CostsK.-U. Heyer, K. Hupe, A. Koop, M. Ritzkowski and R. Stegmann
B14/1Discussion of criteria for the completion of landfill aftercareR. Stegmann, K.-U. Heyer, K. Hupe, M. Ritzkowski
B14/2Pilot Scale Experiences with Sustainable Landfilling based on the PAF Conceptual ModelR. Cossu and D. Rossetti
B14/3Risk Assessment Methodology for After-Care of Landfills based on the Probabilistic ApproachA. A.M. Boerboom, E. Foppen and O. Van Leeuwen
B14/4The Irrelevance of Time as a Criterion for Aftercare ProvisionA. Fourie and J. Morris
B15/1Holistic Approach to Environmental Management of Municipal Solid WasteS. Thorneloe and K. A. Weitz
B15/2The Development of a Decision Support Tool for Innovative Waste Strategy PlanningP. McHenry, P. Longhurst, M. Lowe, B. MacIntosh and R. Seaton
B15/3The Use of Appropriate Software-Tools for LCA in Waste Management – A ComparisonN. Unger and G. Wassermann
B15/4Environmental Assessment of Source – Separation of Organic Household WasteJ. Kirkeby, T.L. Hansen, T.H. Christensen, J. L. C. Jansen and T. Hulgaard
B16/1Odours Management at MSW Landfill Sites: Odours Sources, Odourous Compounds and Control MeasuresE. Senante, L. Galtier, C. Bekaert. L. Lambolez-Michel and A. Budka
B16/2Underground Fire Characterisation in Landfills: Investigation MethodsL. Riquier, M. Guerbois, A. Budka, I. Hebe and S. Riviere
B16/3Instrumentation of a LandfillM. Ettala, K. Sormunen , M. Englund, P. Hyvonen, T. Laurila, K. Karhu and J. Rintala
B16/4New Strategy and Methodology for Groundwatermonitoring of Operational Landfills based on Natural Attenuation (NA)W.J. Van Vossen , H. Woelders , D. Overzet and M. De Jong
C01/1The Applicability of Geographic Information Systems as Decision Support Tools in Waste ManagementG. Wassermann, M. Odic and E. Schedlberger
C01/2Visualization of the Integrated Industrial Waste Management System by using GISS. Suzuki, F. Hirano and Y. Matsufuji
C01/3Application and Utilization of Facility Management Systems in the Waste Disposal Industry, for the Recording and Monitoring of Hazardous Waste ProductsO.Pollmann and G. Nitsche
C01/4Chemical Analysis, Distributed Modelling and Risk Indices in a GIS Based Methodology for Landfill Risk AssessmentR. Verro, D. Genah and E. Benfenati
C01/5A Landfill Site Selection Process Incorporating GIS ModellingA. Allen, G. Brito, P. Caetano, C. Costa, V. Cummins, J. Donnelly, S. Koukoulas, V. O'Donnell, C. Robalo and D. Vendas
C01/6Tools for Landfill SitingK.Luthbom and A.Lagerkvist
C02/1Evaluation of Remedial Alternatives Using Geophysical Survey and Characterization of Asbestos Containing Material in LandfillC.-Y. Lee, J.-K. Yun, K.-H. Kim, T.-J. Lee and S.-Y. Lee
C02/2Characterisation of Underground Fires in Landfills using Geophysical Methods: a Case StudyS. Riviere, J.C. Goumand , M. Guerbois, I. Hebe
C02/3Electrical Resistivity Survey to Investigate the Influence of Leachate Recirculation in a MSW LandfillS. Moreau, J.-M. Bouyé, G. Barina and O. Oberti
C02/4Leachate Recirculation-Study of Two Techniques by Geophysical SurveysS. Grellier, C. Duquennoi, R. Guérin, M-L. Munoz and M-C. Ramon
C02/5Mapping of Leachate Plumes at two Landfill Sites in South Africa using Geoelectrical Imaging TechniquesH. Rosqvist, T. Dahlin, A. Fourie, L. Rohrs, A. Bengtsson and M. Larsson
C02/6Remote Sensing for Landfill InvestigationsS. Teggi, R. Cecchi, G. Ghermandi and M.P.Bogliolo
C03/1Waste Management Policies and the Impact of Past Decisions – an Australian Case StudyJ.B. Joseph
C03/2Characteristics and Management of Solid Waste in KuwaitA-M. M. Abdulla and F. Mahrous
C03/3From Dumping to Recovery Solid Waste Management in IsraelI. Nissim, T. Shohat and E. Amichai
C03/4Managing Change in The Business of Solid Waste in USAT. Houska
C03/5Solid Waste Management in The Greek IslandsA. Karkazi, S. Skoulaxinoy, A. Mavropoulos and E. Fagogeni
C03/6Development of a Strategic Action Plan for the Management of Solid Waste in Cyprus: a Step towards Sustainable DevelopmentD.Fatta, A. Papadopoulos, F.Kourmoussis, A.Mentzis and M.Loizidou
C04/1Municipal Solid Waste Management in Thailand: The Current Situation and Possible Short-Term ChangesJ. Sakulrat, S.T.S. Yuen and J.B. Joseph
C04/3A Materials Recovery , Waste Transfer and Disposal System for Cape Town – A Case StudyP.H. Novella, M.A. Greenhalgh and M.S. Haider
C04/4The Case of Hong-Kong: Is De-Industrialization the Key to Environmentally Sustainable Waste Management?A. Koenig
C04/5The State and Outlook for the Municipal Solid Waste Management in RussiaM. Fedorov
C04/6Solid Waste Management in Malaysia: Its Problems and SolutionS. Tawee and M. Ismail
C05/1The Strategic Planning Guide for Solid Waste Management – An Interactive Toolkit for Environmentally Developing CountriesA.Read and D. Wilson
C05/2Third Edition of Minimum Requirements and Doc. 4: Shaping the Future of Waste Management in South AFricaL. Bredenhann, J. Ball, J. Lombard and R. Nortjé
C05/3Community-based waste reduction and recovery: a mandatory requirement of the Philippine ecological solid waste management act.A. Magalang, L.F. Diaz and L. L. Eggerth
C05/4Composting Made with Urban Solid Waste in BrazilA. De Schueler and C.F. Mahler
C05/5Increasing Household Waste Collection Volume Thanks to CompostingM A. Seck and R. Badiane
C05/6Urban Solid Waste Generation and Management in IndiaN. Damodaran, A. Robinson, E. David and N. Kalas-Adams
C06/1Landfilling Waste Management Practices on The Island of Mindanao, PhilippinesS. Purdy and F. Sabugal
C06/2A Technique to Quantify Landfill Leachate PollutionD. Kumar and B.J. Alappat
C06/3Investigation of the Biological Activity and the Environmental Impact of Tunisian MSW LandfillsF. Mhiri, L.Morovani, A. Benzarti, S. Hiligsmann, C. Rodriguez and Ph. Thonart
C06/4Landfill Management Improvement in Mexico City: Ground Subsidence Monitoring and Leachate ManagementT: Yamamoto, G. Solorzano, R. Cuellar and G. Guzman
C06/5Studies on Landfill Mining at Solid Waste Dumpsites in IndiaJ. Kurian, S. Esakku, K. Palanivelu and A. Selvam
C06/6Mechanical-Biological Waste Treatment Options in Developing Countries – Results of the Sector Project of the German Technical Co-operation Society (GTZ)G. Dilewski and J. Stretz
C07/1Ash Injection for Landfill StabilisationL. Andreas, K. Wikman, M. Berg, R. Sjoblom and A. Lagerkvist
C07/2Shear Resistance of Mechanical Biological Pre-Treated Domestic Urban WasteC.F. Mahler and A. De Lamare Netto
C07/3Development of Techniques for Freeze Sampling of Waste using Liquid NitrogenG. Watson, R. Beaven, C. Clayton and A. Hudson
C07/4Geotechnical Properties of Co-Disposal of Chemical Sludge with Paper and Construction WasteIrene M.C. Lo and W. Zhou
C07/5Investigation on Compressibility and Permeability of Pre-treated Waste MixtureP. Carrubba and R. Cossu
C08/1An Investigation into the Factors affecting Secondary Settlement of WastesL.K.Ivanova, D.J. Richards and D.J. Smallman
C08/2Validation of an Incremental Waste Settlement Prediction Model With Surface Survey DataF. Olivier, J.P. Gourc, M.L. Munoz, A. Budka and P. Denecheau
C08/3Modelling Load, Creep and Biodegradation Settlement in LandfillJ. R. McDougall and I. C. Pyrah
C08/4The Measurement of Landfill Settlement using Digital Imaging and PIV AnalysisD.J. White, D.J. Richards and A.C. Lock
C08/5Application of a Geostatistical Model to Map Spatial Distribution of Shear Wave Velocities of Solid WastesA. Bouazza, E. Kavazanjian, S. Avsar, J. Kodikara
C09/1Characterisation of Contaminant Removal Achieved by Biological Leachate Treatment SystemsM.S. Carville, S.D. Last, J. Olufsen and H.D. Robinson
C09/2Lagoon Treatment of Landfill Leachate: a 10-year Experience in a Municipal Solid Waste LandfillD. Frascari, G. Sandei, F. Bronzini, G. Giordano, G. Tedioli and M. Nocentini
C09/3MSW Landfill Leachate Treatment Techniques in Germany – Experiences of a MSW Landfill Leachate Neighbourhood GroupP. Holweg, K. Cord-Landwehr and H. Albers
C09/4Researches of Ability Landfill Leachate Evapotranspiration of Young Willow Shoots – Salix AmygdalinaM. Agopsowicz and A. Bialowiec
C09/5Landfill Leachate Management by Application to Short Rotation Willow CoppiceG. R.Alker, A. R. Godley and J. E. Hallett
C09/6Leachate Treatment with use of SBR-Technology Combined with a Constructed Wetland System at the ISATRA Landfill Site, SwedenL. Johansson-Westholm
C10/1Feasibility of Biological Aerated Filters (BAFs) for Leachate TreatmentT. Stephenson, S. J. T. Pollard and E. Cartmell
C10/2About Refractory COD Removal in MBRs for Leachate TreatmentJ-L. Vasel and H. Jupsin
C10/3Chemical and Toxicological Characterization of Landfill Leachate after Treatment in a Pilot Scale Plant using Different Treatment MethodsS. Waara, A.-S. Allard, M. Ek and A. Svenson
C10/4An Industrial Leachate Treatment Systems Based on the Filter-Bed TechniqueP. Kangsepp, W. Hogland and L. Mathiasson
C10/5Pilot Plant Trials Conducted On The Treatment Of The Holfontein Hazardous Waste Site LeachateE. Gombault, J. Skews
C10/6Ammonium Removal from Leachate by Turkish Clinoptilolite: Effects of Competing IonsA. Pinar and A. Ugurlu
C11/1Understanding Electrical Leak Location Surveys: Consequences for the Design of Geomembrane Lining SystemsV. Hruby and S. Barrie
C11/2Electrical Damage Detection System for Landfill Geomembrane LinerK. Kumagai and H. Arai
C11/3The Use of Electrical Leak Location Surveys for Improving the Performance of Landfill Liner SystemsK. Haskell, D. Gambelin and T. Daleiden
C11/4Damage Detection System for Landfill Geomembrane Liners and Repair of the DamagesN. Ikuta, S. Ueda, O. Imabayashi and Y. Konishi
C11/5Practical Studies on Repair Method Using Water Swelling Rubber for Damaged Geomembrane LinersT. Harada, Y. Koike, T. Oshikata and M. Ebihara
C12/1Assessment of Diffusion Properties of Solidified Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) air Pollution Control (APC) ResiduesJ. Todorovic, H. Ecke and A. Lagerkvist
C12/2Artificial Weathering of Inorganic Waste-Evaluation of Laboratory Weathering and Leaching MethodsP. Mostbauer, H. Riegler and P. Lechner
C12/3Accelerated Ageing of Incineration Bottom Ash as a Tool for Landfill Management OptimizationA. Polettini, R. Pomi, S. Lo Mastro and E. Piacente
C12/4Factors Affecting Chromium Leaching from Waste Incineration ResiduesT. H. Christensen, T. Astrup, C. Rosenblad and D. Chen
C13/1Monitoring and Evaluation of Evapotranspirative Cover PerformanceT. Hadj-Hamou and E. Kavazanjian
C13/2Validation and Enhancement of the HELP Model to Simulate the Water Balance of Surface CoversK.Berger
C13/3Effect of Methane Oxidation on the Water Balance of the Landfill Cover and the Vegetation LayerM.H-Humer and P. Lechner
C13/4Geocomposite Drains for Landfill Final Closures: The Challenge and SolutionG.N. Richardson and A. Zhao
C13/5Use of Ashes in Landfill CoversG. Tham, L. Andreas, A. Lagerkvist
C14/1Studies on the Long-Term Performance of an Alternative Surface-Sealing System with Underlying Capillary BarrierV.I.Giurgea, H. Hotzl and W. Breh
C14/2Building a capillary barrier at the landfill “Am Stempel” near Marburg/Hesse (Germany)T. Kolb
C14/3Infiltration Control to Enhance Bioreactor Behaviour by Use of a Capillary CoverS.A. Reyes
C14/4Influence of Temperature on the Performance of Capillary BarriersT. Holfelder, M. Kampf, B. Wawra and H. Montenegro
C14/5Development of a Landfill Cover with Capillary Barrier for Methane Oxidation -The Capillary Barrier as Gas Distribution LayerB. Wawra and T. Holfelder
C15/1Evaluation of the Efficiency of Biological Waste Gas Treatment in Combination with an Alternative SystemI. Steinberg, A. Bockreis and J. Jager
C15/2Gaseous Emissions of Mechanically-Biologically Pre-Treated Waste from Long-Term ExperimentsA. Bockreis, I. Steinberg, C. Rohde and J. Jager
C15/3Experimental Analysis of the Large Scale Behaviour of MBP Waste – New Results for the Design of Future LandfillsC. Felske, E. Kraft, V. Ustohalova, R. Widmann and W. Bidlingmaier
C15/4Assessment of MBP -Waste – Misinterpretation of Respiration ActivityE. Binner
C15/5Hydraulic Behaviour of Mechanical Biological Pre-Treated WasteK. Munnich, G. Ziehmann and K. Fricke
C16/1Development of a New Risk Assessment Model for Small Old LandfillsG. Allgaier and R. Stegmann
C16/2Probabilistic Cost Estimates For Land Sale NegotiationN. Withers, I. Kluckow and G. Reyneri
C16/3Horizontal Wells for Leachate Control in LandfillsW. Powrie, S. Cox , R. Beaven and D. Cole
C16/4The Closure and Rehabilitation of the Umlazi Landfill Site, Durban, South Africa – Community Involvement and Innovation in Closure DesignJ. Shamrock, D. Brink and N. Mannie
C16/5Remediation of Oil Ponds in Municipal Landfills: A Case Study at Laguja Landfill in EstoniaM. Kriipsalu, T. Meriste and W. Hogland
C16/6Remediation and Re-qualification of an old landfill site in Fagnano Olona, Varese, ItalyR. Ruggeri, D. Sartirana, F. Magri, S. Salotti, C. Cabri, G. Abbate and P. Alesina
D01/1Construction, Operation and Monitoring of a Bioreactor Landfill in Sainte-Sophie, Quebec, CanadaA. Simard, J. Norstrom and H. Bourque
D01/2The Heterogeneity of Waste as a Main Factor Influencing the Future Emission Potential of MSW Landfills – a Case Study on the Breitenau-Landfill in AustriaG. Doeberl, R. Huber, J. Fellner and P. H. Brunner
D01/3Detailed Design for a New Sanitary Landfill for the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority, Olongapo, PhilippinesS. Purdy and F. Sabugal
D01/4Leachate Management at an Irish Estuarine Landfill – A Case StudyL.O'Toole, N.E.Houe, E. Poulsen, C. Christiansen and H. Devlin
D01/5Paper Mill Sludge as a Soil Amendment: The Effects on Wheat Grown on a Landfill Site Restored with Gault Clay and a Soil Forming MaterialG. Sellers and H.F.Cook
D01/6Design of the Drainage and Seepage Control Measures of a Landfill at Thessaloniki, GreeceS. Yannopoulos, N. Dermissi and G. Dimopoulos
D02/1Effects of Monsooning Conditions on the Generation and Composition of Landfill Leachate- Lysimeter Experiments with various Input and Design FeaturesC. Visvanathan, J. Trankler, P. Kuruparan and Q. Xiaoning
D02/2Stormwater and Leachate Management Challenges in Wet ClimatesR.B. Wallace and C.G. Talich
D02/3Mechanical Biological Pretreatment in South-east Asia – results of a First Pratical ApproachJ. Trankler and C. Visvanathan
D02/4Constructed Wetlands for Leachate Treatment in Cold Climate: Vegetation Survival and Function During WinterC. Maurice, K. Kylefors and A.Lagerkvist
D02/5Landfills in Developing Countries and Global WarmingA. Robinson, G. Sewell, N. Damodaran, E. David and N. Kalas-Adams
D02/6Hydrological Performance of Sanitary Landfills in Different Climatic Regions in BrazilM. Marques and M. Manzano
D03/1Description of a Tracer Test through Waste and Application of a Double Porosity ModelR. Beaven, J. Barker and A. Hudson
D03/2Experimental Investigation and Modelling of the Effect of Environmental Conditions on the Acetate and Methane Generation in Municipal Solid WasteN. Mora-Naranjo, J.A. Meima, A. Haarstrick and D. C. Hempel
D03/4Modelling Landfill Processes incorporating Data uncertainty – Model Assessment against experimental Data using statistical TechniquesA.I. Zacharof and A.P. Butler
D03/5Water Budget for Landfill Leachate Treatment SystemW. Hogland, L. Thorneby and L. Mathiasson
D03/6Closure an Aftercare Regime for Landfills Below the Water TableM. Rapthel
D04/1Instrumentation for In Situ Monitoring of Municipal Solid Waste Landfill ProcessesD.R. Reinhart, T. Townsend and P. McCreanor
D04/2Monitoring with Ecological Indicators in the Program of Environmental Controls in a LandfillR. Santolini, D. Cappelletti, C. Morolli, G. Pasini and C. Angelini
D04/3Analysis of Atmospheric Pollutants from Two Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Landfills: Determination of Exposure Levels and Research of Possible Effects on Human’s HealthL. Lambolez-Michel, T. Gisbert, H. Billard and J. Miralves
D04/4Measurement of Biogas Emissions From Air-Soil Interface in the MSW Landfill of Legoli (Pisa, Italy)R. Cioni, M. Guidi, B. Raco, S. Giamberini and P. Daddi
D04/5Evaluation of the Potential Contaminant Load on the Various Environment Compartments Near a Municipal LandfillM. Bellino, M. Bergonzoni, R. M. Cenci, F. Falleni, T. Forte, L. Musmeci, V. Nizzoli and A. Piccardi
D04/6Use of Mosses and Soils for the Monitoring of Trace Elemets in Three Landfills, Used as Urban Waste Disposal SitesR.M. Cenci, F. Sena, M. Bergonzoni, N. Simonazzi, E. Meglioli, L. Canovi , G. Locoro and P. Trincherini
D05/1Test Methods for Assessment of Environmental Properties of Mineral Liners at LandfillsM. Wahlstrom, J. Laine-Ylijoki, and M. Pihlajaniemi
D05/2Latest Research Regarding Durability and Performance on the Polymer-Enhanced Mineral Barrier TRIOPLASTM. Naismith, J. Wammes, E. Timmermans and W. Behrens
D05/3A Case Study of the Solidified Soil Liner Systems in the Coastal LandfillM-Y. Choi, D.-G. Kang, J-Y. Lee and S.-I. Choi
D05/4Assessing the Suitability of Clay Soils For Landfill Liner Via Leaching Column TestB-K. Tan, R.N. Yong and H.R. Thomas
D06/1Case History of Exposed Geomembrane Cover for Bioreactor LandfillR. Thiel, S. Purdy and R. Yazdani
D06/2Performance Demonstration for Alternative Liner Systems at Municipal Solid Waste LandfillsJ.G. Dobrowolski and E. Kavazanjian
D06/3Assessments of Seam Related Properties of Geosynthetics with Seaming MethodsH. Y. Jeon, J. Y. Lee and J. J. Lee
D06/4Geosynthetic Clay Liners: Use and Abuse in South AfricaP. Davies and K. Legge
D06/5Gas Leakage Rate through a Circular Defect in a GM / GCL CompositeT. Vangpaisal and A. Bouazza
D06/6Effectiveness of a Needle Punched GCL in Mitigating Landfill Gas MigrationT. Vangpaisal and A. Bouazza
D07/1The Hydrolytic Efficiency of Biofilms on Organic Solids in Anaerobic EnvironmentsW.P.Clarke, H.H. Song and L.L. Blackall
D07/2Acetic Acid and DOC Levels in the Hydrolytic Step of Digestion ProcessesM. Denecke, S. Willing and U. Walter
D07/3Use of Molecular Probes for Monitoring of Organic Waste BiodegradationV. Ivanov, O. Stabnikova, J.-Y. Wang, S.T.-L.Tay and J.-W. Tay
D07/4Organic Waste Decomposition Using Leach Bed Anaerobic DigestionS. Karnchanawong and K. Tipsuntornsak
D07/5A Model to Predict the Effect of Buffer on the Start-up of Slurry and Leach-Bed Anaerobic Digestions of MSWT.E. Lai, P. Pullammanappallil and W.P. Clarke
D07/6The Thicknesses of the Reaction Zones in the “Reaction Front” Mechanism of Solid-State Anaerobic DigestionD.J. Martin
D08/1Assessment of Bio-waste Management Systems and Spatial VariabilityS. Schmidt and C. Pahl-Wostl
D08/3Operational Optimization of Istanbul Waste Recovery and Composting PlantG. Kanat, A. Demir, B. Ozkaya and M. S. Bilgili
D08/4Assessment of Municipal Solid Waste Compost and its Effect on CropsM. Elhoz
D09/1Assessing How Landfilling Could Affect The Ecology Of The Far-Field Aquatic EnvironmentM.C.Bloor and C.J. Banks
D09/2Heavy Metal Scavenging Mechanisms in Leachate-Polluted Waters: a Case Study of an Old Municipal Landfill of Prague, Czech RepublicV. Ettler, M. Matura, M. Mihaljevic, O. Sebek and P. Bezdicka
D09/3A Case Study of Groundwater Pollution from Two Contiguous Municipal and Special Waste Sanitary LandfillsM. Notarnicola, G. Intini, G. Mascolo and G. Tiravanti
D09/4Attenuation of Landfill Leachate in Unsaturated SandstoneA. P. Butler, C. Brook, A. Godley, K. Lewin and C.P. Young
D09/5Coastal Park Landfill: Leachate Plume Migration and AttenuationJ.M. Ball and P.H. Novella
D09/6Contamination Process Through an Organic Soil of Gramacho MSW LandfillE.Ritter, J. C. Campos and R.L. Gatto
D10/1Leachate Production and Gas Composition in a Re-Vegetated Landfill Cover under Landfill Leachate IrrigationA. Watzinger, T.G. Reichenauer, W.E.H. Blum and M.H. Gerzabek
D10/2How to Use Compost as a Topsoil: two Cases Study for Landfill Final Cover RevegetationM. Morcet, M. Mori and M. Poitrenaud
D10/3Nutrient Availability as Factor Affecting Ecosystem Development on Closed LandfillsL.M. Chu
D10/4Contamination Risk of Heavy Metals Associated to the Vegetation of the Cover in a LandfillJ.C.M. Andrade and C.F. Mahler
D10/5Inoculation of Earthworms into Reclaimed Soils: Experiences from BritainC. N. Lowe and K.R. Butt
D10/6Topsoil Soil Seed-Bank Determination for On-Site CappingE. Comino, N. J. Enright and B.P. Miller
D11/1Effects of Water Content and Leachate Recirculation on Anaerobic Biodegradation of Landfilled WasteC. Gachet, R. Bayard, M. Singh and R. Gourdon
D11/2Reduction of the Emission Potential of the Landfill WesuweM. Krieck and H. Bokers
D11/3Water Infiltration for Enhanced In Situ StabilisationK. Hupe, K.-U. Heyer and R. Stegmann
D11/4Numerical Evaluation of Granular Blankets for Leachate Recirculation in MSW LandfillsM.V. Khire and M. M. Haydar
D11/5Promotion of Waste Stabilization for Design of Community and Controllable Closed System Disposal Facilities by Using a Washout ModelK. Ishii, T. Furuichi and N. Tanikawa
D11/6Mechanisms and Effectiveness of Accelerated Weathering of MSW Incinerator Residues as a Landfill PretreatmentA. Nakano, T. Shimaoka, S. Sakita and A. Motohata
D12/1Potential of Solid-phase Microextraction (SPME) for the Characterisation of Odourous Waste Gas EmissionsK.K.Kleeberg, Y. Liu, M. Schlegelmilch, J. Streese and R. Stegmann
D12/2Measuring Odour Emissions From Landfill SitesM. Karnik, K. Persuad, R. Sneath
D12/3Use of an Electronic Nose to Identify Odours Collected in an Urban Waste LandfillA. Bonoli, F. Olivieri, M. Pardo, G. Sberveglieri, F. Ciancabilla and M. Bergonzoni
D12/4An Assessment of Current Methods for Quantifying Landfill OdoursS.W. Bowly
D12/5Sorted MSW Landfill Odour Due to H2S – Sources and RemovalK. Haarstad, O. Bergersen, R. Sorheim and B. Berg
D12/6Odour Impact Assessment from Waste Treatment Plants by Olfactometry. The Project of the Autonomous province of TrentoG. Odorizzi, L. Paradisi and S. Silvestri
D13/1Daily Evolution of the Biogas Emissions in the Meruelo Landfill (Spain)J.Munoz Jofre, A. Lobo Garcia de Cortazar, M. Szanto Narea and I. Tejero Monzon
D13/2Lateral Landfill Gas Migration : Characterization and Preliminary Modeling ResultsO. Bour, E. Taffoureau and R. Therrien
D13/3Determining Whole Landfill Emission Rates From Geostatistical ModelsK. Spokas, C. Graff , M. Morcet and C. Aran
D13/5Landfill Gas Emissions from a Brazilian MSW LandfillF.J. Maciel and J.F. Thome Juca'
D13/6A Case Study using Infrared Thermography to Detect Landfill Gas LeakageA.W. Lewis, S.T.S. Yuen and A.J.R. Smith
D14/1Methane Oxidation in a Landfill Soil Cover as a Chance to Reduce its Emission to the Atmosphere and to Alleviate the Greenhouse EffectW. Stepniewski and M. Zygmunt
D14/2Application of Mathematical Models in Predicting Flow and Reactive Behaviour of Methane Gas in Landfill CoversM. Chandrakanthi, P. Hettiaratchi, G. Achari, V. Stein, K. Perera and N. Perera
D14/3Methane Oxidation and Attenuation of Sulphurated Compounds in Landfill Top Cover Systems : Lab Scale TestsR. Cossu, R. Raga and M. Zane
D14/4Overview of Methane Oxidization at (old) Landfills – Global CO2 Consideration , Trade with CO2 – CertificatesW. H. Stachowitz
D14/5Seasonal Variation of Methane, Nitrous Oxide and Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Methane-Oxidising Activity at a Northern LandfillJ. Einola, K. Sormunen and J. Rintala
D15/1Emission Behaviour Of Aerated Landfills: Results of Laboratory Scale InvestigationsM. Ritzkowski and R. Stegmann
D15/2Analysis of Pressure Field in a Landfill During In-Situ Aeration for Waste StabilizationS. Cestaro, R. Cossu, S. Lanzoni and R. Raga
D15/3In-Situ Nitrification of Leachate in Bioreactor LandfillsN.D.Berge and D.R.Reinhart
D15/4Design and Operation of the Gas Extraction System for the Aeration of an Old Landfill Used as Industrial AreaJ. Heerenklage and R. Stegmann
D15/5The Function and Effect of The Gas Vent-Pipe on Pollution Control of MSW Landfill SiteW.Qi, M. Yasashi and Y. Takeshi
D15/6Odour Reduction by Aeration Prior to ExcavationJ. Jacobs, H.Scharff, F. Van Arkel and C.W. De Gier
D16/1Collecting and Recycling Organic Waste in Blackpool, EnglandI.D. Williams and J. Kelly
D16/2Check and Monitoring Plans for Waste Management Firms according to the Environmental Management SystemsP. Malesani and F. Cossio
D16/3Method for Calculation of Urban Waste Separate Collection Rate in Veneto RegionC. Gelfi, L. Franz, P. Giandon and G. Vendrame
D16/4Waste Disposal Balance and Waste Stream Analysis Established by means of a Data Base Waste Facility RegisterS. Morstadt and K.-H. Striegel
D16/5Evaluation Bases of Ecological-Economic Effectiveness of Solid Waste Management SchemesV. Moutavtchi, A. Shepeleva and W. Hogland
S01/1Design and Construction of a Draining Trench for Supporting Landfill ExtensionA. Grosso, F. Bauducco, P. Brizio, R. Cossu , L. Fantino and G. Genon
S01/2Engineering Landfills in Soft Soils-A Case Study of Three Irish LandfillsL.O'Toole, W. Madden and N.E.Houe
S01/3A New MSW Landfill Well below Groundwater in a Highly Seismic RegionR.J. Dunn and A. De
S01/4Landfill Extension Using Piggy-Back as reinforcement : Discussion and Case Study in QuebecM. Bouthot, E. Blond, P. Quesnel, A. Fortin, O. Vermeersch, S. Davidson and J. Mlynarek
S01/5Optimisation of a Landfill Extension Project by using E.I.S. ProcedureA. Bonoli, S. Stella, M. D'Alessandro and M. Bergonzoni
S02/1The Remediation of Contaminated Land in the Republic of IrelandM. Doak, G. Carty and D. Lynott
S02/2Biological Treatment of Mononitrotoluenes: Engineering and Biological AspectsJ. Paca, J. Barta, O. Misiaczek and R. Bajpai
S02/3Simplified Analytical Method for Measuring Heavy Metals in Contaminated SoilF. Hirano , Y. Matsufuji and T. Nanri
S02/4An Expert System for the Selection of an Optimised Alternative for the Management of PAH/CHC Contaminated Sites: Definitions and Future ExpectationsA. Bezama, K.E. Lorber, R. Navia and J. Novak
S02/5In-Situ Remediation by means of Zero-Valent Iron Reactive Barriers: Laboratory TestsM.C. Zanetti, S. Fiore, R. Sethi, G. Genon and A. Di Molfetta
S02/6Use of Green Compost for Heavy Metals Treatment in Organic Permeable Reactive BarriersL. D'Aprile, M. R. Boni, R. Baciocchi and G. De Casa
S03/1A Review of Landfill Decomposition ModellingJ. M. Lamborn and G. Frecker
S03/2Methanogenesis Optimisation by Controling ph and Sulfate in a Bioreactor – Applied Research for Woodlawn Bioreactor (Australia)Y. Moreau-Le Golvan,C. Triquenaux, J. Bogner, L. Smith and M.-L. Munoz
S03/3Degradation Mechanisms of Biodegradable Plastic Under Laboratory-scale Thermophilic Composting ConditionsK. Nakasaki, K. Nagasaki and M. Kanda
S03/4Microbial Degradation of Natural and Synthetic Rubber in Rubber Material LandfillsW. Somitsch, S. Wallner, H. Raupenstrauch and K-H. Robra
S03/5Spontaneous Ignition of Rubber Material in LandfillsS. Wallner, W. Somitsch and H. Raupenstrauch
S04/2A Novel Two-Stage Bioreactor System for the Production of Biogas from a Bioethanol Process SludgeK. Stamatelatou, K. Dravillas and G. Lyberatos
S04/3Aerobic Treatment of Non-Chromium Containing Tannery WastesK.E.Lorber and C. Konrad
S04/4Aerobic Stabilisation of Tannery Sludge in a pilot scale composting plantA. Chiumenti and M. C. Lavagnolo
S04/5Immobilisation of Chromium Containing Tannery Waste in the Brick IndustryK.E.Lorber, A. Mayer and F. Rubelli
S05/1PET Recycling in Europe: Growth, but no Chemical Recycling yetE.Johnson
S05/2Does Paper Recycling Cause Damage to the Environment? – A case Study and Methodological ConsiderationsF. Schneider, G. Wassermann and S. Salhofer
S05/3Recycling of Building Rubble from Wet ProcessingR. Mancini and E. Garbarino
S05/4Exploitation of Solid Waste Generated From the Construction IndustryF. Campione and A. Milone
S05/5Strategic Waste Catchment Evaluation-CFCs Removal and Materials Recovery from FridgesP.J. Longhurst and R.A. F. Seaton
S06/1Biological Treatment of Medical Wastes Alternative to IncinerationW.J. Jewell
S06/2Possibilities of Safe Treatment and Utilization of Veterinary Sanitation WastesF. Straka , J. Zabranska, M. Dohanyos and J. Doucha
S06/3Leachate Characteristics Arising From the Foot and Mouth Mass Burial Site in ScotlandA.J. MacArthur, J. C. Milne and P.J. Young
S06/4Composition and Production Rate of Dental Solid Waste in Xanthi, GreeceE. Kizlari, N. Iosifidis, E. Voudrias and D. Panagiotakopoulos
S07/1Consideration of Landfill Liner TemperatureH. Yoshida and R.K. rowe
S07/2Chemical Resistance and Weatherability of Nonwoven Geotextiles in Leachate SolutionsH.Y. Jeon, M. S. Lee and C. K. Park
S07/3Estimation of Mass Transfer Parameters of Volatile Organic Compounds through the Geomembrane using an Analytical SolutionB.R. Seo, S. Moon, K. Nam and J. Y. Kim
S07/4A Multiple-Scale Investigation of GCL Interaction with LeachateD. Guyonnet, C. Clinard, G. Didier, C. Duquennoi, H. Gaboriau, E. Gaucher, I. Hébé, V. Norotte, C.-H. Pons and N. Touze-Foltz
S08/1Example for the Application of a decentralized Wastewater and Waste Treatment Concept for Hotel ComplexD. Zurawski, R. Stegmann, J. Heerenklage and O. Bade
S08/2Anaerobic Co-Digestion of Food Waste and Separated Fractions of Domestic Sewage. Lab Scale TestsR.Cossu, M.C. Lavagnolo and O. Hirata
S08/3Anaerobic Co-Digestion of Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste and Waste Activated Sludge at Different RatiosA. Flor, L. Arroja and I. Capela
S08/4Co-digestion of Sewage Sludge and Selected Organic Wastes in a Pilot PlantM. Krupp and R. Widmann
S08/5Integrated Sewage and MSW Management in a Mountain HutR. Cossu, M. Borin, M.C. Lavagnolo
S08/6An Approach to Integrated Water, Wastewater and Municipal Waste Management in Rural Areas. Tha Case Study: Pajeczno Commune – PolandG. Malina, K. Binczyk and T. Janecki
W01/1Methodology for Assessing the Use of a Geosynthetic Composite as a Leachate Drainage Media in a Composite Lined LandfillH. Ellard, P.J. Hewitt, R. Marshall and N. Robinson
W01/2Bulk Compressibility and Hydraulic Conductivity of Used Tyres for Landfill Drainage ApplicationsA. P. Hudson, R. P. Beaven and W. Powrie
W01/3The Evaluation of the Side Protection and Drainage Box (SPDB) Using Recycled Poly-Meric Material in the LandfillJ.-Y. Lee, H.-Y. Jeon and H.-J. Kang
W02/1New European Methodology for Survey , Inventory and Classification of Landfills, Applied to the 2667 Landfills in HungaryW.J. Van Vossen and C. Markò
W02/2The New Zealand Landfill Full Cost Accounting Guide – An Innovative Method for Estimating Landfill Disposal CostsA.P. Kortegast and C. Purchas
W02/3Landfill Financing and ContractsR. J. Couth, J. N. Davies and A. Howe
W02/4Landfill Operations in Rural Area of Australia Finding a Balance between Transport Costs and Environmental PerformanceE. Schaffeler
W03/1Co-Disposal in Landfill of Mechanical Biological and Thermal Pretreated Waste: Lab Scale TestR. Cossu, R. Raga and E. Rocchetto
W03/2Biochemical and Mechanical Behaviour of Different Pre-Treated WasteM.R. Boni, A. Chiavola, Q. Napoleoni, S. Sbaffoni and E. Stacul
W05/1Study on Drag Force Evaluation of the Liner Sheet with a Change of Slope AngleS. Imaizumi, S. Xu, T. Bantou and M. Tsuboi
W05/2Assessment of the Stability of Landfill Lining System: UK GuidanceN. Dixon, D.R.V. Jones and S. Storey
W05/3Stability of Inclined Cap Liner System -Landfill Field TrialsJ. Forsman, A. Aalto, A. Palolahti and M. Uusihakala
W06/1The EU Landfill Directive and the Council Decision on Acceptance Criteria for Waste to be Landfilled: Overview and Associated R&D NeedsO. Hjelmar ans H. A. van der Sloot
W06/2Hazardous Waste Directive: its Implications and its Added Value to Promote a Policy of Sustainable DevelopmentC. Bekaert, I. Martin, L. Galtier
W06/3Developing an Evaluation Framework for Prioritising UK Waste & Resources R&DE. Gentil, A. Potter, M. Head and S.A. Jefferis
W06/4Waste Management and Extended Producer Responsibility in Poland on the Eve of EU AccessionM.J. Korkozowicz
W06/6Assessment of the Implementation of the European Landfill Directive on Laboratory Organisation and Waste Acceptance Methods in Landfill SitesL. Galtier, T. Villerio, C. Bekaert and I. Martin
W06/7Leachate Quality from UK Landfills after Implementation of the LFD: Hazardous WastesB.D. Bone, K. Knox, A. Picken and H.D. Robinson
W07/1How has Dutch Policy been derived and what are its Consequences?B. Kok
W07/2Contribution to the Study of the MSW Stabilisation: Quantification of Released Pollution and Characterisation of WasteV. Francois, C. Berthe, G. Feuillade, G. Matejka, M.L. Munoz, C. Aran and I. Hebe
W07/3F3-Pilot Sustainable Landfill in Landgraaf, the NetherlandsI. Brands-Van den Esschert, A. Van der Boom, L. Luning and H. Woelders
W07/4Effects on Leachate Quality of Different Approaches to the Concept of Environmentally Sustainable LandfillG. Cappai, A. Carucci, G. De Gioannis and A. Muntoni
W07/5Long Term Prediction of Release from a Stabilised Waste Landfill and Identification of Controlling FactorsA. van Zomern, H. van Wetten, J.J. Dijkstra, H.A. van der Sloot and R. Bleijerveld
W08/1Leaching of Soluble Constituents from MSW Following Anaerobic BiodegradationD.Guyonnet, C. Nowak, C. Riolland, M.-C. Dictor, P. Galle and F. Joublin
W08/2Assessment of the Contamination Potential from Waste Material – a Comparison between Batch/Eluation Experiments and Studies in Landfill Simulation ReactorsM. Chrysochoou, B. Michalzik, S. Harzer and B. Bilitewski
W08/3Experiences with Waste Laboratory Reactors in BrazilC.F. Mahler, K. Munnich, K. Fricke and L.M.Q. Lima
W09/1An Overview of the Fundamentals of Risk Assessment Applied to the Aftercare Landfill ImpactA. Pivato
W09/2Risk Assessment of Solid Waste LandfillV. Belgiorno, G. De Feo, C. Della Rocca and R.M.A. Napoli
W09/3Rethinking Risk Analysis for Waste ManagementS.J.T. Pollard, G.H. Eduljee and D. Hall
W10/1Comparison between Pyrolysis and Incineration for Wastes Cycles up to 90.000 tons/yearA. Tisot, R. Rizzo and R. Melloni
W10/2Modeling of Technical and Economical Performances for MSW Thermo-Utilization SystemsM.T. Pilloni and G. M. Varalda
W11/1Environmental Reclamation of the Campodarsego (PD) Controlled Waste LandfillE. Cossu
W11/2Re-use of Landfill Sites in North-Brabant, NetherlandsR.L. Beijnen
W11/3Redeveloping Existing City Parks over Former Landfills -The Nashua, New Hampshire (USA) ExperienceW. Straub PE, J. Kissida RLA, R. Spieler PE and R. Reine
W11/4Closure Design: Settlement and Stability Considerations for Future Land UseR.B. Wallace , I.K. Sutton, A. Ortiz and C.J. Castro
W11/5Design and Construction of a Foundation System for an Industrial Building Above a Closed Sanitary LandfillH.D.Sharma, F.W.Settepani and P.F.Burns
W11/6Reclamation of an Uncontrolled Landfill Area of Foundry Dust and Waste for Industrial UseP. Malesani , F. Cossio , R. Rizzotto and C. Tosi
W12/1Leakage Detection System Using Vacuum for Seepage Control GeomembranesT. Kawaguchi, K. Kotani, M. Kuroiwa, M. Ishida, Y. Ueda, K. Hatta
W12/2A New Repair System for TPU Landfill Liner SheetS. Hosokawa, K. Hotta, S. Hayakawa, S. Murata , T. Oshikata and M. Ebihara
YP/A13Check Schedules and Security Plans on Waste Disposal and Recovery Plants in Regione VenetoA. Bellomo, F. Fior, L. Salvatore, T. Sanavia and G. Vendrame
YP/A01Environmental Product Declaration for Waste Collection, Transport and Landfilling – A Case StudyA. Del Borghi, L. Binaghi, A. Forte, V. Fabbiani and G. Maggi
YP/A02Waste Treatment Infrastructure in North Rhine -Westphalia, GermanyS. Morstadt and K.-H. Striegel
YP/A05Strategic Solid Waste Management Planning for the City of Ekaterinburg, RussiaP.Fletcher and A. Read
YP/A06Solid Waste Management. A Computational Modeling ApplicationT.C.A. Rosso, J.A. Ferreira, A. P. Dias, M.L.R. Macedo, S.E.S. Pereira
YP/A07A Practical Approach to EU Directives on MSW Management Model: The Case of Metropolitan Area of BarcelonaJM Sabater
YP/A08An Overview of Issues Relating to the Disposal of Urban Waste in Australia 1788-2000P.H. Nicholls LL.B.
YP/A09Optimum Site Selection for Landfill Site using GISK. Endo, M. Yamada, T. Ishigaki, Y. Ono, S. Hachinohe and Y. Inoue
YP/A10Agenda 21 as a tool for landfill site selection. Experiences in Verona, ItalyC. Pilati and E. Vantini
YP/A11An Overview of Developments of Bio-Waste Treatment Towards Biogas Generation in PolandG. Malina
YP/A12Sustainable Landfilling for Developing CountriesA. Allen
YP/B14Employing Wastes for Producing Biodegradable Plastics based on Polyvinyl AlcoholJ. Hoffmann, M. Julinova, P. Alexy and D. Bakos
YP/B15Distinctive Features of Artifical Sand , Recycled from Incinerated Municipal Solid Waste AshK. Hanaki, H. Hattanda, Y. Shimomura and S. Imaizumi
YP/B01Problems Related to Treatment of Shredder Residue from End-of-Life VehiclesV. Grilc and V. Fabjan
YP/B02Research on the Recycling of Used Disposable DiaperY. Matsufuji and R. Yanase
YP/B03Biostabilisation of Urban Waste In-Situ at the Val Bosca Landfill (SP), ItalyA. Forte, G. Maggi, B. Scaglia and F. Adani
YP/B04Processing of Waste: Possibilities and PerspectivesI. Frantzis and R. Eden
YP/B05Bioreactor Monitoring: Assessment of PerformancesM.L. Munoz, C. Aran, E. Drouart, V. Mianowski and I. Hebe
YP/B06Reducing Airborne Emissions of Composting Facilities by means of Biological Waste Gas TreatmentM. Schlegelmilch, T. Herold and R. Stegmann
YP/B09Vapor Phase Biological Reactor using Compost and Scrap Tire as Biofilter MediumD.I.Oh, J. Song, K. Nam and J.Y. Kim
YP/B10Detoxification of Tributyltin Contaminated Sediments by an Electrochemical Process and its Analytical MonitoringN. Lohmann, H. Stichnothe, A. Keller, E.Arevalo Saade, W. Calmano and H. Steinhart
YP/B11The Environmental Impact of Transports in Waste Disposal Systems – a Recycling of Refrigerators in an Austrian Case StudyS. Salhofer, F. Schneider and G. Wassermann
YP/B12Stabilization / Solidification of Waste Incinerator Salt and Ash by Asphalt EmulsionsM. Koutny, M. Vondruska and V. Bednarik
YP/B13Acid Gas Removal by Means of Dry System Facilities. Use of Different Reagents: Performance and EvaluationR. Baciocchi, D. Desideri, F. Lombardi and G. Rubrichi
YP/C01Field Investigation on Biogas Emissions out of Landfill SurfaceD. Capelletti, P. Tentoni and R. Tamburini
YP/C02Medium-Long Term Behaviour and Studies for Post-Closure Residential Use of an Ammonia and Hydrogen Emitting LandfillJ. Feliubadaló
YP/C04A Conceptual Model for Underground Water Contamination from an old MSW LandfillM.S. Giamberini, P. Andreussi, G. Falcone and M. Guidi
YP/C05Leachate Characteristics of Waste Arising From the Land Remediation of a Former SteelworksA.J. MacArthur and P. J. Young
YP/C06Effects of Nitrogen Fertilizer on Growth of Indigofera Pseudo-Tinctoria (Leguminosae) in the Waste Landfill of South KoreaK. D. Kim and E. J. Lee
YP/C07Study of Nitrogen’s Liberation to Soil from Sewage Sludge Dryed Thermally and GranulatedJ.V. Martin, M. Delgado, R. Miralles de Imperial , E. Beltran, M. A. Porcel and L. Beringola
YP/C08Odour Impact Assessment using Dispersion Modelling: a Case Study of an Operating LandfillS. Sironi, A.N. Rossi, R. Del Rosso, P. Céntola and M. Il Grande
YP/C09Quantification of Water Balance Parameters and Characterization of Leachates for Two Municipal Landfill Sites in Athens, GreeceA.G. Vlyssides, C. Israilides, M. Loizidou, D. Fatta, P. K. Karlis, D. Arapoglou and A. Papadopoulos
YP/C10Herpetofauna on a Closed Landfill in Hong KongL.M. Chu and S.M. Cheung
YP/C11Carbon Flow and Landfill Methane Emission in Japanese Industrial Waste StreamM. Yamada, T. Ishigaki, K. Tachio and Y. Inoue
YP/C13Performance of Native Saplings Planted on a “Newly Restored” Landfill in Hong KongL.M. Chu and C.W. Chong
YP/C14Studies on the Bioavailability of Organic Compounds in Municipal Solid WasteH. Heinke, N. M. Naranjo, A. Haarstrick and D. C. Hempel
YP/C15Evaluation of Stress Factors After Irrigation of Willow with Landfill LeachateI. Dimitriou and P. Aronsson
YP/C16North-South Gradient in Leachate Quality in NorwayE. Roman and K. Haarstad
YP/C17Metal and Organic Matter Contents in a mixed LandfillM. Ostman, O. Wahlberg, S. Agren and A. martensson
YP/D01Waste Wash-out by SPIRAL Type Washing FacilitiesT. Tanioka, T. Yoshida, Y. Horii, Y. Hirose, I. Funahashi, S. Higuchi and M. Hanajima
YP/D02Barriers for the Use of Secondary Construction MaterialsS. Lidelow , A. Larsson and A. Lagerkvist
YP/D05Development of Nondestructive Stability Indexes for Landfill ClosureT. Ishigaki, M. Yamada, M. Nagamori, K. Kamura, K.Endo, B. Inanc, Y. Ono and Y. Inoue
YP/D06Nitrogen Fixation With BentoniteP. Mostbauer, C. Heiss-Ziegler, and M. Liebsch
YP/D07Paper Industry Sludge for Landfill ConstructionV. Niutanen, J. Saarenpaa, J. Vainio and P. Lahtinen
YP/D09A Database for Characterizing Landfills and LeachatesJ-L. Vasel, L. Rodiguez-Ruiz and H. Jupsin
YP/D10Landfill Leachate Treatment Using Wetland and Irrigation. An Experiment at Gramachos’ Metropolitan Landfill, Rio de Janeiro, BrazilJ.A.Ferreira, J. C. A. Pires, G. Giordano, J.C. Campos, E. Ritter and C. F. Mannarino
YP/D11Biological Adsorption of Leachate Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM): An Alternative Way To Reduce Humic Substances And Consequently To Discolor Leachate During Its TreatmentS. Awono, J. Destain, S. Hilligsman, R. Mahery, C. Rodriguez and Ph. Thonart
YP/D12Electrochemical Oxidation Treatment of Leachates From a New Municipal Landfill SiteA.G. Vlyssides, C. Israilides, M. Loizidou, P. K. Karlis, D. Arapoglou and D. Fatta
YP/D13Autotrophic Denitrification for Combined Hydrogen Sulfide Removal from Biogas and Leachate TreatmentA. Carucci, I. Manconi and A. Muntoni
YP/D14MSWI Bottom Ash: Landfilling or Utilisation? Demonstration Site for Utilisation of MSWI Bottom AshO. Hjelmar, J. Holm and K. Crillesen
YP/D15Clay Barrier Performance: a Case Study in a Municipal Solid Waste LandfillG. Sandei, D. Frascari, F. Bronzini, G. Giordano, G. Tedioli and M. Nocentini
YP/D17Landfill Design as a Part of the Environmental Recovery of Old Mine SitesM.V. Asara, E. Cossu, A. di Gregorio and M.C. Palomba
YP/E01Application of Risk Analysis to old Landfills sited in low permeability areas in the Marche Region, ItalyL. Capuzzo and D. Farina
YP/E02Preliminary risk assessment of old landfills in ItalyR. Cossu, A.Pivato and R. Raga
YP/E03The EVAPASSOLD Project – Evaluation and Preliminary Assessment of Old DepositsG. Allgaier and R. Stegmann
YP/E04Environmental and Economic Analysis of Mechanical Biological Pretreatment of MSW: an LCA ApproachR. Melloni, N. Carlini, P. Neri, V. Pozzi and M. Bergonzoni
YP/E05Life Cycle Assessment of Landfills Via Innovative MonitoringH. Goedecke, G. Ziehmann, K. Munnich, A. Haarstrick, J. Kindlein, W. Katrycz and K. Fricke
YP/E06REDEP -Lindum- a Total Control of Landfill Gas Emission ProgrammeK. Birkeland and T.J. Henriksen
YP/E07Implementation of a Diffusion Model for the Impact Assessment of the Dust Cycle in a Landfill Located near Active Clay QuarriesM. Bergonzoni, M. Martinelli, P. Secondini and S. Tondelli
YP/E08The Green Certificates Model in Boostering Energy Production From Renewable Sources: The Case of the Poiatica Biogas PlantM. Bergonzoni and M. Bevilacqua
YP/E09Assessment of Compacted Clay Liner as a Gas Barrier in the Final Cover SystemsS. Moon, M. Chung, K. Nam and J.Y. Kim
YP/F01Monitoring of Methane and Carbon Dioxide in Ambient Air at Landfill SitesN. Tanikawa, T. Furuichi and K. Ishii
YP/F02Using Honey Bees as Monitors of Aromatic Hydrocarbon Pollutants in Rio Riazzone – Rio delle Vigne Waste-Landfill ( Reggio Emilia, Italy)V. Nizzoli, I. Negri, M. Pellecchia, L. Pizzetti and T. Tellini
YP/F03Assessment of the Evolution of Waste Biodegradability with Time and Operation ConditionsX. Lefebvre, A. Budka, L. Galtier, G. Barina and L. Puglierin
YP/F04Experimental Trial of Biogas Generation from a Large Size Landfill and Monitoring of Emissions from Final CappingS. Teneggi, V. Nizzoli, G.F. Saetti and F. Martino
YP/F05The Monitoring System of Ca’Asprete Municipal Landfill (Tavullia, Italy): Evaluation of Design and Management Criteria After 6 Years of Service (1996-2001)D. Farina and R. Testalunga
YP/F06Environmental Monitoring of Waste Disposal Sites: In-Situ Measurements of COD and Organic Compounds using a UV-VIS Spectrometric ProbeA. G. Capodaglio, A. Callegari, A. Weingartner
YP/F08Geotechnical Investigation in a Brazilian MSW LandfillS.P. Fucale and J.F.T. Juca
YP/F09Assessment of Organic Matter Stabilization in Old Landfills and Deposits using FT-IR Spectroscopy and ThermogravimetryE Smidt and P. Lechner
YP/F10Biomonitoring of Piezometer Water and Leachate of a Closed LandfillV.Giaconi, L. Balocchi, G. Benedettini, M.L.Franchi and F.Vigna Guidi
YP/F11The Monitoring of Acid Gas Emission from Waste Incinerators Plants:Critical Consideration in the Application of the Official MethodF. Lombardi, M. Marinacci, L. Mastromattei, G. Settimo, G. Viviano and G. Ziemacki
YP/F12Quick Tar Detection Methods For Road Waste Acceptance In Inert Waste LandfillJ. Domas and G. Pepin
YP/F13Absorption of Heavy Metals in Vegetables Grown near Landfill SitesE. Cossu, P. Madau and W. Cuccu